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Libraries and Global Publishing

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of addressing librarians at their annual conference in Charleston, South Carolina as the Interior_view_of_Stockholm_Public_Libraryguest of Mitch Davis of Bibliolabs, Mitch is working on a number of initiatives that will enable libraries, if they choose, to become centers for self-publishing. I strongly support this concept and intend to work with Mitch to enable all one hundred thousand libraries in the United States to in effect become book publishers for their author constituents. With projections of up to one million self-published books to be released in the next two years, it is only logical that libraries participate as partners for these authors whose books are, for the most part, likely to sell fewer than one hundred copies.

One of the unique concepts Mitch and I are exploring is the ability to publish these titles as ebooks with distribution to all one hundred thousand libraries as a free or nearly free subscription service. Authors will benefit from exposure of their works to all libraries and can coordinate local promotions with their initiating co-publishing.  Local library costs for ebook self-publishing can be reduced from what existing self-publishing services are charging,  Even low cost Create Space, which Mitch founded and then sold to Amazon several years ago, would be more expensive. (more…)

Libraries and Librarians

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

This weekend I was a on a wonderful radio show (link to show here: from producer Joe Vecchio called It’s Your Money  KFMB Radio, kfmb760,  with Richard Muscio airing from the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, centralconstruction35California.  Was a nostalgic location for me since the very first  night I slept in San Diego county was at the Valencia Hotel when I was being interviewed for the position of editorial director for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in May of 1979. Richard usually  focuses on business and philanthropy but dedicated last Saturday’s show to literary matters. The other guest on the hour long show was Mel Katz who has led the drive to create the  new San Diego downtown library.  The  new library will open October 1st , which is the same day that my  novel The Power of Twelve  is officially being published. Next Saturday,  September  28th  the  library is having its grand opening with a parade and six hours of readings, concerts and wonderful events.  On Saturday I am  giving a  one hour  book signing  at the Galaxy bookstore in Kearny mesa here in San Diego at  2 pm. I am going to encourage all who attend to  go by the library after our event.

This is not just an ordinary library.  The original concept for the library   was conceived more than thirty years ago. It took more than fifteen years  to  raise the money and build the library. Because of issues related to San  Diego’s financial challenges one hundred percent of the money had to  come from private donors.  Mel was instrumental in raising the more than sixty-five million dollars necessary to build this beautiful building. Irwin Jacops, the founder of Qualcomm, was the largest donor but  thousands of people contributed. (more…)