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Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Water is the most important resource for life on planet earth. Without water there would be no life. Period.happy face

The first human beings created settlements with close proximity to rivers and lakes. Fresh water was key to survival.

California is presently experiencing a three-year drought. It has not rained this year at all here in Southern California, and we are currently enjoying warm Santa Ana conditions with no likelihood of rain for several weeks. Water reserves are low and there is likely to be water rationing later this year if there is no rain or snow in the mountains. Perhaps with the rest of North America experiencing extreme cold and storms there is not much sympathy for Californians, but the possible shortage of water could become a serious  issue not just for California but other areas throughout the world within the next several decades. Many pundits have opined that the real wars of the future will be over water rights, not oil and gas.

In thinking about water I connect with the wonderful beach walks I take almost daily. The ocean seems vast and limitless. It is not. We have found ways to pollute our oceans and their viability is not assured either.

Just this week we published as an e-book, THE DOLPHIN LETTERS: VITAL MESSAGES FROM SEA TO LAND by Muriel Lindsay. Muriel has spent several decades living close to dolphins and has developed a telepathic relationship with the dolphins who have communicated this book to her. Not everyone is going to take seriously the contention that these are in fact letters from actual dolphins, but I believe they are.  And, more importantly, I believe that the messages are indeed vital to the survival of our species. Dolphins have been on our planet a lot longer than humans and they understand both the nature of water and the nature of life. I have sent this manuscript to several noted scientists for their views on the messages conveyed in these dolphin letters, and the responses have been laudatory and provocative. (more…)


Monday, November 11th, 2013

Today November 11, 2013 my father would have  had his  99th birthday were he still alive. Today is also veterans  in theabout-linda  United States. I am  in Berlin, Germany  keynoting a conference on how German authors can reach a global audience. I wrote the following publisher’s note for a new  booklet that  Waterfront Digital Press will be proudly  publishing later this year.  I hope this blog motivates you to learn more about Linda Cruse and motivates you to take action in her programs.


This small ebook gives you the flavor of the important work that Linda Cruse has accomplished over the last fourteen years helping people in crisis throughout the world. Hot spots where Linda has intervened include: Thailand after the Tsunami, Pakistan after the earthquake and Burmese refugees flying from the military junta. Linda has helped tens of thousands of people with her helping “hand up” rather  than ”hand out” philosophy.  Linda’s focus is on bringing  in top business leaders  to  communities  that have been devastated or challenged with poverty and helping the individuals in these communities to create  businesses that will be self sustaining for  decades so that when humanitarian aid programs end the villagers  are thriving and not facing new crises brought about by dependence on others.

Linda is an ordinary person who made an extraordinary commitment to make a positive difference in the world. Linda does not come from  great wealth, was trained and served as a nurse and later  pharmaceutical saleswoman. She saw a need and learned  on site how a small group of people could  make huge differences throughout the world. This short booklet presents just the highlights of Linda’s philosophy and accomplishments.

The primary reason you are reading this book is because I told Linda she had to write it. Not enough people especially here in America (Linda is a Brit) know about her work and the opportunities to participate  or promote Be The Change: Leaders on The Frontline. Not everyone is suited for five days of immersion in a remote African village but everyone of us can contribute.  My hope is that you will share this short booklet with friends and family, business colleagues, business clients and customers and encourage them to share with their networks as well.

Linda has recently affiliated with the World Business Academy based in Santa Barbara, California.  The World Business Academy is a fully operational 501 c3 tax deductible approved organization that has focused  for the last ten plus years on how business leaders can make a positive difference in society. Upon meeting Linda, World Business Academy (WBA) founder Rinaldo Brutoco recognized the synergies that  will naturally evolve  from  Linda’s  Be The Change: Leaders On The Frontline projects being brought to the attention of his existing WBA members.  Part of this affiliation includes the ability for those interested in supporting Be The Change: Leaders On The Frontline to make donations through the World Business Academy. Any checks you send should include  a notation that  funds are to be used to promote and educate about the opportunities Linda is creating though her Be The Change: Leaders On The Frontline projects.

