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The Week that Was

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Today is Columbus Day, a unique holiday that most companies in America ignore.  Waterside focuses on our relationship with the bank and the US postal service so when they take a holiday, so do we. Of course we started this policy more than thirty years ago when it really mattered if the bank and post office were open for our basic operations. Today, in 2014, we could be just as productive with both the bank and the post office closed, but everyone at the main office looks forward to getting the day off so our tradition continues.

Gayle and I just spent the last week driving from Cardiff to Ashland Oregon and back. Along the way we had a wonderful meeting with Michael Beckwith of Agape and then Marilyn Tam and her husband Kevin in Santa Barbara. We had one of the most amazing vegan meals I have ever eaten. I am a real meat lover and rarely have vegan meals, but Marilyn cooked some form of squash that was out of this world. Having an excellent red wine with the meal helped, but I have to confess that the dish itself was enough to convince me—even meat loving me— that I might become a vegetarian someday.

The following morning I had a call with my newest client Pamela Anderson. This was a bit of a coincidence given the vegan meal as Pamela is passionate about her “non-animal” diet and her newest book will focus on that topic among other health tips for maintaining beauty and vitality. Pamela is working with John Pierre who is best known as popular TV host Ellen’s personal trainer. John Pierre is also a nutritional expert and assures me that the sooner I give up meat the better I will feel. I am sure he is correct, but I am just not ready. Pamela’s diet is based primarily on her love and respect for animals, but she is also now working closely with John Pierre who will be a co-author the book. They are focusing on the health benefits of a vegan diet.

After the call with Pamela I had a delightful Santa Barbra brunch with Barbara DeAngelis; we had the most amazing pancakes along with a scintillating conversation. Barbara has just completed the manuscript for “Soul Shifts,” which will be published by Hay House next March. This is going to be a book that will speak to everyone who is ready for true transformation in all aspects of their lives. From Santa Barbara we headed up to Boulder Creek and meetings with Deborah Rozman and “Doc,” the founder of HeartMath. Deborah is the CEO and a remarkable businesswoman. Doc is the visionary behind HeartMath and a unique and extraordinary individual. Doc has campfire meetings that start at 9pm and run until 1am or in the morning. Doc rarely meets with outsiders these days, but Gayle and I have become close friends and regulars. Someday I may write a book based just on the conversations I had with him recently, but until then Doc prefers we keep our campfire chats confidential. (more…)


Friday, March 7th, 2014

My good friend and client, Neale Donald Walsch, has written extensively about what really matters. In his opinion, ninety-nine percent of the time ninety-nine percent of what human beings are thinking and doing does not really matter. Although perhaps overstated, on at least one level I agree with Neale. The majority of people spend the majority of their time on trivia. Much of this time is spent on earning money, raising one’s social profile, and generally surviving psychologically and materially in the twenty-first century. I am as guilty as anyone.

For Neale what really matters is connecting with our higher selves in a way that allows all of us to experience the ultimate joy and majesty of being alive. We do not have to create great monuments or works of art to achieve this level of awareness; it is entering into and acting from this state of higher awareness that really matters. No one is exempt from the opportunity to gain and maintain this level of awareness on a daily basis. When we are in this state of awareness it is more likely that what we say and do will really matter.

Do my blogs really matter? Do the books I represent really matter? Do my beach walks, tennis games and golf matches really matter? For me they matter a great deal. I come to work every day with the intent to help others. I know that in helping others I will generate significant revenue for them and for me. I am fortunate that this is the case. I know from the gratitude expressed by many of my clients that at times I have helped them overcome great challenges, even altered the course of their professional and sometimes personal lives with suggestions I have made and behaviors which I have modeled. I think my work matters a great deal.

Although just for fun, my tennis and golf matter as well. The physical relaxation and recharging which I experience from these activities enhances my physical and emotional health. No doubt I will live longer because of these activities. And the camaraderie with my tennis and golf buddies matters as well. I learn from them and them from me. We will not be on this earth indefinitely, and while we are here, these relationships matter.

Each of us must answer for ourselves what in our lives really matters. I applaud Neale Donald Walsch for pushing us to examine what we think matters when most of the time what we think matters does not matter at all.

It really does not matter what clothes we wear, what car we drive, what zip code we live in, what fabulous vacation spot or restaurant we enjoy. As another one of my friends Jack Canfield states so eloquently in our film, Tapping the Source, “It is not the 10,000 square foot house that matters but the relationships within that house.” In my house the most important relationship I have is with Gayle. We laugh and joke, watch silly shows on TV and sometimes argue about the smallest differences of opinion.  Does any of that matter? Not really, except the fact that we love each other and care what the other thinks and always want to share our highs and lows and in-betweens.

Think about what matters most to you and you will discover what really matters.


Friday, December 20th, 2013

Year-end holidays are a time for reflection. Where have we been? Where are we going?url

We can take this time to reflect on personal achievements and goals or to reflect on universal achievements and goals. I choose to reflect upon both.

