I  was seduced into blogging by my wonderful publicist Antoinette Kuritz. She explained that all  twenty first century authors must blog; that it is the best way to create community around your books and eventually titus doris Gaylecommunity will lead to greater book sales. (I believe I am in the majority of authors in wanting to increase book sales.) We all write because we have ideas we want to share and book sales are the only way we know we are actually reaching people.  Of course, book sales also indicate that we are generating income from our writing, an essential from the perspective of the internal revenue service if we want to justify our tax write offs. Once in a while my books do sell sufficiently to create meaningful six figure income streams, but my primary motivation for writing has never been monetary rewards.

So now I am blogging but not regularly.  For more than six months I blogged three times a week.  I enjoyed  blogging  and was between books so it was not difficult.  Then, last march I  began writing “Dr. and Master Sha: Miracle Soul Healer” and it was obvious l that I could not meet the deadline of a 90 day schedule for the manuscript and keep blogging.  So I stopped.  I thought I would return to blogging as soon as I completed the manuscript but with editing and other activities I delayed until actual publication in September.  Since then I have returned to blogging but only weekly and even then have not blogged every week or every Monday as I had intended.  No doubt the number of  readers following my blog has dropped because of this.  Whether that is the case or not I shall continue to blog.  Not just because Antoinette thinks it a good idea, but because I actually enjoy blogging, especially when I have the time.

A lot goes on in my life and much of it is fun to share. Some of the results  of my work are remarkable on multiple levels. Certainly when representing miracle healers such as Dr. and Master Sha extraordinary results become ordinary.  This is true for many of my clients, though of course, in less dramatic ways.  I can not share the intimate details of the negotiations and challenges faced by many of my authors, but I can share that it is never boring and that there seems to be a vortex of energy around me that is attracting extraordinary people and extraordinary books.  When possible I will blog about these projects.

So in the meantime why am I too busy to blog?  Well, yesterday was mostly about learning the pronunciation of Chinese names for the final release of the audio book for “Dr. and Master Sha: Miracle Soul Healer” and then heading to the studio to make the final audio corrections. The audio should be available within the next two weeks and will be offered at a special introductory price of $9.95 through Christmas.  This will be a great gift for anyone who has any interest in exploring the mystery of soul healing and the phenomenon that is Dr. and Master Sha.  Of course before getting to  the studio I had three major book deals to close with Tarcher Penguin Random House. Until contracts are signed I can not share names or the projects, but always gratifying to close book deals for great authors with great publishers.  One of the authors lives in Australia and it was quite gratifying to bring her to the American market with such a big name publisher.  Selling foreign  based authors to American publishers even in the age of a “flat world” is not easy.

There was plenty of additional agenting business going on and, of course, I had to make time for my resurgent golf prowess and time to visit with my grandson Titus Jay Gladstone. Gayle’ s ninety  year old mother Doris came down to visit Titus as well.  It was quite something to have a newborn with his great grandmother spanning ninety plus years in age.  Who knows what kind of world it will be when Titus is ninety years old himself.  All in all quite a busy week, but in the end I guess I was not too busy to blog.

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One Response to “TOO BUSY TO BLOG”

  1. Nina Kaiser says:

    Dear Bill,

    wow, your schedule is even busier as I imagined!! Still I am very happy that you will continue to blog. It is such a personal way to have a small glimpse in your life and the life of some of the people arround you – very precious!
    And of course I am really excited to learn about the Audio book ” Dr. And Master Sha – Miracle soul healer ” right before Christmas – and at a reduced fee, thank you dear Bill, really, really thank you! My heart deeply wishes for a German version, especially as a book. There are so many Germans that don’t read English that well but are very eager to learn more anout the mystery of Master Sha. You have created such a unique and beautiful testimonial that can touch people’s hearts very, very deeply. Maybe in the future in German speaking countries as well!
    Sending my deepest gratitude for your great work ( and of course to Gayle and sweet Titus ) and for your blog!

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