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Healing and Giving

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Surrounded by family and friends, and with some time for reflection on all we have to be grateful for, Thanksgiving imagesweekend was a time for healing and giving.

There is a direct link between healing and giving thanks. In studying Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. and Master Sha, we learn that the first step towards any healing is giving thanks to the creator and all beings who share our higher soul purpose. During Thanksgiving we are able to stop our normal flow of activities and focus on resting or undertaking leisure activities that can nurture what ails us or requires attention. We do not need to limit this attention to physical issues only. Often the holidays can be a time to heal emotional wounds and, as I am learning not just from Dr. and Master Sha but also from my other wonderful healing client, Uwe Albrecht, M.D., emotional issues are often at the heart of physical maladies. (more…)

Factory in White

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

In my previous blog I wrote about the family of Dr. Claret and his famous white parties in Cadaques.  It is an honor that myfactory foto daughter is marrying into such a wonderful family. Not only was Dr. Claret one of  the most esteemed  child surgeons, professors, and medical experts in the world, he was a great humanitarian who offered his services for free to clinics in Sierra Leone and elsewhere in Africa both during and after he had retired from teaching and medicine. Perhaps just as importantly, Dr. Claret was a man who knew how to enjoy life and who focused on his five daughters and thirteen grandchildren as his primary source of happiness and joy. Even above his children, grandchildren and work (he considered the thousands of children whose lives he saved or improved his extended family), Dr. Claret noted in his autobiography that the greatest joy and inspiration in his life was his wife Toña. Dr. Claret met Toña in 1952. She was a nurse and he was just completing his internship. They worked and socialized together for four years and then married in 1956. They built his medical practice together and raised five children and lived an extraordinary life. But the most extraordinary aspect of this life, according to Dr. Claret, was his sixty-year relationship with his beloved Toña.

It is not surprising to me that a Catalan of such world renown and accomplishments would place his relationship with his wife above all other joys, Catalans are known for their romanticism, loyalty and commitment to family.

But throughout the rest of Spain, Catalans are known above all for their work ethic. Catalonia is by far the richest province in Spain. In part this may be due to natural resources.  But the biggest factor is the work ethic of the Catalans. Dr. Isidro Claret was no exception. (more…)


Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

As many foodies know, for at least the last decade or two there have been annual dinners throughout the world where avistas secret location is chosen as well as a time and place for people to meet and then everyone shows up dressed entirely in white and are taken, usually by bus, to the secret location where tables have been set up for a gourmet dinner.  It is generally believed that this event was started in France, and that is probably true.

However I have just learned of another “white party” that predates the “dinner in white” and that more than likely was the inspiration for the current French version of this food and fashion lover’s extravaganza. In  the small fishing  town of Cadaques, Spain  on the northern and most eastern sector of The Costa Brava, twenty miles south of  the French border, the first  “white party” was hosted by the noted child surgeon Isidro Claret and his wife Toña in 1983.The original  white parties were held for three consecutive years in August, starting at 10 p.m. in the evening and running until  10 a.m. the next day. Each of the adult family members of the Claret family would set up a tent and prepare their favorite dishes ranging from stuffed beef (freshly butchered after a bull fight in neighboring town of Figueres, the birth place of the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali), fresh gazpacho, pumpkin soup, homemade Catalan sausages, and other local delicacies.

Musicians were hired and wine flowed like water.  Every year the parties became larger and larger until the large grounds were filled to capacity with dance floors constructed, covering the few spaces not planted with tables. The neighbors made available their refrigerators to keep additional supplies of cold beverages and more than  six hundred people  chose the finest white linens, satins, silks, cottons, feathers and clothing materials to fashion the most incredible white costumes available. (more…)


Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Rhianne is my cousin and also shares 12/12 as her birthday with me. Is this quite an interesting coincidence or is it something more meaningful? Her mother, my aunt Ann Davis’s birthday is February 19th which happens to be the day that many ancient masters have predicted as the day just a week ago when the new feminine energy cycle of 26,000 years began. Are these all just meaningless coincidences or something more? My cousin thinks there is something magical happening within our family. Perhaps she is not mistaken.

 I will be posting guest blogs from time to time on topics that seem relevant to my novels and work as a literary agent. Enjoy.

Guest blog from my cousin Rhianne Newlahand:

“Once, not all that long ago, two cousins were born, each on the 12th of December; A boy born to the brother, a girl born to the sister.

One became a prominent and successful businessman, using the skills of the masculine, to accomplish his tasks, to make money, and to have many great adventures. (more…)