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The Week that Was

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Today is Columbus Day, a unique holiday that most companies in America ignore.  Waterside focuses on our relationship with the bank and the US postal service so when they take a holiday, so do we. Of course we started this policy more than thirty years ago when it really mattered if the bank and post office were open for our basic operations. Today, in 2014, we could be just as productive with both the bank and the post office closed, but everyone at the main office looks forward to getting the day off so our tradition continues.

Gayle and I just spent the last week driving from Cardiff to Ashland Oregon and back. Along the way we had a wonderful meeting with Michael Beckwith of Agape and then Marilyn Tam and her husband Kevin in Santa Barbara. We had one of the most amazing vegan meals I have ever eaten. I am a real meat lover and rarely have vegan meals, but Marilyn cooked some form of squash that was out of this world. Having an excellent red wine with the meal helped, but I have to confess that the dish itself was enough to convince me—even meat loving me— that I might become a vegetarian someday.

The following morning I had a call with my newest client Pamela Anderson. This was a bit of a coincidence given the vegan meal as Pamela is passionate about her “non-animal” diet and her newest book will focus on that topic among other health tips for maintaining beauty and vitality. Pamela is working with John Pierre who is best known as popular TV host Ellen’s personal trainer. John Pierre is also a nutritional expert and assures me that the sooner I give up meat the better I will feel. I am sure he is correct, but I am just not ready. Pamela’s diet is based primarily on her love and respect for animals, but she is also now working closely with John Pierre who will be a co-author the book. They are focusing on the health benefits of a vegan diet.

After the call with Pamela I had a delightful Santa Barbra brunch with Barbara DeAngelis; we had the most amazing pancakes along with a scintillating conversation. Barbara has just completed the manuscript for “Soul Shifts,” which will be published by Hay House next March. This is going to be a book that will speak to everyone who is ready for true transformation in all aspects of their lives. From Santa Barbara we headed up to Boulder Creek and meetings with Deborah Rozman and “Doc,” the founder of HeartMath. Deborah is the CEO and a remarkable businesswoman. Doc is the visionary behind HeartMath and a unique and extraordinary individual. Doc has campfire meetings that start at 9pm and run until 1am or in the morning. Doc rarely meets with outsiders these days, but Gayle and I have become close friends and regulars. Someday I may write a book based just on the conversations I had with him recently, but until then Doc prefers we keep our campfire chats confidential. (more…)


Friday, December 20th, 2013

Year-end holidays are a time for reflection. Where have we been? Where are we going?url

We can take this time to reflect on personal achievements and goals or to reflect on universal achievements and goals. I choose to reflect upon both.

2013 has been a very good year for me personally. My book, The Power of Twelve, was published with good reviews. Our literary agency enjoyed many successes, ranging from Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. Sha to What God Said by Neale Donald Walsch, to The Crash of 2016 by Thom Hartmann, and countless other well-received best sellers. Our online course representation grew dramatically, and even our fledging Waterfront Digital Press enjoyed a number of notable successes. My family is intact and healthy. My son’s first year of marriage has created an even greater bond between him and his wife Natasha. My daughter is now engaged to her long term boyfriend, Oia.  And my relationship with Gayle is stronger than ever. Yes, it has been a very good year for me personally. (more…)


Monday, November 11th, 2013

Today November 11, 2013 my father would have  had his  99th birthday were he still alive. Today is also veterans  in theabout-linda  United States. I am  in Berlin, Germany  keynoting a conference on how German authors can reach a global audience. I wrote the following publisher’s note for a new  booklet that  Waterfront Digital Press will be proudly  publishing later this year.  I hope this blog motivates you to learn more about Linda Cruse and motivates you to take action in her programs.


This small ebook gives you the flavor of the important work that Linda Cruse has accomplished over the last fourteen years helping people in crisis throughout the world. Hot spots where Linda has intervened include: Thailand after the Tsunami, Pakistan after the earthquake and Burmese refugees flying from the military junta. Linda has helped tens of thousands of people with her helping “hand up” rather  than ”hand out” philosophy.  Linda’s focus is on bringing  in top business leaders  to  communities  that have been devastated or challenged with poverty and helping the individuals in these communities to create  businesses that will be self sustaining for  decades so that when humanitarian aid programs end the villagers  are thriving and not facing new crises brought about by dependence on others.

Linda is an ordinary person who made an extraordinary commitment to make a positive difference in the world. Linda does not come from  great wealth, was trained and served as a nurse and later  pharmaceutical saleswoman. She saw a need and learned  on site how a small group of people could  make huge differences throughout the world. This short booklet presents just the highlights of Linda’s philosophy and accomplishments.

The primary reason you are reading this book is because I told Linda she had to write it. Not enough people especially here in America (Linda is a Brit) know about her work and the opportunities to participate  or promote Be The Change: Leaders on The Frontline. Not everyone is suited for five days of immersion in a remote African village but everyone of us can contribute.  My hope is that you will share this short booklet with friends and family, business colleagues, business clients and customers and encourage them to share with their networks as well.

Linda has recently affiliated with the World Business Academy based in Santa Barbara, California.  The World Business Academy is a fully operational 501 c3 tax deductible approved organization that has focused  for the last ten plus years on how business leaders can make a positive difference in society. Upon meeting Linda, World Business Academy (WBA) founder Rinaldo Brutoco recognized the synergies that  will naturally evolve  from  Linda’s  Be The Change: Leaders On The Frontline projects being brought to the attention of his existing WBA members.  Part of this affiliation includes the ability for those interested in supporting Be The Change: Leaders On The Frontline to make donations through the World Business Academy. Any checks you send should include  a notation that  funds are to be used to promote and educate about the opportunities Linda is creating though her Be The Change: Leaders On The Frontline projects.

