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Grand Unification Begins

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Today is the official publication date for Dr. and Master Sha with co-author Dr. RulinSoul Min Body Science System Xiu for “Soul Mind Body Science System: Grand Unification Theory and Practice for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Immortality”. Despite the somewhat intimidating title this is not just a book for scientists and geniuses. It took the genius of these two authors to create this fascinating explanation of the universal principles which govern all life, but the book is written for lay readers and is a wonderful demonstration of how spiritual principles and scientific principles mirror each other.

Noted systems theorist and humanitarian Dr. Ervin Laszlo writes in the Foreword, “We should be grateful to Dr. and Master Sha for rediscovering soul in theory and applying it in practice, and to Dr. Xiu for clarifying the contribution this revelation will make to our health and well-being.” Unlike most scientific based theories this book provides immediate practices that can be used to improve your life today. Basing his theory on the most ancient Chinese teachings from the five thousand year-old ancient wisdom tradition emanating from studies of the Tao, Dr. Sha has uncovered a formula that explains all life, and which Dr. Xiu has been able to confirm as representative of the Grand Unification Theory that has been the unobtainable goal of scientists from the great Albert Einstein to the present day. I am not going to give away this formula in this blog, but it is a single sentence as elegant and concise as Einstein’s E=mc2 formula of relativity. Dr. Laszlo confirms the utility of this equation and my own scientific investigations at Yale and Harvard reveal the fundamental truth of this momentous discovery.

I believe that Dr. Sha and Dr. Xiu are far ahead of mainstream scientists and that it may take several decades before the true power and utility of this new formula are fully realized, but that is no reason for the general reader to hesitate to gain this knowledge. Whether the theory is controversial or not, the healing practices emanating from this new equation have already been verified. Buy this book. Read this book. Enjoy the insights you will gain. You may learn that the fundamental truth to your own being and purpose are contained within this Grand Unification Theory. It truly unites our understanding of how each and every one of us, and each and every planet and star, is part of a unified field, and how this is the basis of all life and our collective future as a species.


Friday, February 14th, 2014

I was not aware of the concept of soft power until this weekend when I was having lunch with my good friend and colleague Dr. Ervin Laszlo who quite nonchalantly told me, “Well, I just heard from the World Cultural Forum of China and this year’s conference will be on soft power. The conference will be held in Shanghai on June 12. Hope you can speak on this topic and get at least another eight to ten prominent speakers to join us.”

With this task before me was clear I needed to do some research on the concept of soft power. Soft power is the ability to make powerful impact on society not by aggressive or coercive means but by cultural or “soft” influence. At a time when military might is increasingly less effective in coercing others to act in ways that are compatible with American goals and concerns, I find this concept quit appealing. We may as a nation spend billions of dollars daily protecting ourselves from terrorist activities, but does this hard power of drones and military initiatives really achieve the goal of a safe world that allows the development of a free and equitable world society? Unfortunately, the answer is clearly no. We can kill Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists, but ultimately killing alone will not wipe out terrorists or the conditions under which terrorism thrives. (more…)


Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Although I never watched the Ron Howard produced television show Arrested Development, I always thought it was a good name for a show. Unfortunately, it may also be a good way to describe the present state of human development.

I just taped a PBS television special with medical doctor and researcher Dr. Mario Biava and Dr. Ervin Laszlo. The show will be the pilot for a new PBS series on wellness produced under the direction of acclaimed PBS producer Darla Boone (Yes, she is a direct descent of Daniel Boone). Dr. Biava has spent a lifetime researching the reasons cancers grow and has made a remarkable discovery which may alter the future of cancer treatment worldwide. Dr.Biava has worked with the Universities of Triest, Rome and most recently is a research fellow at the Multimedical center in Milan. I agented his book Cancer and the Search for Lost Meaning published by North Atlantic Press.

The show explored the import of Dr. Biava’s research in the context of the scientific paradigm shift that Dr. Laszlo has identified in his most recent book on the Akashic Paradigm. In a nutshell Dr. Laszlo asserts that we must look at health and human evolution from the perspective of whole life systems which transcend our immediate time and space perceptions. Dr. Laszlo believes that the destiny of evolution is tied directly to the evolution of consciousness and that by aligning ourselves with the positive force of evolution we can improve our human experience and become more highly evolved beings with greater coherence for our species and our planet. (more…)

Life in the Fast Lane

Friday, October 25th, 2013

I like to drive fast, very fast. I have driven from Sun Valley, Idaho to San Diego in less than ten hours. That is almost images-2a one-thousand mile trip, meaning I averaged close to one hundred miles per hour for the entire trip.  That includes stopping for gas and even a quick bite. I actually drove closer to 120 miles an hour for most of the trip.

I should probably not blog about this. Clearly I was breaking the law. At the same time, the road was clear, and with the extra focus needed to drive that fast I felt safer than on a normal highway. It was a two lane road and even at that hyper speed I saw only ten to twenty cars in what was a  five hundred mile or longer stretch from the  Idaho / Nevada border to Las Vegas.  I lucked out when stopping for gas and was pointed to a short cut used by race car drivers about two hundred miles outside of Vegas.  I felt right at home in the fast lane.

