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To blog or not to blog

Friday, March 14th, 2014

This may be my last blog for several months. More likely will just be my last regularly scheduled blog. I am about url-1to start writing my next full length book  DR. AND MASTER SHA: MIRACLE SOUL HEALER  and in my experience  once I start on a writing project  I am best to only focus on that  specific project until the first draft is complete. This has been true for me when writing novels and may or may not be true while writing this biography. I will know shortly after  I begin my new manuscript this weekend.

If the creative muses  tell me not to write blogs for awhile, I won’t be blogging until my initial draft is complete, hopefully no later than the end of August.  I may post a blog or two and have some guest blogs posted for me but if you miss seeing new blogs it will not be because I have stopped writing, just that I am putting my full creative energy into  the biography.  I will still be doing my two hundred emails a day and taking care of my duties as a literary agent for my clients but the kind of creative writing that is required for a book either fiction or non fiction is such that it is best to  keep focus and not spread  my creative juices too thinly. (more…)


Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Is that the question for today’s writers? If you ask any book marketer or publicist, the answer 4379144635_5ca490b381will be yes. In fact they would question the sanity of any writer who even asks such a question. And yet I have never believed in one size fits all advice of any kind. For some writers blogging would most likely sap their creative energy and have a negative impact on their creative process. There are also those writers who are true perfectionists who would not be comfortable with their words going out unedited, in the raw so to speak.

And yet the publicists are probably, in most cases correct. How will anyone know you exist as a writer if you are not blogging? Established bestselling authors can probably get away without blogging, but the really big names have fan clubs which blog for them and keep them in the news. First time authors, and what we used to consider mid-list authors, really have no choice. Blog or be forgotten.

So if most writers are going to blog what should they blog about? Should they blog about their families, their pets and the latest movie they saw? Should they pick a theme and stick with that theme? Should they be a niche blogger with a plan to develop a specific audience for their blog and perhaps in that way attract sponsors and turn their blogs into the equivalent of a mini online magazine with subscribers and advertisers? How commercial can they be in their blogs without offending their actual fans? (more…)


Friday, June 28th, 2013

More importantly, why does anyone write?

One of the unique aspects of being human is the desire to communicate with others. With the development of writing the 15704ability to communicate with people overcoming the obstacles of time and distance was magically created. No other animal species has ever been able to duplicate this magic. With the development of the Internet the incredible ability to overcome time and distance became instant. We can instantly communicate with people in any part of the world on any subject. We can store our communications for future reference if necessary, and we can leave a legacy for those yet to be born.

Quite amazing when you think about it; and from the perspective of human beings inhabiting this planet even a few hundred years ago, almost inconceivable. And yet the question remains: why do we write? Why is communication so important to us? (more…)