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Dr. Sha and the Power of Thanking Others

Monday, August 31st, 2015

This weekend I was able to experience four separate events with Dr. Sha—a preview of the 13 part sign-624x416television series Soul Healing Miracles with Dr.  and Master Sha, a special taping at the home of Adam and Randi Markel, the owners of Peak Potentials, a special healing and calligraphy demonstration at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills,  and a free event held at AGAPE International in Culver City, California. All three events were full of light and   positive energy and all three demonstrated the power of  gratitude.

Recently I have been asked to organize an event  that will take place on April 22,2016.  April 22nd, 2016 is Earth Day and the event  is Earth Gratitude Day.  It  is anticipated that more than five million people will participate online in EARTH GRATITUDE DAY. The inspiration for Earth Gratitude Day comes from the film TAPPING THE SOURCE. In that film more than  120 authors, actors, health experts,  visionary leaders, business leaders , artists and athletes were interviewed and  the majority  when asked the key to happiness responded that  some form of expressing gratitude and being of service to others were the two most important elements in their everyday lives. This  intrigued me at the time of  filming and has continued to intrigue  me.  I have since  read of reports  by scientists at major universities that expressing gratitude has  been  among  the highest correlates with  happy people in their studies and that recent neuroscience  is demonstrating on a biological level  chemical changes within  human beings who  express gratitude on a daily basis.

Observing  Dr. Sha  who performed healings at all three events I was reminded that the expression of gratitude is at the core of Dr. Sha’s healing practice.  At the end of each of his forgiveness practices,Dr. Sha thanks the divine for healing. Dr. Sha also asks everyone to remember to say “ thank you, thank you, thank you” at the end of each healing session. Dr. Sha is not asking people to thank him. Dr. Sha  is asking people to thank their source whether they believe in God or just a scientific principle for all that they receive, not just the healing  experience but  for life itself. Dr. Sha always thanks the divine and the DAO whenever he does a healing. For major healings he  does more than just express gratitude in words, he has members of his family in China burn offerings of thanks to the higher beings that he believes  provides the healings.

Another lesson  related to gratitude that  can be learned from Dr. Sha is his constant expressions of 13941544468_2d210be211_ogratitude to all who serve him. As his literary agent and biographer Dr. Sha is constantly  thanking me and  giving me public appreciation for my small role in helping him with his mission. Dr. Sha thanks everyone who assists him whether their contribution is large or small. At AGAPE Dr. Sha did not just thank  Michael Beckwith the founder of AGAPE  for the opportunity to utilize the AGAPE Sanctuary Hall but all those who worked behind the scenes to assist. Dr. Sha always thanks  his divine channels and those who have volunteered to experience his healings. After every  healing he always  says, “ give  xxx  a big hand” which is just another way of thanking those who are willing to receive the healings.

The depth of Dr. Sha’s gratitude to his own teachers can be  observed  in almost every encounter. Dr. Sha comes from a traditional Chinese background so for him his expression of gratitude is to bow down to his teachers.  The video recorded of Dr. Sha receiving a blessing and knowledge of sacred calligraphy from his 103 year old calligraphy teacher   shows Dr. Sha bowing down to her in deep reverence for several minutes. When Dr. Sha  is successful in healing  someone he immediately smiles and thanks the divine. He often bows down to divine spirit in deep  gratitude and reverence and constantly reminds all who listen that it is the divine who heals and not him.

Whether  you believe in Dr. Sha’s ability to perform healing miracles or not, there is much that can be learned from observing the  role of gratitude in  his life and his healing mission. It has been stated by the German Theologian Meister Eckhart  centuries ago that  the only prayer needed is “thank you”. Observing Dr. Sha is a constant reminder of this truth and for all the joy and blessings he has given me over the last several years representing him I am delighted to offer a formal thank you here. No doubt there are many people in your own life to whom  you can never  adequately express your gratitude. Perhaps it is  a parent,  sibling or  even your  own child.  I strongly suggest that sometime later today or  tomorrow you just  contact one of these angels in  your own life and just  say “thank you” If they ask you why you are thanking them, perhaps you should tell them because you are grateful they are  in your life. Gratitude does not have to be  complicated. Thank you really is enough.thank-you-490607_640

Thank  you for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Seek and You Shall Find

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

This famous statement, seek and you shall find, resonates with me this week. After all, we all are seekers in some aspect of our lives.  And while sometimes we come across seemingly insurmountable road blocks – even those of our own making – I firmly believe that most of what we seek is attainable.  The question is, how do we access the best route?

I have had the privilege of representing Soul Healing Miracles authored by Master and Dr. Sha. The book has already sold over 200,000 copies since publication in November and continues to gain momentum.  Dr. Sha is dedicated to humanity and has written this book to help as many people as possible learn how they, too, can perform soul healing miracles both for themselves and their loved ones.

