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Monday, December 30th, 2013

We are living in a world in which security is becoming more and more expensive. If we add up the costs of our military, TSA, CISCO_Security_Istana_01Homeland Security, police, prison guards, NSA, FBI, CIA, and private corporate security firms throughout America, I am sure we are spending trillions of dollars on keeping ourselves safe. And strangely, I do not  think people feel safer today than they did fifty years ago when the amount of money being spent on security was much less. Consider, too, that this much more being spent is not just in actual dollars but in percentage of our gross national productivity as well.

One of the aspects about security that is most troubling is that nothing is actually produced in economic terms.  I value my time and it has always bothered me that billions of work hours are lost going through security lines at airports and elsewhere. Those hours are never returned and can never be converted to productive use of time. More damaging yet is that the herding of people, all of whom are assumed potential threats until proven otherwise, is often demeaning and creates a culture of submission in what we hope is still the home of the brave and the land of the free. (more…)


Friday, July 12th, 2013

Fear and Greed seem as old as life itself. We can find cases of both in stories from all societies throughout history. What is the origin of fear? Where does greed come from? How is it that both fear and greed seem to feed upon themselves with fear creating greater fear and greed creating greater greed? With both fear and greed, too much seems to be never enough.

Greed in the world today is unimaginable with people accumulating massive wealth that neither they nor their 4823442859_299c7869e7_odescendants could spend in dozens of lifetimes.  At the same time, fear is being used to keep and guard these fortunes. Whether it is the fear of running out of  oil or the fear of terrorism or the fear of illegal immigrants overrunning  the  country, fear is an effective tool in keeping people focused on problems which are, in most cases, secondary rather than primary issues. When we look at the creation of Homeland Security, TSA and the other offshoots of fear-based thinking we can see that trillions of dollars and billions of man hours are being spent to somehow mitigate the fear of terrorism. Do we really think that armed guards provide the ultimate protection from terrorist threats? Do we really want to support a fear-based government policy that puts “security” above the constitutional rights of the first amendment and the right to privacy and the pursuit of happiness? (more…)