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The Week that Was

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Today is Columbus Day, a unique holiday that most companies in America ignore.  Waterside focuses on our relationship with the bank and the US postal service so when they take a holiday, so do we. Of course we started this policy more than thirty years ago when it really mattered if the bank and post office were open for our basic operations. Today, in 2014, we could be just as productive with both the bank and the post office closed, but everyone at the main office looks forward to getting the day off so our tradition continues.

Gayle and I just spent the last week driving from Cardiff to Ashland Oregon and back. Along the way we had a wonderful meeting with Michael Beckwith of Agape and then Marilyn Tam and her husband Kevin in Santa Barbara. We had one of the most amazing vegan meals I have ever eaten. I am a real meat lover and rarely have vegan meals, but Marilyn cooked some form of squash that was out of this world. Having an excellent red wine with the meal helped, but I have to confess that the dish itself was enough to convince me—even meat loving me— that I might become a vegetarian someday.

The following morning I had a call with my newest client Pamela Anderson. This was a bit of a coincidence given the vegan meal as Pamela is passionate about her “non-animal” diet and her newest book will focus on that topic among other health tips for maintaining beauty and vitality. Pamela is working with John Pierre who is best known as popular TV host Ellen’s personal trainer. John Pierre is also a nutritional expert and assures me that the sooner I give up meat the better I will feel. I am sure he is correct, but I am just not ready. Pamela’s diet is based primarily on her love and respect for animals, but she is also now working closely with John Pierre who will be a co-author the book. They are focusing on the health benefits of a vegan diet.

After the call with Pamela I had a delightful Santa Barbra brunch with Barbara DeAngelis; we had the most amazing pancakes along with a scintillating conversation. Barbara has just completed the manuscript for “Soul Shifts,” which will be published by Hay House next March. This is going to be a book that will speak to everyone who is ready for true transformation in all aspects of their lives. From Santa Barbara we headed up to Boulder Creek and meetings with Deborah Rozman and “Doc,” the founder of HeartMath. Deborah is the CEO and a remarkable businesswoman. Doc is the visionary behind HeartMath and a unique and extraordinary individual. Doc has campfire meetings that start at 9pm and run until 1am or in the morning. Doc rarely meets with outsiders these days, but Gayle and I have become close friends and regulars. Someday I may write a book based just on the conversations I had with him recently, but until then Doc prefers we keep our campfire chats confidential. (more…)

Pathological and Pathetic

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Today is a nearly perfect day here in Southern California. Gayle and I took a wonderful beach walk and saw more umbrellas with families and children than any day so far this year. The water was full of swimmers and surfers and there was an air of pure joy on the faces of the small children building their sand castles and playing with their friends and parents. The air itself was almost magical. The sun was shining and the water was warm. There were pleasant breezes blowing, birds flying and beautiful shells on the beach.

Yesterday I played golf with Gay Hendricks, best known for his successful book Conscious Loving. Gay has written more than thirty books and currently is writing mystery novels with spiritual themes for my good friend Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House. Reid puts on a special Hay House golf tournament every year and was kind enough to invite me to play in his foursome. It was a perfect California day and all of our foursome played well with each of us sinking two birdie putts and making some good drives and approach shots.  We actually had the winning score but we disqualified ourselves since the prizes were intended for the employees and not for Reid and outside guests.

One of the best aspects of golf is that during the four hours it takes to play a round you get a chance for in depth conversation. I had known of Gay and his books, but he has always had other literary agents so I was not as aware of his accomplishments as I might have been.

All I can say is that Gay is truly inspiring.  He started his life as an English major but switched to psychology and became a professor of psychology at the University of Colorado.  He retired at fifty and his writing career really took off. In addition to writing books, many of which have been New York Times bestsellers, Gay created The Spiritual Cinema Circle in 2004. Spiritual Cinema was an almost immediate success, and in 2009 he sold the company to Gaaim, a large entertainment company focused on mind, body, spirit products and services. Currently Gay is creating a company that will be selling apps with affirmations and inspiration from bestselling authors and teachers. No doubt some Waterside clients will choose to work with Gay. He knows what he is doing and I am sure his new company will be successful.

None of these reflections have anything to do with the title of this blog. I was thinking of titling this blog A NEAR PERFECT DAY but then I read the San Diego Union newspaper and could not avoid the ongoing melodrama surrounding the embattled mayor of San Diego, Robert Filner.  I live just outside of San Diego city limits so did not vote in the mayoral election. I probably would not have voted for Mr. Filner.  Mr. Filner exhibited selfish and egotistical behavior from the very start of his term last November. From what I have read, he has been an arrogant and self-absorbed man for decades. He may be effective in achieving his party’s goals, but his behavior is shameful on many levels. Nine different professional women of good standing and integrity have come forth in the last several weeks documenting sexual harassment incidents.  Given what we are learning it is likely that Mr. Filner has been harassing women for decades and there could be dozens of victims. And yet rather than just admit to his wrong doing and resign gracefully, he resists even the advice of his closest supporter and seems intent on fighting a legal battle that will include a costly recall election. Mr. Filner is so arrogant and delusional that he is even suing the city of San Diego itself for not providing him with sexual harassment training. Talk about blaming your victims!!

I may be a dreamer, but I believe that public officials should aspire to comportment which inspires those who have elected them. Mr. Filner, in the few months he has been mayor, took a twenty thousand dollar security detail with him for a five-day trip to Paris. When confronted he agreed to pay back the ten thousand dollars plus of his own expenses, but the tax payers are still stuck with the twenty thousand dollar plus security expenses. No one in San Diego benefitted from Mr. Filner’s three minute speech which was his explanation for going to Paris. Mr. Filner is also under investigation for requiring a real estate developer to make a six figure payment to the city for their paperwork to be processed. Seems like a bribe to me, but what do I know. I still live in a delusion that goes back to the 1950s when political corruption was limited to the “bad guys” and not just accepted as business as usual.

We will see how this situation plays out with Mr. Filner, but whatever the outcome he is a pathological and pathetic individual. And however this plays out I will remain grateful that there are men of good will like Gay Hendricks who donates a large percentage of his profits to granting scholarships that help individuals and organizations create loving relationships. Too bad Mr. Filner is unlikely to experience this level of higher awareness.