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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Sunday, October 19th,  at 11:07am Pacific time Titus Jay  Gladstone entered our world at  eight pounds seven ounces. Titus is super cute as you can tell from the pictures. He is also super strong. Titus came out  with  eyes open and ready toTitus take on the world.  Mom Natasha, after thirty hours of labor, was  less sparky but in great shape. Dad Cyrus seemed the most in need of a  nap of the three as he took his birth coaching tasks quite seriously and was up most of the thirty hours with Natasha.

Titus is my first grandchild. Everyone tells you how attached you are going to be to your grandchildren and they are right. Titus and I only had an initial brief conversation with me doing all the talking, but I can already tell we are going to be great friends.  Titus has a really strong chest for a newborn, a strong grip and good control of his legs.  He smiles a lot, opens his eyes to look at you and seems to understand everything you say.  He prefers sleeping to talking but does emit little cries when he is passed from parent to grandparent.  We are limiting visitors for the first couple of days but that is more for the benefit of Cyrus and Natasha than Titus.  Titus doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. Good thing since the world has enough cares already.

It will be interesting to see how Titus contributes to the world.  He clearly has shown up with lots of knowledge, most of which no doubt he will forget as he is programmed to survive human interaction.  You can tell from a newborn that they are totally aware on a higher plane of everything that is happening.  They seem somewhat puzzled by having their small vulnerable human body, but other than that they are blissed out beings.  At least Titus is.

We welcome Titus to our family and our world.  No doubt he will be blogging and participating in all sorts of activities in just a few short years. Until then he can just lay back and relax and let his parents and grandparents spoil him with love.  Every  baby is a miracle baby.  How just two small cells can produce such perfect marvels is beyond comprehension.  We all have an obligation to ensure that the world that Titus and his peers grow into is viable and sustainable.  The really big solutions  will no doubt come from Titus and those being born at this time with great spiritual strength, but in the meantime the rest of us need to do our best to maintain the best of what already exists.  If a new born baby will not inspire us, nothing will.  Let’s continue to be inspired.

Way to go Titus!!!Titus 2

Happy Un-birthday to Me

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Today, December 12, 2013 (yesterday for those reading the day this is posted) is my birthday. Happens to be my 64th.  Who images-2would have ever thought such a time might arrive? I always thought the Beatles’ lyric “Will you still love me when I’m sixty-four” was indicative of an incredibly old age that we teenagers at the time would never reach. Visions of worse- for- wear white haired old men accompanied my idea of that age. And of course except for other old people, who would love you at sixty-four?

As it turns out I have more love in my life from more people today at sixty-four than at any previous birthday. I also am winning golf tournaments, having more bestsellers than ever as a literary agent, interacting with ever more interesting people, doing more radio and speaking events, and generally having a very happy un-birthday every day of the year. Life is golden and not because I am entering my golden years. I doubt I will be slowing down much and see the next twenty years as possibly the most productive and joyful of my life. Part of this may be due to modern science. I had a cataract operation several years ago and see better today than I did when I was twelve and first had to wear glasses. Be it what it may, sixty-four seems a very good year to celebrate and it seems young, not old.

In Europe the tradition is to give a party and give rather than receive gifts from your friends. I like this custom and am giving a small party for some of my friends this Saturday.

Birthdays can and should be special. They mark the passing of time and they celebrate the unique circumstances of our unique personalities. Each one of us was born on a special day. Each one of us was conceived and created not just biologically but at a soul level in which many elements play a part. The unique circumstances of our birth and the timing of our entrance into this world guide us throughout our lives. Wherever you are in your journey, have a happy un-birthday today and remain forever young.