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Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

I love the publishing industry and have spent my life finding and supporting new talent; I love sharing what I have learned along the way.  This weekend I got to do that once again speaking to a large crowd at Author 101 – my reason for being a day late with this blog.    It was a wonderful weekend in LA with several hundred authors, some top agents, and book publishers exploring and explaining ways for authors to either self-publish or break in with traditional publishers. I represented the more conservative view that this is not the best of times for authors and publishers, but many speakers disagreed. Their logic was that since more books are being published than ever before and since more money is being generated from book sales than ever before, this is a wonderful time for authors. They also pointed out correctly that the cost of entry to self- publishing is down to almost zero from twenty-five thousand dollars or more just a decade or two ago, before the invention of print on demand. (more…)


Friday, March 8th, 2013

My fascination with The Wizard of Oz crops up repeatedly throughout my life and has, in a sense, informed my attitude toward whatever is before me.

I am as fascinated by the movie as I am by the original book. There is something very special about this true work of art, and something truly American as well. I am not overly patriotic, but lately I have been increasingly proud to think of myself as an American. Despite its many flaws, this country still offers amazing opportunities and amazing inspiration.

I love the phrase “off to see the wizard”; it evokes a sense of adventure, of all things possible, and of embracing the yet unknown. To me it equates to healthy anticipation, and I use it whenever something or someone new is about to enter my life, whenever I am headed to meet someone important or interesting. By important I usually mean important in a business sense as my focus is always on making connections which can help my author clients. Today being Friday march 8th I am off to speak at Author 101, an event for authors organized by my good friend Rick Frishman. Rick is a long-time book publicist and enthusiastic promoter of authors and book publishing. His event is in its fifth year and is a wonderful opportunity to see friends and provide some guidance to those seeking information about getting their books published and increasingly about self-publishing. Even as I say “I am off to see the wizard,” I know that for many, the wizard is me; after thirty plus years of successful book agenting, authoring, and working for some major publishing firms as an editorial director and senior editor, I know a few things about the industry. (more…)