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The True Meaning of Christmas

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Today is Christmas Day. We all like Christmas. A day of  gifts and  overeating. A day with no work except for those  in  service businesses. A time to reflect 2122063264_b9b35d91d5_zand look back on the previous year and forward to the next.

As a child I always looked forward to Christmas. We had stockings, a tree, lots of brightly  wrapped presents. I never even realized we were jewish until I was a teenager and we occassionaly  celebrated  Hanakkah as well. Hanakkah was ok but  never had the attraction for me that Christmas did.

I think I was six before I learned that Santa was not real.  We put the cookies out for him and even the milk. It was really exciting to me and I was amazed at the miracle of the presents appearing as if by magic. Of course as I grew older I started to catch on and even found the closet where the presents were being stored. Didn’t really change my enthusiasm or appreciation for the time of year and the  occasion. I was living on the east coast and more often than not we did have a white Christmas with lots of snow and  the opportunity to stay indoors and play with our new toys. (more…)

Healing and Giving

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Surrounded by family and friends, and with some time for reflection on all we have to be grateful for, Thanksgiving imagesweekend was a time for healing and giving.

There is a direct link between healing and giving thanks. In studying Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. and Master Sha, we learn that the first step towards any healing is giving thanks to the creator and all beings who share our higher soul purpose. During Thanksgiving we are able to stop our normal flow of activities and focus on resting or undertaking leisure activities that can nurture what ails us or requires attention. We do not need to limit this attention to physical issues only. Often the holidays can be a time to heal emotional wounds and, as I am learning not just from Dr. and Master Sha but also from my other wonderful healing client, Uwe Albrecht, M.D., emotional issues are often at the heart of physical maladies. (more…)


Monday, October 7th, 2013

On January 20, 1961, a young, newly inaugurated President mobilized and united a country in a short address in which heKennedy_Giving_Historic_Speech_to_Congress_-_GPN-2000-001658 said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”  The line resonated with Republicans and Democrats alike.  For a shining moment, we felt the possibilities that emerge when we unite in the spirit of giving.

With the ongoing shut down of the federal government I have been thinking more and more about the role of our “public servants”. I do believe there was a time when giving was the primary reason politicians wanted to be politicians; public service was the reason for running for public office, and most politicians also kept their day jobs. But that time has passed.  Certainly in my lifetime being a politician seems to have been much more about getting than giving.

This shift from giving to getting seems fairly universal today throughout our society. In theory people who become doctors, nurses, firemen, teachers, policeman, attorneys, and yes, politicians do so to help others. Their own compensation, though not irrelevant, was never supposed to be their primary motivation. We leave money grubbing for used car salesmen, investment bankers and ruthless venture capitalists. (more…)