The address to send checks is World Business Academy, 308 East Carrillo Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. After reading this booklet go to Linda’s web site and also to the World Business Academy web site to learn more about how by making a donation you can be the change you want to see in the world.

Thank you for reading and thank you for taking action.

William Gladstone, Publisher, Waterfront Digital Press

Life in the fast lane revisited

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

So last Friday I wrote about my life in the fast lane. I had visions of driving from Cardiff, California to Las Vegas, Nevada 5423866562_f3672170e2_oin less than four hours. Welcome to reality. The trip took more than six hours, and that was even with Gayle by my side ensuring access to the diamond lane for carpoolers. What is going on? The traffic in the desert in the middle of nowhere between Barstow and Las Vegas was near a dead stop. No cars were getting on, no cars were getting off. Why were we going five miles an hour and sometimes not moving at all?

The trip back was a little faster, but still took five hours. Guess my days of driving to Vegas are done. Planes, even with the absurd TSA searches, will have to do.

My trip brought the realization that Americans fear change. We would be driving along and even when an extra lane opened up the majority of drivers would slow down to ascertain why there was a new lane and only move into the additional lane a half mile or more down the road, causing everyone and extra five to ten minutes of slowdown.  Five to ten minutes may not be much, but on a trip of three hundred miles those extra five and ten minute waits add up.

The other remarkable feature of my fast-lane drive to Vegas and back was seeing that there are more people driving this route than ever before. I thought we were still in a recession and that high gas prices limited recreational outings. Not the case. It was wall to wall cars the entire three- hundred mile journey, though fortunately there were a few places where the wall was moving at eighty miles an hour. On the upside, I was never in danger of getting a  ticket for speeding. (more…)

Can You Hear Me?

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

You can if you purchase the audio version of The Power of Twelve. Just released and available on audible at and soon available from all online audio sites  I recorded the audio myself just a few feet away from where I wrote The Power of Twelve in my home here in Cardiff by the Sea, California. The audio for The Twelve was recorded by an actor and came out great, but with all the changes in marketing audios over the last five years it seemed wiser to just record the audio myself and publish directly through audible. One of my clients and friends David Wilson is a sound engineer who has created an incredible microphone and recording process that made it fun and easy. Although David had to go to a studio for final modifications, the actual recording was done in my home and only took about ten hours, not much longer than the final audio itself. I enjoyed the process of recording and think there is something special in having the author of a book do his or her own recording. Hope you get a chance to listen and share with friends and family.

Yesterday I did a livechat that was lots of fun. You can listen to that recording of questions from readers through this link . Livechat uses the internet to allow listeners to post questions in real time and records me giving the answers. Was special in some way since the camera caught me live and in this case displayed the desk behind me where I had manuscripts of recently-agented books about which viewers also asked questions.

With dozens of additional radio shows coming up or archived and linked through my web site you really can hear me quite easily and I hope you will. I am enjoying the increased interaction with readers of my novels and the opportunity to expand on the themes of The Power of Twelve and share my insights on book publishing with increasingly larger groups.

While most writers are generous with support of other authors, many writers are introverts. They write their books and find making themselves available to the public a bit difficult.  Not me.  Perhaps it is because I am also an agent, or perhaps it is because I just enjoy interacting with people, but I like being out there in support of my own works and the works of other authors.

This week I was out in support of author Greg Reid.  If you want to see me as well as hear me, you might purchase a copy of Stickablity the Movie by Greg. I attended the premier of the film on Monday night and it was a typical high-end Greg Reid event with plenty of media coverage, red carpet, cocktail party etc. etc. held at the Arclight theater in La Jolla, California. There were several hundred people in attendance and I did three additional  interviews to help promote the film as did many of the film’s stars ranging from Sharon Lector,  bestselling author of  Three Feet from  Gold and other  titles; Gary Goldstein, producer of  the  hit film Pretty Woman; the founder of  the Make a Wish Foundation, Frank Shankwitz;  to John Assaraf  and other bestselling authors. We were all there to support Greg who is evolving as a major voice for persistence and the ability to succeed and make a difference no matter what the odds. Greg’s book, Stickability, is just out from Tarcher/Penguin and is off to a great start. The movie complements the inspiring messages in the book and works as a wonderful forty-minute stand-alone film.  I have a cameo role, along with my good friend and publisher of The Secret, Richard Cohn. Was fun being in the film and it’s a fun film to watch. Watch and you will both see and hear me. Enjoy.

