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Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Water is the most important resource for life on planet earth. Without water there would be no life. Period.happy face

The first human beings created settlements with close proximity to rivers and lakes. Fresh water was key to survival.

California is presently experiencing a three-year drought. It has not rained this year at all here in Southern California, and we are currently enjoying warm Santa Ana conditions with no likelihood of rain for several weeks. Water reserves are low and there is likely to be water rationing later this year if there is no rain or snow in the mountains. Perhaps with the rest of North America experiencing extreme cold and storms there is not much sympathy for Californians, but the possible shortage of water could become a serious  issue not just for California but other areas throughout the world within the next several decades. Many pundits have opined that the real wars of the future will be over water rights, not oil and gas.

In thinking about water I connect with the wonderful beach walks I take almost daily. The ocean seems vast and limitless. It is not. We have found ways to pollute our oceans and their viability is not assured either.

Just this week we published as an e-book, THE DOLPHIN LETTERS: VITAL MESSAGES FROM SEA TO LAND by Muriel Lindsay. Muriel has spent several decades living close to dolphins and has developed a telepathic relationship with the dolphins who have communicated this book to her. Not everyone is going to take seriously the contention that these are in fact letters from actual dolphins, but I believe they are.  And, more importantly, I believe that the messages are indeed vital to the survival of our species. Dolphins have been on our planet a lot longer than humans and they understand both the nature of water and the nature of life. I have sent this manuscript to several noted scientists for their views on the messages conveyed in these dolphin letters, and the responses have been laudatory and provocative. (more…)

The Meaning of Success

Friday, December 6th, 2013

There is a John Lennon song from his 1980 Double Fantasy album called Woman which talks about the meaning of Bed-In_for_Peace,_Amsterdam_1969_-_John_Lennon_&_Yoko_Ono_16success. John did not have a perfect life and he died much too young. As someone who achieved so much in the world of music with fame and fortune, John was clearly a success. We know he had rocky times with his first wife and later with Yoko Ono, but it seems he was able to navigate those rough patches and reach a new level with Yoko before he died. His song Woman was definitely written for her, thanking her for the guidance she had given him in helping him to wake up to the true meaning of success.

I find this song particularly relevant to my own writing and my own thinking about where we are headed as a species.  The indigenous have told us that we need to incorporate more feminine values into our culture if we are to survive. I believe this is true. I also believe that it is not only possible but actively taking place.

I have experienced extraordinary success in multiple areas of my life. Despite following a relatively conservative path of going to private schools such as Yale and Harvard, and taking a Fortune 500 executive position with Harcourt Brace when still a young man, I have always felt that I have been a pioneer and a risk taker. I started my literary agency in San Diego, California at a time when very few literary agents outside of New York City had any meaningful success. I became an expert on computer books at a time when the majority of book agents and book publishers had little if any interest in such books. I drifted into representing mind body spirit books when such titles were still not mainstream.  Success has followed me in all these areas, but the real success of my business life has been in the relationships I have formed with authors, editors, and publishers.

There have been a few exceptions, but for the most part I like and respect everyone with whom I have done business. The majority of books I have represented have helped people in some way. I have enjoyed the economic privileges that come from representing major bestselling authors, and I would not feel the same about my career and position in the world of publishing and the world at large had I not had such significant and measurable public success.  But in the end the  true meaning of success will be  in what is left behind, in the number of people I have helped, in the good that has come from the books I have helped get published.

I am moving increasingly into the area of public speaking and my own writing. I will continue to agent books but increasingly take on fewer and fewer new clients. I am open to the extraordinary, but the extraordinary will be judged by the impact that can be made, not necessarily by the number of copies that will be sold. I will also continue to use our e-book publishing company to bring new voices to the general public. The newest voices I will be publishing next month will be dolphin voices. I kid you not. I have the honor and privilege of publishing the first book written by dolphins. There will be doubters. Major publishers will probably not want to pick up our e-book.  But be on the lookout for Dolphin Letters: Vital Information from Sea to Land.  Of course there is a human go-between who took down the dolphin communication. I will be writing more about this unique author and book later this month. Suffice to say, the dolphins truly understand the meaning of success. To quote John Lennon again, “Perhaps I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.”

Imagine and succeed.