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Soft power, Feminine Power and Mayan Prophecies

Friday, February 28th, 2014

I have been asked to chair a round table discussion at the World Forum of Cultures to be held in Shanghai June 18th and 19th this year.  The topic is soft power, a topic which ties together much of my recent thinking and exemplifies the relationship between my novels, the Mayan calendar, feminine power, the possibility that the human species may survive to experience the twenty second century, and what changes in human behavior that survival might require. More details after the conference in June, but I thought I would share my proposed introduction to the discussion with you to give you a sense of what I feel the discussion should entail.


Soft power, Feminine Power and Mayan Prophecies


This roundtable discussion is intended to provide information and perspective for those interested in creating a positive world that is sustainable and joyful for as many human beings as possible without resorting to military, economic, political, or coercive means to change human behavior. (more…)


Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Time, space and money. I was going to follow up my discussion of time with a discussion of space, and I still may write urlabout space in a future blog.  But I thought money, especially at this time of year, was a better topic. Space is a strange topic and not easy to write about, especially from the perspective of deep reality in which there is the high probability that space, like time, is actually an illusion. Money, although also an illusion, is easier to understand.

I recently met with Gary Renard the author of the Disappearance of the Universe and other bestselling titles that challenge our concept of time and space. In addition to being a wonderful author, workshop leader, and speaker, Gary is also a stock market day trader. He has done extremely well day trading lately, as have others with stock investments over the last year. 2013 in fact was the year in which the stock market reached new highs on almost a daily basis.  Gary seems to have the money issue figured out, at least for the present. (more…)