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Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Time, space and money. I was going to follow up my discussion of time with a discussion of space, and I still may write urlabout space in a future blog.  But I thought money, especially at this time of year, was a better topic. Space is a strange topic and not easy to write about, especially from the perspective of deep reality in which there is the high probability that space, like time, is actually an illusion. Money, although also an illusion, is easier to understand.

I recently met with Gary Renard the author of the Disappearance of the Universe and other bestselling titles that challenge our concept of time and space. In addition to being a wonderful author, workshop leader, and speaker, Gary is also a stock market day trader. He has done extremely well day trading lately, as have others with stock investments over the last year. 2013 in fact was the year in which the stock market reached new highs on almost a daily basis.  Gary seems to have the money issue figured out, at least for the present. (more…)

The Culture of Entitlement

Friday, December 27th, 2013

So soon after Christmas I am hesitant to play the Grinch, but I have become increasingly disappointed by the growing sense of entitlement that our culture has created. It seems everyone thinks they should be permitted to have whatever they want whenever they want no matter what they actually contribute to society.  This is not the way our founding fathers ever envisioned what it means to be an American.

We can go back to the original Homestead Act for the first entitlements that were granted. Titles to land were granted to thousands of Americans willing to work the land. Back in those days working the land did not mean that you had tractors and trailers. You worked the land with your hands and had tools, with some mules if you were lucky, and you built your own home, your own fences and barn and everything else you might need to turn uncultivated land to crops or cattle-raising property. Basically your land grant entitled you to the opportunity to work sixteen hour days and create a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Today the level of entitlement is out of control. I am not just talking about federal programs to help the poor.  A minimum level of food, housing, education, health care and freedom to create is a necessary entitlement for all members of society. What is concerning me is the level of entitlement our public servants feel they deserve.  Just a few days ago another case was discussed in our local San Diego newspaper of a former police officer who was requesting that her $200,000 plus annual retirement payment be considered in part disability payment and thus not subject to normal taxation.  She requested this because of disabilities she had developed while serving on the police force for thirty-plus years. In this case the police officer happens to be a woman. Because of the privacy act she does not want to have her specific disability revealed. (more…)

Follow the Money

Monday, October 14th, 2013

It’s been said that money makes the world go round.  There is no doubt that to a great degree this is true.  We live in a day 61938659_9468d076c0_oand age where money rules our lives. It occurs to me that money has been ruling the world for quite some time. But today is different. Let me explain.

An Associated Press article just reported that 110 individuals control thirty-five percent of the entire Russian economy.  Each one of these individuals is likely a multi-billionaire. The skewed distribution of wealth in other developing countries, especially Mexico and much of South America and Africa, is likely similar.  And although the distribution of wealth and control in Europe, Asia, and the United States is less skewed, the reality is that a very small percentage of human beings are controlling the majority of wealth in the world.

I exaggerate the situation in my novel, The Power of Twelve, suggesting that 319 families control ninety percent of the wealth on Earth 769. Though as a novelist I exaggerate the situation for dramatic impact, the reality here on our earth in 2013 is not much better. Several estimates suggest that at most 30,000 families control at least fifty percent of the economic resources on our planet. Why does this matter? (more…)


Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

As I was thinking of topics for today’s blog I had lots of options. I was tempted to write another blog about my novel, The images-1Power of Twelve, which was officially published yesterday, but doing so seemed too self-promotional – even though I encourage all authors, including myself, to be shamelessly self-promotional. After all if you are not willing to constantly promote your own books, why are you willing to write them?

But I have also been thinking about money lately. In part this may be because our federal government has run out of the stuff and starting Tuesday put itself officially out of business, closed, kaput, gone fishing, not available.  Use your own hopefully increasingly pejorative phrase to get across the point that our brilliant leaders and politicians have not figured out a way to keep our government operating. Ok, there are some contingency plans and not every aspect of government is closed until this budget issue is resolved, but millions of people are out of work, millions more are being inconvenienced, and we look like a third world country unable to manage our affairs. (more…)


Friday, June 14th, 2013

It has been said that love makes the world go round.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that were true?  However, it is in fact money that makes our world go round. Everywhere you go you will find people working for money, accumulating money, envying those with money. We need a certain amount of money to provide us with the necessities.  We want even more money for the luxuries. And some of us are obsessed with money and think of nothing else.  For them, money means power.

I have been with indigenous people for whom money has no meaning at all. I have even been with people who are unfamiliar with the concept of money. These were Amazonian peoples many years ago who were still part of societies in which barter was more common than the use of Brazilian money which was the country in which they were living. Such encounters are today increasingly rare and I would imagine that there are fewer than ten thousand people presently on planet earth for whom the concept of money is unknown. (more…)