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The Week that Was

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Today is Columbus Day, a unique holiday that most companies in America ignore.  Waterside focuses on our relationship with the bank and the US postal service so when they take a holiday, so do we. Of course we started this policy more than thirty years ago when it really mattered if the bank and post office were open for our basic operations. Today, in 2014, we could be just as productive with both the bank and the post office closed, but everyone at the main office looks forward to getting the day off so our tradition continues.

Gayle and I just spent the last week driving from Cardiff to Ashland Oregon and back. Along the way we had a wonderful meeting with Michael Beckwith of Agape and then Marilyn Tam and her husband Kevin in Santa Barbara. We had one of the most amazing vegan meals I have ever eaten. I am a real meat lover and rarely have vegan meals, but Marilyn cooked some form of squash that was out of this world. Having an excellent red wine with the meal helped, but I have to confess that the dish itself was enough to convince me—even meat loving me— that I might become a vegetarian someday.

The following morning I had a call with my newest client Pamela Anderson. This was a bit of a coincidence given the vegan meal as Pamela is passionate about her “non-animal” diet and her newest book will focus on that topic among other health tips for maintaining beauty and vitality. Pamela is working with John Pierre who is best known as popular TV host Ellen’s personal trainer. John Pierre is also a nutritional expert and assures me that the sooner I give up meat the better I will feel. I am sure he is correct, but I am just not ready. Pamela’s diet is based primarily on her love and respect for animals, but she is also now working closely with John Pierre who will be a co-author the book. They are focusing on the health benefits of a vegan diet.

After the call with Pamela I had a delightful Santa Barbra brunch with Barbara DeAngelis; we had the most amazing pancakes along with a scintillating conversation. Barbara has just completed the manuscript for “Soul Shifts,” which will be published by Hay House next March. This is going to be a book that will speak to everyone who is ready for true transformation in all aspects of their lives. From Santa Barbara we headed up to Boulder Creek and meetings with Deborah Rozman and “Doc,” the founder of HeartMath. Deborah is the CEO and a remarkable businesswoman. Doc is the visionary behind HeartMath and a unique and extraordinary individual. Doc has campfire meetings that start at 9pm and run until 1am or in the morning. Doc rarely meets with outsiders these days, but Gayle and I have become close friends and regulars. Someday I may write a book based just on the conversations I had with him recently, but until then Doc prefers we keep our campfire chats confidential. (more…)

Meetings with Remarkable Men and Women – Part Two

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Continued:  Writing about the remarkable people I travel to see makes me realize that just as some people travel to be CalifCentralCoastinspired by the sights, I get to have that and the inspiration of exceptional people,  too.

From Santa Barbara, Gayle and I travelled up the coast to Monterrey to meet with Dr. Sha and his associates Master Cynthia, Master Sylvia and the other students training to be masters of Dr. Sha’s miracle healing techniques.  Dr. Sha confers the title Master to those students who have mastered the art and science of soul miracle healing.

Although I had  been speaking with Dr. Sha for  several weeks since becoming his agent in late July, I had never meet him face to face and was looking forward to the  encounter.  We had set aside two hours for dinner, and I was struck not only at his humility but that of his associates. Dinner was simple Chinese food and it was clear that despite the great material wealth that Dr. Sha and his organization have generated through thousands of healings and the sale of hundreds of thousands of books and DVDs, Dr. Sha and his closest associates are not motivated by material wealth. Sylvia explained how she had first met Dr. Sha more than fifteen years ago when she twisted her ankle and was looking for an acupuncturist to provide relief. She had not expected the immediate recovery from her first session with Dr. Sha. At the time she was not motivated to alter her extremely successful business career to become the CEO of Dr. Sha’s Heaven’s Library and his entire organization, but after continued encounters with this exceptional healer, she recognized the purity of his purpose as well as his extraordinary connection to divine energy that heals not just the body but also hearts and souls. (more…)


Friday, April 26th, 2013

Thursdays are work days. No golf, no tennis, just work, and if the weather is nice a late afternoon walk on the beach. I am no longer the “leave at the drop of a hat” adventurer that I was in my youth when I went to Barcelona as a fifteen year old exchange student or in my earlier twenties chasing down ancient mysteries throughout the world for Rod Serling, but life remains interesting in new and unexpected ways. In mid May I am headed to China to address a conference which almost by accident I have helped to organize on Eco Sustainability. I say almost by accident because I am not an ecological activist and my interest in this conference  was  a byproduct of my role as  Dr. Ervin Laszlo’s literary agent and my service as a trustee of  the Club of Budapest which  Dr. Laszlo created in the  early 1990s. As the world’s leading authority on systems theory, Dr. Laszlo was asked by the Chinese government to organize the speakers for this Conference on Eco Sustainability and with his relationships soon had commitments from Dr. Jane Goodall, Nobel prize winning physicist George Smoot, Karan Singh of India, a former prime minister of Italy, Princess Irene of the Netherlands, and other illustrious speakers with focus and commitment and knowledge of ecological issues. When more speakers were needed, it seemed logical to have me as the primary North American representative of the Club of Budapest recommend additional speakers. (more…)


Thursday, April 4th, 2013

I remember a movie from long ago entitled, “If this is Tuesday This Must be Belgium.”  I feel like that to some extent since today is Thursday then this must be Tahoe. In just twenty four hours I have been in Boulder Creek, Sebastopol, Menlo Park, and Scott’s Valley.

It has been some beautiful country, but a little too much driving. Nothing short of a helicopter could have been any quicker and I do like to drive, but I am glad I will have to do no more driving until Sunday when I’ll be skiing in Tahoe with my long time buddy Phil Alexander. Phil married Deborah Warren. Deb was my secretary when I worked as senior editor for Harcourt back in 1979. I met Phil in the early eighties and we bonded on numerous ski trips. (more…)