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Friday, October 11th, 2013

Nearly fifty years ago I was asked to write an essay about the nature of good and evil for the advanced placement exam to images-1determine if I might be able to skip introductory classes at college in Spanish language  when graduating from high school. The essay was to be written in Spanish and the purpose of the exam was to demonstrate my ability to write a coherent essay  in Spanish, not to evaluate my thinking about the true nature of good and evil. I  have literarily no memory of what I actually wrote though do remember the essay required me to reference the role of good and evil in some famous Spanish novels.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about  the  nature of good and evil.  On my radio shows discussing  The Power of Twelve I  am often asked how we should  deal with evil and what constitutes evil. On one level this seems a simple question. Evil is evil.  Evil is people hurting other people. School bullies are evil. Terrorists are evil.  Evil is people being selfish and putting their immediate desires and needs before those of others no matter the consequences to others or our planet. Greed is evil.  Sadism is evil.  Good is helping others. Good is being generous, kind, compassionate and sharing. We know what it means when our parents ask us to be good boys and girls. Do not create messes, do not disturb others, eat your vegetables.

But on closer inspection defining good and evil is not that  simple. Sometimes those who think they are doing  good are enabling evil. Sometimes those with evil intent perform heroic acts of bravery that seem good to those who believe  in  a particular ideology or cause that I  or you might deem evil. Very few people recognize themselves as evil. And few of us can  look at our lives and  not see that at least on occasion we may have acted in ways that might be considered evil. (more…)


Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

As I was thinking of topics for today’s blog I had lots of options. I was tempted to write another blog about my novel, The images-1Power of Twelve, which was officially published yesterday, but doing so seemed too self-promotional – even though I encourage all authors, including myself, to be shamelessly self-promotional. After all if you are not willing to constantly promote your own books, why are you willing to write them?

But I have also been thinking about money lately. In part this may be because our federal government has run out of the stuff and starting Tuesday put itself officially out of business, closed, kaput, gone fishing, not available.  Use your own hopefully increasingly pejorative phrase to get across the point that our brilliant leaders and politicians have not figured out a way to keep our government operating. Ok, there are some contingency plans and not every aspect of government is closed until this budget issue is resolved, but millions of people are out of work, millions more are being inconvenienced, and we look like a third world country unable to manage our affairs. (more…)