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Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Miracles are in the eyes of the beholders. Last Sunday Gayle and I were driving back from a wonderful event we had co-imageshosted in Santa Barbara at the home of Lalla and Rinaldo Brutoco honoring my wonderful friend and client, Master and Dr. Sha, author of the bestselling Soul Healing Miracles book series. There were many miracles that occurred at the Saturday party, but the miracle that caught my attention was  an amazing synchronicity of bumping into  my other good friend and author, Uwe Albrecht at a gas station in Santa Barbara.

I had invited Uwe and his daughters to the party and had seen him there, but Gayle and I ended up leaving early to accompany Dr. Sha back to his hotel. When we returned Uwe was gone. We had wanted to say goodbye to him, and especially to five year old Shanti and eight year old Gaia. We had bonded with these wonderful young girls and were not sure when would next see them since they live in Germany. We were disappointed not to have been able to have a proper good bye.

Sunday morning we had organized a breakfast to thank Lalla and Rinaldo. At the end of breakfast we went back to theirbeautiful home where Gayle was asked her opinion on the creation of an elegant tented area in their home that was being finalized for their next major party.  Knowing that Sunday traffic back to San Diego could be heavy, I was somewhat impatient.  But I overcame my impatience and gave Gayle the opportunity to finalize her suggestions.  We were now at least half an hour later than I had anticipated leaving, and as we headed out I realized that we would also have to stop for gas. (more…)

Do Be Do Be Do…

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

In the rush of life we often forget the importance of balance. The fundamental balance is between doing and being. We all are. That is given. We often think that since we are, we do not need to focus on being. That is unfortunately not correct.  Just being is not as easy as we think.Fireworks_4

We are taught as young children to do. We start with learning to sit up, walk, talk, play, and we move on to learning how to interact with others, read, think, study, and work.  Being is actually a state that does not require normal thinking.

Being does however require focus. How can this be? How can simply being require focus? With focus doesn’t being just become another form of doing?  Surprisingly, focusing does not require doing, but it does require being present. And being present is not nearly as easy as it sounds. (more…)