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Monday, January 20th, 2014

In honor the late actor James Galdofini, Gayle and I recently watched the complete series of The Sopranos as originally aired on HBO. We enjoyed the series, especially this gifted actor who left us much too soon. One of the favorite comments of Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano character took place particularly after someone died or other tragic incident had occurred (even if he had been the cause of the tragedy or death), “What  ya go’n’a do?”

Gayle and I have taken to using this line quite frequently, especially when things turn out less than optimally. For instance we had to cancel almost all our plans for last week and most of next week because of my flu. When you are sick there really is nothing you can do but try to get well. For Tony when someone died there was nothing left to do. You went to the wake, you threw dirt on the coffin and then went and ate some pasta. What else could you do?   Of course often there were things Tony might do including taking revenge against rival Mafiosi members.

Same when you are sick. On the one hand you just resign yourself to being sick and accept your diminished capacity and the suffering. At the same time you listen to those who recommend rest, chicken soup, and other home remedies. In my case I am doing all of that and also have the benefit of some wonderful healers such as Dr. and Master Sha. Master Sha had emailed me that he had just returned from China and wanted to discuss plans for his next book. I emailed him that I had the flu and we would have to wait at least until next week before I could focus.

Within the hour Dr. Sha called and offered me a healing blessing. That was twenty four hours ago. He recorded a chant and recommend that I hold his book Soul Healing Miracles to my chest and throat and listen to his blessing. I did that a couple of times and although I am not yet one hundred percent I do feel a great deal better. I may still need a couple of days before I have my normal energy and am not contagious to others, but no doubt his remedy is helping.

I am fortunate to have so many people who love me and have sent me get well quick messages. Other than watch football later today and rest, I’m not sure there is anything else I can do. In the meantime I am enjoying in a strange way the acceptance that there is little I can do to speed the healing process. I do not get sick often, and when I do I sometimes think the universe is sending me a message to slow down, collect my thoughts, reassess my priorities, and appreciate the sacredness of good health and a balanced life. What ya go’na do?