Dr. Sha initiated a new service on his web site just four weeks ago.  He now provides free blessings to anyone who requests one.   In this short period of time over ten thousand people have requested blessings.  More than 5,000 of them have posted messages of gratitude that their requests have already been fulfilled. The request does not have to be limited to health issues. Relationship issues, problems at work, economic challenges, a problem with a pet, etc. are all acceptable topics.  Blessings are meant to resolve a situation or relieve pain.  When making your request, be as specific as possible. You can request multiple blessings, but start with no more than one request per day. Make your request as specific as possible so you can measure the results.

All Dr. Sha requests from you in return is that should your request be granted, you go to his web site and report the result. The web site to go to request a blessing is If you have any difficulty finding   the icon for making your blessing request just join the Dr. Sha community and send your question about how to navigate the site to the Dr Sha customer service email provided. Dr. Sha does sell products on his site as well as special services that require his special personal attention. But these blessing requests are free and there are no strings attached.

I love Master Sha and he loves you and all of humanity. I have spent time with the Dalai Lama and many enlightened beings. Dr. Sha is equal to any of them and works tirelessly to share his gift with as many people as he possibly can. The reality of our world is that every problem we could possibly have does have a solution. Seek and you shall find.




Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Miracles are in the eyes of the beholders. Last Sunday Gayle and I were driving back from a wonderful event we had co-imageshosted in Santa Barbara at the home of Lalla and Rinaldo Brutoco honoring my wonderful friend and client, Master and Dr. Sha, author of the bestselling Soul Healing Miracles book series. There were many miracles that occurred at the Saturday party, but the miracle that caught my attention was  an amazing synchronicity of bumping into  my other good friend and author, Uwe Albrecht at a gas station in Santa Barbara.

I had invited Uwe and his daughters to the party and had seen him there, but Gayle and I ended up leaving early to accompany Dr. Sha back to his hotel. When we returned Uwe was gone. We had wanted to say goodbye to him, and especially to five year old Shanti and eight year old Gaia. We had bonded with these wonderful young girls and were not sure when would next see them since they live in Germany. We were disappointed not to have been able to have a proper good bye.

Sunday morning we had organized a breakfast to thank Lalla and Rinaldo. At the end of breakfast we went back to theirbeautiful home where Gayle was asked her opinion on the creation of an elegant tented area in their home that was being finalized for their next major party.  Knowing that Sunday traffic back to San Diego could be heavy, I was somewhat impatient.  But I overcame my impatience and gave Gayle the opportunity to finalize her suggestions.  We were now at least half an hour later than I had anticipated leaving, and as we headed out I realized that we would also have to stop for gas. (more…)

Miracles are Normal

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Miracles are normal is the signature line that Waterside author- client Jake Ducey uses with all his emails. I have represented Jake for about a year. Jack is only twenty-two. He dropped out of school, walked away from a basketball scholarship, and decided he had to travel the world and learn who he really is and why he is on planet earth at this time. He wrote his memoir and perhaps naively thought he would find a publisher right away. I explained that the major publishers are not really looking for memoirs from nineteen year old authors without any local let alone national or international visibility. He had titled his memoir Into the Wind, and because three different Waterside clients in completely unrelated ways asked me to meet with Jake in the same week, I decided that even though I was not looking to take on   any more clients that I would at least meet with him. blog

I am not sure what it was, but there was something about Jake that made me willing to take  him on as a client. He was full of enthusiasm and was explaining how he was going to sell at least one billion copies of Into the Wind. I explained that no one, not even J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame, had sold one billion copies of a collection of books let alone a single title. Jake was undeterred. He would leave me handwritten notes telling me that he was so happy that we had just sold one billion books. I explained that although I applauded his enthusiasm and belief in positive thinking, goal setting and creative visualization, that his level of expectation was so unrealistic that  it was likely hurting and not  assisting him in manifesting his dreams.

After the predictable turn downs from major publishers, I explained to Jake how we could publish his book as an e-book with a limited print run so that he could sell copies at speaking events and door to door through our subsidiary Waterfront Digital Press. Waterfront Digital Press was created to help authors who have good books but small author platforms prove the validity of their book concept through self-marketing. Waterfront Digital Press does not pay advances and requires authors to finance the initial editing and printing of their books. Jake was up to the task and found a family friend willing to gift him the funds to afford to be published by Waterfront Digital Press.

At that first meeting with Jake which Gayle Newhouse attended, Gayle observed that Jake was in need of a mentor and the ideal mentor for Jake would be Jack Canfield, the prolific  bestselling author  of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and  other bestsellers. Jack and  I wrote a book together,The Golden  Motorcycle Gang, so  when I mentioned this to Jake his  eyes lit up and he agreed that it would be his dream to meet Jack and learn to  be  an  inspirational speaker, trainer, and author under Jack’s direction. I explained that until his book was published it would not be appropriate for me to introduce him to Jack and although disappointed, Jake understood and focused on completing the editing of his book.  (more…)