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Dance Titus Dance

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Watch this video of my grandson Titus…Justin Bieber, watch out.  Titus has all the moves and what about that face?  Not sure about Titus  being the next teeny-bopper sensation, but definitely the next tiny-bopper sensation.  Titus goes viral!!!  Titus Dancing


Gita Morena and The Wisdom of Oz

Friday, August 30th, 2013

L. Frank Baum the  author of The Wonderful Wizard of  Oz is one of my favorite writers of all time. I  was pleased when hisGita's Oz Photo 3 great granddaughter Gita Morena asked me to represent her book The Wisdom of  Oz.  Like her famous great grandfather Gita writes to bring joy into the world.

1. What got me started with writing and what did it take for me to become a writer?

I started writing when I was a child. It was a way to express myself without judgment, and gave me a sense of clarity and connection internally. People seemed to enjoy what I had written, and that encouraged me to continue sharing my thoughts.

When I discovered that L. Frank Baum was my great grandfather, I understood why writing felt so natural to me. With a good grounding in punctuation and sentence structure from my early education, writing and editing come fairly easily to me. I still remember the creative writing exercises we were given in high school, and the teacher who insisted on full attention and involvement.

What did…or does it take for me to become a writer? Just the commitment to do it and the courage to let myself be seen!

2. Why do I write?

I write to discover what I am thinking and to find the threads of thought that weave the tapestry of my inner world.

Writing allows me to explore the fuzzy, intangible mixture of feelings/reactions/thoughts that swim in the deep crevices of my mind, and it gives me a way to manifest these ideas in a visible form. Exploring the frontier of these inner edges and communicating with others from this place brings a deep sense of satisfaction and connection with others.  (more…)

Love and Marriage

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

My daughter Tara is now officially engaged to be married to Oia Pursals Claret. The picture shows her hand and the Tara and Oía engagementTara with ringdiamond engagement ring. This is a joyous occasion for Tara, Oia, and all of our families. Tara and Oia have been living together for more than two years and both families have enjoyed spending time together mostly in and around Barcelona, Spain where Tara and Oia are living.  For the last six months ever Since Oia told me he was going to propose to Tara  as soon as he was able to have the right  engagement ring made,  I have been telling everyone (except Tara) that  Oia is Tara’s fiancée, though of course only now is it official.  Tara suspected the engagement was going to happen, but like all major events in life, one never knows for sure until the proposal is actually made. I have never seen Tara with a bigger smile and greater enthusiasm for life than I did this morning when she Skyped me from the mountain beach town of Cadaques near the French border in Cataluna where the happy couple will be celebrating their engagement.

Ever since I met Oia two years ago I have felt that he would be the ideal husband for Tara. It helps that Oia’s Catalan family is wonderful and provides ideal support for both Tara and Oia as they establish a life together. Tara has  been a dancer, writer, editor, and social media  PR specialist. Tara is presently focused on editing and assisting spiritual teachers with their books.  And Oia, a Catalan architect working with one of Barcelona’s top architecture firms, is focused on creating ecologically sustainable buildings and homes. Neither is fully established with their careers from a financial perspective, but they have each demonstrated excellence which I am sure in time will provide them with the necessary financial support to raise a family together. More importantly, they are nurtured by the creative elements of their work and able to share aesthetic and cultural interests that will sustain an active and  stimulating dialogue between them for many years. They are good and kind people and all of us are looking forward to when they have children since they are both movie star good looking and are likely to produce amazingly attractive and talented offspring. (more…)