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Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Time, space and money. I was going to follow up my discussion of time with a discussion of space, and I still may write urlabout space in a future blog.  But I thought money, especially at this time of year, was a better topic. Space is a strange topic and not easy to write about, especially from the perspective of deep reality in which there is the high probability that space, like time, is actually an illusion. Money, although also an illusion, is easier to understand.

I recently met with Gary Renard the author of the Disappearance of the Universe and other bestselling titles that challenge our concept of time and space. In addition to being a wonderful author, workshop leader, and speaker, Gary is also a stock market day trader. He has done extremely well day trading lately, as have others with stock investments over the last year. 2013 in fact was the year in which the stock market reached new highs on almost a daily basis.  Gary seems to have the money issue figured out, at least for the present. (more…)

Labor Day

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Today is labor day. For many today is a holiday. Seems odd that labor day should be a day with no work. Are we honoring mba0780lall the labor we have done throughout  the year? Are we honoring labor  unions which have been able to obtain holidays, good working conditions and higher wages for the common working man and woman? What are we honoring and why?

I have never been a fan of labor unions. There is no question that there was a time  in America  when labor unions were needed. Working conditions were in many cases dangerous, workers were exploited and underpaid and  the government did not have policies in place to protect the average worker. Labor unions in many cases  protected the underprivileged and contributed to creating a more just and fair world. But at the same time that there were good unions focused on principled negotiations and the rightful protection of workers, there were almost from the beginning corrupt unions focused on enriching those who controlled the unions and the not the rank and file.

In today’s world I wonder at the need for unions altogether. Many unions continue to act as if  there is conflict  between management and workers that requires draconian protections. The reality is that too often unions have been  so successful and powerful that  the  pension, health, overtime and related benefits  they have negotiated  for their members have bankrupted the  companies  which provide the  work necessary for the  economic survival of the union workers. I question unions which require  seniority  wage increases and myriad benefits without the need for  merit based assessments of actual performance. It is  as if  there is some sense of entitlement that anyone who  has a union job should be entitled to maximum benefits regardless of actual performance. And firing someone for cause? Management can only do so  at great risk and the need to provide evidence beyond what might be needed in a court of law. (more…)