The address to send checks is World Business Academy, 308 East Carrillo Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. After reading this booklet go to Linda’s web site and also to the World Business Academy web site to learn more about how by making a donation you can be the change you want to see in the world.

Thank you for reading and thank you for taking action.

William Gladstone, Publisher, Waterfront Digital Press


Friday, October 18th, 2013

My friend and speaker’s bureau director Linda Villasenor suggested that I re title my corporate talks Thrive Balance. I like2649170201_9e5f46ca78_z to focus my speeches on the importance of balance in all aspects of life. Lately I have felt compelled to address the over reaction of books like Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In which suggests that women need to focus on collective action within corporations to protect women’s interest. This may be necessary in some instances, but overall corporations need to be focusing on the health of the entire corporation including females. Corporations need to be finding new levels of balancing what we often refer to as feminine energy—qualities such as sharing, caring, nurturing, respecting the role of intuition—with what is often referred to as masculine energy—aggressiveness, sharp focus, using power  when reasoning  is too slow, and  generally relying on strength rather than reconciliation and compromise.  It is quite possible that using power tactics to protect women will backfire and make corporations less feminine and even more unbalanced than they already are.

I was once presented with a book entitled  Health is a Question of Balance by  a noted  La Jolla-based medical doctor, and the ongoing work of systems theorist Dr. Ervin Laszlo continues to  document the importance of balance and the ability to return to balance in all systems. Basically a system that is unable to return to a steady state—a state of balance—will eventually decay, self-destruct, or evolve to  a different type of system in which balance is achievable. The inability to achieve balance and maintain balance leads to the destruction of all systems. For us as individuals it leads to death. (more…)

Big Weekend for San Diego

Monday, August 26th, 2013

This was a big weekend for San Diego. On Friday Mayor Bob Filner resigned.  Although his resignation speech was one of sandiegothe most despicable, self-serving diatribes ever pawned off as an apology, at least he is gone effective Friday August 30th.

To the end Mr. Filner blamed others for his behavior and accused those who do not share his political views of being part of a lynch mob out to get him. Considering that the first accusations and calls for his resignation came from his own political allies, this was a bit of a stretch.

It remains to be seen how San Diego recovers from the reign of Mr. Filner, but at least once he departs healing can begin and progress made.  Although tax payers may be on the hook for part of Filner’s legal bills and compensation costs to victims, the negotiated settlement removing him as Mayor sooner rather than later was clearly  both the  pragmatic and  wise decision for  the  city of San Diego. (more…)

The Radicalization of William Gladstone

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Most of my life I have avoided anything to do with politics. Other than being elected president of my junior high school 7595929414_0ec9f4bbe4_oand captain of my football, baseball and wrestling teams in high school, I have had little interest in being president of anything other than my literary agency, Waterside Productions.  For the most part I enjoy keeping a low profile and enjoy my life without too much public scrutiny. I have always felt that privacy, next to freedom, was perhaps the greatest right and quality we can enjoy.

This aversion to politics has extended far beyond my own personal desire to not be in the political limelight. Until the last presidential election I had gone more than thirty years without voting.  Most people would be ashamed to admit such poor civic participation, but many years ago I just gave up on politics. The two parties seemed to stand for little more than their own power bases. From what I see, that is only more so at the present time. (more…)


Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

My son gave me a fun Superdad card for Father’s Day. Since my son just finished work as the stereographer responsible for the 3D postproduction scenes on the new Superman movie that came out last Friday,  the card was particularly appropriate.

Superdad photo

As a young boy I was a big fan of Superman. My dad used to share office space with the founders of DC comics, and as a six year old in 1955 I would, during the summers, often join my dad at work, pasting price-change stickers on books he published and doing other mechanical tasks. My dad would take my older brother and me to lunch often at Luchows, a famous German restaurant, or when he was in the mood for deli sandwiches (usually pastrami or corned beef) to Katz’s.  But the highlight of the day was five p.m. when the door would open to the DC comics’ office and we were given free access to as many comic books as we could carry. I liked Archie, Batman and some of the other comics, but my favorite was always Superman. I would have that comic read well before the hour-long drive home to Tarrytown was completed.

In those days the Superman TV show was also popular. “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive…. Fighting for truth, justice and the American Way,” is ingrained in the memories of most of my generation.  There was something about mild mannered Clark Kent with his unrequited love for Lois, his stern boss Perry White, and the bumbling cub reporter Jimmy Olsen that kept your attention. We always knew that Superman would appear in the nick of time to save the damsel in distress and set things right. The crooks were almost resigned to their fates and they never really seemed that evil. I do not think that anyone ever died on the show, and I do not remember a single instance of cruelty or torture. Very mild compared to the headlines in any current news report. Mild compared to most of today’s movies and TV shows. (more…)


Friday, April 12th, 2013

As we approach the final day to file federal income taxes for 2012, I am reminded of the famous adage that the only two things that cannot be avoided are death and taxes. Of course you can avoid taxes for a while though you may end up in jail. Death, postpone maybe, but it will get you in the end.

I used to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in taxes and think how my taxes alone were paying for a bomb that might be dropped in the Middle East killing people I had never met. I never felt good about my lack of control over the way my tax dollars were being spent.  I love America and believe in the concept of taxes, especially for public services such as bridges and roads which enhance life for all of us. I am less sanguine about the efficiency of our police, prisons, and even educational expenditures, many of which seem poorly organized and wasteful. I am much less confident about our military expenditures and often feel that our efforts are less about protecting the American way of life than protecting the interests of big oil and other corporations with vested foreign interests. (more…)