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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

As I was thinking of topics for today’s blog I had lots of options. I was tempted to write another blog about my novel, The images-1Power of Twelve, which was officially published yesterday, but doing so seemed too self-promotional – even though I encourage all authors, including myself, to be shamelessly self-promotional. After all if you are not willing to constantly promote your own books, why are you willing to write them?

But I have also been thinking about money lately. In part this may be because our federal government has run out of the stuff and starting Tuesday put itself officially out of business, closed, kaput, gone fishing, not available.  Use your own hopefully increasingly pejorative phrase to get across the point that our brilliant leaders and politicians have not figured out a way to keep our government operating. Ok, there are some contingency plans and not every aspect of government is closed until this budget issue is resolved, but millions of people are out of work, millions more are being inconvenienced, and we look like a third world country unable to manage our affairs. (more…)

What Would Jefferson Do?

Monday, July 8th, 2013

My good friend and client, radio host Thom Hartmann, wrote a book entitled What Would Jefferson Do? For Thom 484px-Thomas_Jefferson_by_Mather_Brownand for me Thomas Jefferson embodies the true genius of American Democracy.  President John F. Kennedy was reputed to have remarked to a collection of noble laureates dining with him at the White House that the last time there was so much brainpower eating in that room was when Jefferson dined alone.

Jefferson was of course much more than just a politician. He founded the first public University, the University of Virginia; he planted the first vineyards in the United States; and his book collection, which he donated to the federal government, was the most important initial donation for what was to become our national library.  Jefferson was not without his faults, but his brilliance and visionary wisdom cannot be overstated. And yet there is no doubt that Jefferson could not possibly be elected to any public office in today’s pedestrian, petty, self-serving political environment.

I haven’t been overtly political in neither my blog nor in my life. To some extent I have given up on politics and politicians altogether. Not necessarily a trait of which I am proud or want to share with others but it does work for me on many levels. Fundamentally I believe in massive political change, which will rise from small groups of people with shared values protesting, when necessary, outrageous practices of our government and institutions. But those in power seem to have lost their center and their reason. Business as usual goes on and no one seems to notice that business as usual is approaching unsustainability if not insanity. (more…)