Libraries and Librarians

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

This weekend I was a on a wonderful radio show (link to show here: from producer Joe Vecchio called It’s Your Money  KFMB Radio, kfmb760,  with Richard Muscio airing from the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, centralconstruction35California.  Was a nostalgic location for me since the very first  night I slept in San Diego county was at the Valencia Hotel when I was being interviewed for the position of editorial director for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in May of 1979. Richard usually  focuses on business and philanthropy but dedicated last Saturday’s show to literary matters. The other guest on the hour long show was Mel Katz who has led the drive to create the  new San Diego downtown library.  The  new library will open October 1st , which is the same day that my  novel The Power of Twelve  is officially being published. Next Saturday,  September  28th  the  library is having its grand opening with a parade and six hours of readings, concerts and wonderful events.  On Saturday I am  giving a  one hour  book signing  at the Galaxy bookstore in Kearny mesa here in San Diego at  2 pm. I am going to encourage all who attend to  go by the library after our event.

This is not just an ordinary library.  The original concept for the library   was conceived more than thirty years ago. It took more than fifteen years  to  raise the money and build the library. Because of issues related to San  Diego’s financial challenges one hundred percent of the money had to  come from private donors.  Mel was instrumental in raising the more than sixty-five million dollars necessary to build this beautiful building. Irwin Jacops, the founder of Qualcomm, was the largest donor but  thousands of people contributed. (more…)

Meetings with Remarkable Men and Women—Part One

Monday, September 9th, 2013

There was a book published several decades ago entitled Meetings With Remarkable Men. The book focused on meetings Dad with Barbarawith spiritual beings with extraordinary abilities. I was thinking about this book and the remarkable men and women with whom I met last week on my trip to Santa Barbara, Monterrey, and Boulder Creek.

We all work for a living.  But my work is so much more than that to me. In many ways it is a privilege. As I have written before, being a literary agent puts me in contact with any number of amazing, thought provoking, and inspirational people. It is probably a large part of why I have stayed in this line of work for so long.  I find that my ideas are constantly challenged, my energy renewed, my point of view expanded just by virtue of the people with whom I have the privilege to work.  And it is why so many of my vacations are spent in meetings with clients and potential clients; these are people with whom I truly enjoy spending time.

Gayle and I like to drive rather than fly on trips of five hundred miles or less, and this trip was no different. We had a long holiday weekend and took almost a full week to drive up to Boulder Creek though just one day to drive back. Five hundred miles is a lot to drive in a single day, but it was well worth it. The central coast of California is quite beautiful and the places we stayed in along the way were extraordinary, ranging from forests and beaches to tracts of farm land in between. Makes you want to sing the Woody Guthrie song “This land is Your Land.” (more…)

Win or Lose

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

A lot of our time is spent worrying about winning or losing. In fact millions of people earn their living just exploring ways scoreboardto enhance the probability of winning whether it be at sports, in business, or in relationships. The fact that we even discuss relationships using the notion of winning is worth noting. Why do we need to talk about ‘win-win” relationships? Shouldn’t all relationships be positive?

There are certain areas of life, such as war, where clearly the notion of winning or losing is appropriate. However, much emphasis is placed on winning in even trivial endeavors such as soccer matches, football games, tennis, and even my own favorite sport, golf.  What are the origins of this fixation on winning and why are hundreds of millions of people so obsessed with their sports team winning or losing that the economic and psychological wellbeing of entire cities often seems determined by the fate of their sports franchise? (more…)