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Gladstone is considered an international expert on indigenous cultures and the meaning of 2012. He is also co-producer of the highly-acclaimed film, TAPPING THE SOURCE. As a literary agent, Mr. Gladstone has worked with some of the most respected and influential authors of our time, including Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.




The Reality is Better than The Dream: Larry King Interview with Budd Burton Moss

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Nothing better than hearing from one of the top old school Hollywood agents Budd Burton Moss on the golden years of Hollywood. Larry King provides excellent questions for my good friend and client Budd whose book BUDD MOSS PRESENTS HOLLYWOOD: The Reality is Better than The Dream being published by Waterfront Press November 27th: http://www.ora.tv/larrykingnow/2015/11/23/veteran-hollywood-agent-budd-moss-dishes-on-clint-eastwood-before-fame-acting-opposite-sidney-poitier-what-stars-today-can-learn-from-the-golden-age-0_2c6awfgecaux



Being With a Sex Goddess on Her Birthday

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Celebrating Rita's 50th Birthday together in Toledo, Spain

Rita and Budd together on her 50th birthday Oct. 17th, 1967

Each year on October 17th, I find myself looking back at one of my fondest memories of being with the world’s most famous sex goddess on her 50th birthday. The first time I saw her in the movie “Blood and Sand” I couldn’t have dreamed that one day I would be one of Rita Hayworth’s best friends, let alone her agent.

I had brought Rita to Spain to replace the legendary Joan Crawford in the Italian co-production of “I Bastardi”. The producers had given her a surprise birthday party on the set the night before and they told me she could have the day off to enjoy her birthday.

I told her that I had a special day planned in Toledo, which was just an hour away from Madrid. We visited the home of the painter El Greco, saw Goya’s famous paintings, and marveled at the great “Portrait of Innocent” and “Las Meninas” of the master Diego Velazquez in the historic Santa Iglesia cathedral. I also arranged an intimate lunch in an old cave, which was a Four Seasons restaurant. Paella and roast pheasant were her favorite dishes that day.

At the end of the afternoon, as we sat in the town square waiting for our driver to arrive, a paparazzi spotted us and took this photo that went around the world that day.

If you want to hear more about my adventures with Rita and other famous Hollywood stars I will be appearing on ‘Larry King Now’ on October 21st. Also, my new book called “Budd Burton Moss Presents Hollywood” comes out around the end of November, which shares other wonderful stories about Rita—what a woman and what an actress!


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One hour ago I received a message that my old friend and colleague bestselling author and master teacher Wayne Dyer had unexpectedly and suddenly left his body. Like all of us at the ‪#‎HayHouse Family, as well as all who loved Wayne, I am shocked and grief-stricken at the thought that Wayne has departed for higher realms so soon. And yet I fully know and believe that he has leapt out of his body into the most effulgent urlLight, and is being heralded and celebrated by angels, divine beings, guides, ancient teachers and gurus for his absolutely devoted and supreme service to the planet during his time here.
I have known Wayne since the 1980’s when he along with the magnificent Louise Hay, the brilliant Deepak Chopra and myself all toured together giving speeches and conferences on transformation. How privileged I felt to be among such luminaries! We spent many contemplative hours together in deep discussion about life, the spiritual path and the mysteries of karma, love, and every other intense topic.

Wayne was always so generous with me over the years, endorsing my books, appearing in my TV infomercial, and just this year, writing a spectacular endorsement and review of my new book Soul Shifts. It was so delightful to see him again at Hay House events. The photo below was taken just a few months ago at the I CAN DO IT Denver event.
I have always said that Wayne was one of my fellow teachers for whom I had so much respect because of his own personal dedication to the exploration and unfolding of his consciousness. He was a serious spiritual student, and sought out the Truth wherever he could in whatever way he could, even when it took him into areas that were outside of the conventional realm of psychology or public approval. In this way, he was an authentic, sincere and humble seeker, and took the path of awakening seriously. I believe this is one of the reasons we had such mutual respect–he also recognized me as a serious seeker and always honored me for having had formal spiritual teachers and training, and having dedicated my life to spiritual freedom.

There are times of grace when life makes sense and we feel we are in tune with its mysteries, and then there are other more baffling times when we cannot fathom why things happen as they do. This is one of those times, when I know how many more lives Wayne could have touched if he had remained on the planet. And yet, who knows what divine task he has been assigned in the invisible realms, one I am certain that will be showering blessings down upon us all, those who knew and loved him, and even those who did not and are yet to discover his gifts by reading his many books, listening to his audios, drwaynedyer.com or studying his message through the legacy of wisdom he is leaving through Hay House.

I know Wayne lived as I try to–fully drenched in the state of Love, giving all to everyone and to every moment, constantly praying to be of high service to the upliftment and awakening of the planet, so that whenever he left this world, he would know that he had fulfilled his destiny.. and he has.

I offer my love and comfort to Wayne’s family and children, to all of my fellow authors and teachers and the staff at his Hay House Family, to my friend and his beloved longtime right-hand angel Maya Lobos, and to all of his readers, followers and fans around the world.

I bow in humble gratitude, my heart bathed in tears of love and deep appreciation to you beloved Wayne, as you ascend now to merge with the Supreme Love, Supreme Bliss, and Supreme Light.
May your soul be blessed now and forever on its divine journey, and may the Divine Embrace of the Creator tenderly welcome you Home.