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The True Meaning of Christmas

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Today is Christmas Day. We all like Christmas. A day of  gifts and  overeating. A day with no work except for those  in  service businesses. A time to reflect 2122063264_b9b35d91d5_zand look back on the previous year and forward to the next.

As a child I always looked forward to Christmas. We had stockings, a tree, lots of brightly  wrapped presents. I never even realized we were jewish until I was a teenager and we occassionaly  celebrated  Hanakkah as well. Hanakkah was ok but  never had the attraction for me that Christmas did.

I think I was six before I learned that Santa was not real.  We put the cookies out for him and even the milk. It was really exciting to me and I was amazed at the miracle of the presents appearing as if by magic. Of course as I grew older I started to catch on and even found the closet where the presents were being stored. Didn’t really change my enthusiasm or appreciation for the time of year and the  occasion. I was living on the east coast and more often than not we did have a white Christmas with lots of snow and  the opportunity to stay indoors and play with our new toys. (more…)


Friday, September 27th, 2013

This Saturday is the official launch of my new novel The Power of Twelve at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore.

San_Onofre_State_Beach  I had not until now made the connection between the themes of The Power of Twelve and the idea of a mysterious galaxy. With participation from the Council of Twelve from the planet Naranjada, the storyline definitely fits the concept of a mysterious galaxy.  I am grateful to Mysterious Galaxy for setting up this event, and I am grateful to my entire team which allows me to lead the fabulous life I lead.

I was just down at the beach thinking about how grateful I am for my children, my health, my ability to do what I please when I please, the wonderful joy and happiness that Gayle Newhouse brings to my life every day, and so many countless blessings in my life that my walk ended and I still had not counted all my blessings. When we start to list things and people, events and experiences for which we are truly grateful we realize what a miracle it is to be alive and that all gratitude must start just from giving thanks for life itself.

We are just entering   the fall season. This is a season for gratitude. Thanksgiving is the holiday for giving thanks for the fall harvest. In my case, having my book published is a kind of harvest, and for that completion I am truly grateful. Gratitude and time teach us the fundamental principles which govern the universe. Indigenous cultures had a much closer connection to the seasons and the cycles which determine the ebb and flow of life. Time itself presents us with reasons and seasons to be grateful. There are times to embrace and times to refrain from embracing.  As the lyrics from the Byrd’s song (and of course the Bible from whence these lyrics come) go….. There is a time for every season, a time to reap and a time to sow….. a time under heaven……

That song always  touched me with both joy and sorrow, and even today the nostalgia that I feel remembering that period of  my life,  so full of  joy and  also major  disappointments, reminds me that  there are different types of gratitude . Some moments of gratitude are purely joyful but others may be tinged with the wisdom that comes from acknowledging mistakes we make as we pursue our lives. We do not need to have regrets, but we can acknowledge those moments of opportunities lost and love misplaced and still be grateful for those sometimes painful experiences from which we grow and evolve as wiser and perhaps more loving human beings.

This may be the most balanced and complete   decade of my life. In The Power of Twelve I follow the guidance of indigenous shaman with whom I have met to focus on the importance of the arrival of feminine energies on our planet at this time. This is the beginning of a new cycle for all of earth. We see the beginning and end of cycles in our calendar year and the seasons, but the shaman with whom I have met measure not just annual seasons but in some cases vast cycles which complete only every twenty-six thousand years. I explore these themes in the novel and am grateful to be living at such an extraordinary moment in the history of the world and perhaps our galaxy. Mysterious? Yes, mysterious indeed.

See you at the book signing and know I am grateful to those of you who attend and those of you unable to attend who purchase, read, and promote to others my novel The Power of Twelve.  or

More Miracles

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

So many of us are skeptical about the existence of miracles.  I find that I am not.559d51c88da0b3cc08f54210.L._V192469772_SX200_

Last week I wrote a blog about Jake Ducey and his signature line “miracles are normal”. This week I have the pleasure to introduce my blog readers to my newest client Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha.  Dr. Sha has written nine New York Times bestsellers as part of his Soul Power Book Series published by Atria a division of Simon and Schuster.  Dr. Sha approached me several weeks ago because he was thinking of working with a different publisher for his newest book series which will focus on Soul Healing Miracles. The final title  may change prior to publication, but the series is one which will focus on providing readers with access to spiritual, mental, emotional and  physical healing miracles.  The first book is already written and will be published on November 12, 2013. I will provide more details in a future blog, but wanted to introduce Dr. Sha to you and explain why he calls his healing interventions miracles.

The word miracle is not a word to use lightly. For generations in Europe the notion of miracles was tied to religious dogma of the Catholic Church. Jesus was said to have performed numerous miracles in the Bible and some of them, such as the raising of Lazarus from the dead, were clearly medical or health related miracles. When I was studying cultural anthropology at Harvard University, one of the graduate students with whom I was working wrote his Master’s thesis on miracles in Spain. He had researched more than a dozen reported sightings of Mother Mary that were related to specific unexplainable health, crop, water or other measurable miracles reported by multiple  witnesses in Spanish villages, mostly in the nineteenth century. (more…)