Everyone has a different rhythm. My rhythm goes best with speed. I talk fast, I think fast, I deal fast, and I even play golf fast.  Lately I have been busier than usual. Today I participated in three radio shows. The first was with the Global Oneness International event that was live in fifty or more countries around the world. At least 35,000 people tuned in to our session on the Vision for New Global Leaders. Dr. Jean Huston and Dr. Ervin Laszlo were my co-panelists and Steve Farrell emceed the hour. It was a blast. I learned as much from listening to my co-panelists as I ever learned from my top professors at Harvard and Yale. (more…)


Friday, October 18th, 2013

My friend and speaker’s bureau director Linda Villasenor suggested that I re title my corporate talks Thrive Balance. I like2649170201_9e5f46ca78_z to focus my speeches on the importance of balance in all aspects of life. Lately I have felt compelled to address the over reaction of books like Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In which suggests that women need to focus on collective action within corporations to protect women’s interest. This may be necessary in some instances, but overall corporations need to be focusing on the health of the entire corporation including females. Corporations need to be finding new levels of balancing what we often refer to as feminine energy—qualities such as sharing, caring, nurturing, respecting the role of intuition—with what is often referred to as masculine energy—aggressiveness, sharp focus, using power  when reasoning  is too slow, and  generally relying on strength rather than reconciliation and compromise.  It is quite possible that using power tactics to protect women will backfire and make corporations less feminine and even more unbalanced than they already are.

I was once presented with a book entitled  Health is a Question of Balance by  a noted  La Jolla-based medical doctor, and the ongoing work of systems theorist Dr. Ervin Laszlo continues to  document the importance of balance and the ability to return to balance in all systems. Basically a system that is unable to return to a steady state—a state of balance—will eventually decay, self-destruct, or evolve to  a different type of system in which balance is achievable. The inability to achieve balance and maintain balance leads to the destruction of all systems. For us as individuals it leads to death. (more…)

Cats and Dogs and Peacelink

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Recently, through an unexpected sequence of events, a cat and a dog had a confrontation in my office. We were cat-François_Desportes_-_A_Dog_and_a_Cat_Fighting_in_a_Kitchen_Interior_-_WGA06322sitting a beautiful animal whose claws have been clipped. Unexpectedly, a client dropped by who had her miniature bull dog with her. Separately, both the cat and dog are gentle creatures who rarely display their aggressive animal natures.  Thus, we were caught unprepared as the dog and cat went at each other, well like dogs and cats.  I always thought that “fighting like dogs and cats” was just a saying, but I can now confirm that unfamiliar dogs and cats do not get along well at all. There was hissing and attempts at clawing and scratching by the cat, and there were determined attempts by the dog to grab and bite the cat. The encounter only lasted seconds, but the chasing and mayhem resulted in overturned books and flower vases and general pandemonium, including screams from those looking on fearing the worst for both cat and dog. I was at my desk responding to a contract offer and was caught off guard, not knowing what was occurring. Eventually I was able to grab the dog’s collar and pull him off the cat. The cat was traumatized and hid in the garage for the next six hours. The dog had a little nip on his face but was otherwise unharmed. (more…)

The Joy of Being a Literary Agent

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Sometimes being a literary agent is pure joy. When I achieve results for clients, getting them large advances or connecting them with the publisher they have been seeking, the joy they feel is contagious. Often their lives are changed forever.  However, the true joy of being an agent has little to do with the actual deals and more to do with the relationships IMG_1474developed with clients and publishers over the years.

This entire week has been a week of joy and connection.  Earlier in the week my good friend and my own German publisher, Michael Goerden, was visiting from Germany and staying with us in Cardiff.  We spent much of the time eating; we introduced Michael to porterhouse steak (cooked on our grill), and took him to our wonderful, unique, and authentic Peruvian restaurant in Encinitas where he sampled what in his opinion (and mine) was the most succulent and tasty lamb shank either of us had ever eaten.  I introduced Michael not only to food, but also to some extraordinary local authors and some attorneys we use to create new companies.  Michael will be launching Flying Moose Media shortly as an American company specializing in the sale of German language eBooks throughout the world. It’s a long story on why it is better for Michael to incorporate here in the United States rather than in Germany, but we will save those unique and obtuse details for a later blog.


IMG_1472Michael left on Sunday, and my dear friend and client Dr. Ervin Laszlo and his assistant Gyorgyi arrived later that evening. Dr. Laszlo is being filmed for a PBS special as well as for a new film by the producers of the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” I happen to represent co-producer Betsy Chase and was able to coordinate the schedules so Ervin could be part of the film. Ervin lives in Italy, so it is a rare pleasure to have the opportunity to spend time with him as we are more than 6000 miles away here in Cardiff. (more…)

My Dinner with Ruben

Monday, January 14th, 2013

 In my novel THE POWER OF THE TWELVE, which is to be published by BenBella Books in September 2013, I introduce a most interesting character named Ruben Papian. Ruben is in fact a real person. In some ways he may be the most interesting man in the world. If you have seen any of the Dos X Mexican beer television commercials you will know what I mean.

Ruben was born in Armenia. Somehow he overcame the limitations of his country of birth and emerged as a healer and consultant for royals, heads of state and the very wealthy. Those who have benefitted from Ruben’s unique talents have rewarded him with houses and financial support which allows him to live anywhere he wants and go anywhere he wants whenever he wants. Ruben has recently written a book called THE BOOK OF THE WISH. (more…)