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To blog or not to blog

Friday, March 14th, 2014

This may be my last blog for several months. More likely will just be my last regularly scheduled blog. I am about url-1to start writing my next full length book  DR. AND MASTER SHA: MIRACLE SOUL HEALER  and in my experience  once I start on a writing project  I am best to only focus on that  specific project until the first draft is complete. This has been true for me when writing novels and may or may not be true while writing this biography. I will know shortly after  I begin my new manuscript this weekend.

If the creative muses  tell me not to write blogs for awhile, I won’t be blogging until my initial draft is complete, hopefully no later than the end of August.  I may post a blog or two and have some guest blogs posted for me but if you miss seeing new blogs it will not be because I have stopped writing, just that I am putting my full creative energy into  the biography.  I will still be doing my two hundred emails a day and taking care of my duties as a literary agent for my clients but the kind of creative writing that is required for a book either fiction or non fiction is such that it is best to  keep focus and not spread  my creative juices too thinly. (more…)


Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

One of the more colorful authors I represent is Victor Villasenor.  You might be able to tell just from his picture that IMG_9595-victor-headshothe is an intense man. Victor is best known for his family saga, Rain of Gold, which has been compared to Alex Haley’s Roots and which was a New York Times bestseller when published more than two decades ago.  Victor has written many books since, including a new book which Waterfront Digital Press will be publishing in April entitled Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy.

In thinking through our strategy for publishing Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy, we realized that Victor is not as well known on the internet as he should be for a digital publication. We thought of various ways of enhancing his website and creating more traffic prior to the release of the new book.  One of the strategies that occurred to me was to have Victor write a short e-book that could be sold for less than two dollars that would provide some background on the concepts which are central to Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy.

Victor obliged and just yesterday delivered the final manuscript for a short 50 page e-book entitled The Key to Living.  This short e-book contains the fundamental concepts which have guided Victor’s writing for the last ten years.  You will learn what Victor means when he talks about  Walking  Stars, The Thirteen Senses, Six Sister Planets and other concepts which he has developed from his Hispanic and indigenous grandmothers to explain what he feels is the true calling of the Catholic Church. I strongly recommend this short e-book for everyone who is interested in learning more about the world of Victor and why he believes that we are all indigenous.

Victor has strong views and a big personality. I go to his home three or four times a year and drink tequila and enjoy some of the best tamales and enchiladas in the world.  Every Sunday before Thanksgiving Victor hosts a huge Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving celebration for hundreds of people to honor his ancestors and acknowledge the importance of the new energy which has been prophesied to bring an era of greater understanding to planet earth at this time.  Victor is sometimes outrageous with his requests to me for seven figure advances from the New York publishers and his assurances that over the next twenty years his books will sell 750 million copies, but I always take Victor’s calls. His generosity of spirit and his courage in not backing down from his dream of creating a better world are inspiring. Best of all, however, Victor is a damn good writer.

You can download a copy of The Key to Living at , from the vook store here:, or later in the week from  the kindle store, iTunes and online e-book vendors everywhere. To learn more about Victor and his other books go to

I Don’t Do Much But I Get A Lot Done

Friday, September 20th, 2013

In many ways I don’t do much at all and yet I get a lot done. I do write my blog, my books, my pitch letters to book Schreibtisch.2publishers, and I do negotiate terms on contracts. That may seem like a lot, but in actually does not take that much time. The real work is preparing the proposals to send out, sending out the proposals, coordinating the submission process, notifying the authors when offers come in, notifying publishers that they have to respond because competing offers have come in, etc. etc. Of course for my own writing it is all me all the time, but only until the editing process starts. Then an entire team takes over and spends much more time than I ensuring that the design, the grammar and syntax and all other details are as perfect as possible.  Same goes for correcting my blog, choosing the right picture and posting. (more…)

An End of Books

Friday, August 16th, 2013

I represented Seth Godin’s very first book, and Seth is now considered one of the most astute marketing gurus in the world. He has written dozens of books and been a leader in developing new ways of publishing and marketing books. I respect Seth’s opinions and agree with almost everything he says in his own blog, AN END OF BOOKS. Do read to the end. Seth speaks of an end, not the end. Most if not all of his observations are correct or at least I agree with them. We cannot know for certain the future of books, but we do know that the fragile eco system of book publishing is changing rapidly and from the perspective of traditional book people deteriorating in ways that will devastate book publishing as we know it.images

A funny thing about the end of things is that with an end comes a new beginning. What that beginning will lead to is always unpredictable. Also for the benefit of my many friends in the traditional book publishing industry, do not despair. The end Seth envisions is coming but not overnight.  Traditional publishing will go out with a whimper and not a bang. Million dollar book deals are still being made and are likely to be made for decades to come. It’s just going to be that these book deals and the people making them will increasingly be working in a world that does not rely on bookstores to justify the return on their investments. (more…)

Unemployment and the Future of Book Publishing

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Life is full of surprises. Life is constantly changing. Good news often brings as many changes as bad news. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between good news and bad news.images

My wonderful assistant Vanessa recently wed. No doubt this was good news. The bad news part of it for me is that Vanessa’s new husband was just offered a wonderful position in Northern California and she will of course be joining him. Although we continue to go digital, not every function of an assistant can be performed from three hundred plus miles away, so we need to replace Vanessa.

In this modern age the quickest way to find potential employees is to advertise with Craig’s list. Given how much of today’s business is actually digital, the hours required to be my assistant are down to no more than twenty per week. So we put out an ad and in less than 48 hours we got more than 100 resumes. Perhaps half were people fresh out of school, but at least ten were from highly qualified candidates with significant and meaningful work experience. (more…)


Friday, June 28th, 2013

More importantly, why does anyone write?

One of the unique aspects of being human is the desire to communicate with others. With the development of writing the 15704ability to communicate with people overcoming the obstacles of time and distance was magically created. No other animal species has ever been able to duplicate this magic. With the development of the Internet the incredible ability to overcome time and distance became instant. We can instantly communicate with people in any part of the world on any subject. We can store our communications for future reference if necessary, and we can leave a legacy for those yet to be born.

Quite amazing when you think about it; and from the perspective of human beings inhabiting this planet even a few hundred years ago, almost inconceivable. And yet the question remains: why do we write? Why is communication so important to us? (more…)


Friday, April 19th, 2013

For me this week was about completing the final edits for my next novel The Power of the Twelve.  I was given a week by my publisher BenBella to review, accept, change, or alter the copyedits that had been made. The novel is publishing on September 24th of this year so may seem strange to non writers why I would only be given a week to turn this around. The reality of traditional book publishing is that schedules need to be set far in advance.  After the copyediting the manuscript will be designed and styled and that may take several additional weeks. I will need to approve those decisions and proofread the copy at that time. The publisher will also need to have a proofreader go through the final designed manuscript prior to sending to the printer.

I greatly enjoyed the process of checking on the copyedits. I did not agree with all of the suggestions and did not make all of the suggested changes but I did agree to about ninety percent of the changes. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the copyeditor. She fact checked everything down to the detail of what type of cars the hotel in the Czech Republic – where much of the action takes place – sends to pick up guests at the airport in Prague. It certainly made me feel that my publisher was taking my book seriously and was committing the same kind of detail and care to the editing that I as the author am committing myself. (more…)