2013 has been a very good year for me personally. My book, The Power of Twelve, was published with good reviews. Our literary agency enjoyed many successes, ranging from Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. Sha to What God Said by Neale Donald Walsch, to The Crash of 2016 by Thom Hartmann, and countless other well-received best sellers. Our online course representation grew dramatically, and even our fledging Waterfront Digital Press enjoyed a number of notable successes. My family is intact and healthy. My son’s first year of marriage has created an even greater bond between him and his wife Natasha. My daughter is now engaged to her long term boyfriend, Oia.  And my relationship with Gayle is stronger than ever. Yes, it has been a very good year for me personally. (more…)

Trick or Treat

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Last Thursday was Halloween. For my treat I took half the day off and drove up to Bel Aire country club to play a round of SONY DSCgolf with my good friends Adam Hall and Michael Palmer. The course was practically empty. We never saw any other golfers in front or behind us the entire afternoon. The day was as close to perfect as it could be, pure sunshine, mid seventies, gentle breezes. Bel aire is one of the best groomed golf courses in the world. The membership includes many A list celebrities and high level athletes not just from the world of golf but other sports such as the tennis great Pete Sampras. It is always a treat to play this course and hard not to feel a little bit special when you do. The course requires all players to walk and use caddies so the experience is much closer to old school golf and of course no cell phones or electronic devices allowed. Really forces you to be in nature and amazingly though the course is in Bel Aire with views of Los Angeles from the clubhouse when you are actually on the course you see only a few homes and the beautiful trees and flowers with no indication whatsoever that you are in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world. Yes, Bel Aire, a real treat.

So what was the trick? In part the trick was getting there. Fortunately Gayle decided she would visit with her son and decided to make the trip with me. This allowed us to use the diamond lane which is restricted to cars with two or more occupants. Good thing. Without Gayle joining me the trip would have taken more than two hours and I might have missed our starting time for golf. But the real trick was on my return to San Diego around nine pm when I stopped at the home of my son Cyrus. Cyrus is a very creative young man. He is in charge of conversion of 2D films to 3D and loves to tinker. When I arrived at his home he had rigged up ghosts and goblins in the tree in front of his house. When ringing the doorbell the goblins descended and even knowing they were there beforehand gave Gayle and I quite a trick.

Another part of the trick was having two hundred emails waiting for me when I returned that evening. I am getting ready for appearances at multiple conferences throughout the world in the next two weeks and with radio shows to promote The Power of Twelve and the release of several major titles through our agency ranging this month from Thom Hartmann’s The Crash of 2016 to Master and Dr. Sha’s Soul Healing Miracles, to Neale Donald Walsch’s What God Said and Greg Reid and the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Stickability I am busier than ever. The trick when taking a day off is to balance the missed connections with clients and other obligations in such a way that I am not overwhelmed from my ‘day off.”

This coming Wednesday I am speaking at a conference in South Carolina for six hundred librarians on how regional libraries can become publishing centers for their communities. The technology is available now and this is a logical progression for libraries to ensure that they remain important cultural hubs for their communities. The conference organizer is a friend of mine who created what is now the Amazon owned company CreateSpace. I am not sure why but Mitch thought I should be the keynote speaker. I am looking forward to speaking but it will require some tricks up my sleeve to ensure I put on a show that is relevant for this audience of librarians which is slightly outside my comfort zone of authors and publishers.

From South Carolina I will be flying via new York to Berlin, Germany where I will be speaking on opportunities for German authors to become global authors. Along with conference organizer Michael Goerden Waterfront Digital Press has just launched the first ever german language ebook company based in the United States. The first novel to be translated to German to test the concept? You guessed it, the german translation of The Power of Twelve. Quite a treat.

What God Said

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Neale Donald Walsch speaks directly to God.  His phenomenal bestselling trilogy, Conversations with God, has been 9781101630983.225x225-75translated into more than forty languages and sold more than ten million copies worldwide. His newest book, just released a few  weeks ago, is What God Said: The  25 Core Messages With God That Will Change Your Life And The World.  In What God Said Neale returns to what he feels were the twenty-five most important topics addressed in the original trilogy and revisits those topics in light of what has occurred on our planet in the twenty years since Neale wrote the original dialogues with God. Neale’s goal is to draw attention to the ways in which each of us can improve not just our own lives but the lives of everyone on planet earth.

I have been Neale’s literary agent for the last five years or so, but I was not the agent for the original Conversations with God trilogy.  Like so many others, I was handed a copy of the original book by a friend and told, “This is the most important book I have ever read.  You need to read this book.”  In my case I was on the beautiful island of Kauai and the friend was Ikika Pratt, a Hawaiian Kahuna and close friend. It was interesting that Ikika was so moved by Conversations With God.  As a Kahuna, Ikika is an expert on his native Hawaiian traditions and a healer focused on the healing qualities of plants and using his direct relationship with nature to heal. Thus my surprise at his interest in Neale’s book. Rarely do I read books I do not represent. I am just too busy. But I was on vacation and I had plenty of time for beach reading, and I value Ikika’s opinion, so I read the original Conversations With God – slowly and with pleasure. While I did not agree with everything Neale said, I did agree with more than ninety five percent of what I read. That’s a lot for me as I have my own opinions about practically every topic Neale addressed. (more…)


Friday, July 26th, 2013

Ready or not, massive change is in the air. As a literary agent specializing in books in the mind/body/spirit genre, I receive proposals and self-published books from authors who have spent their entire lives focused on spiritual development. My existing clients – including Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard and many others –  send me their students  and colleagues who are also doing books in this genre. I am able to take on very few of these referrals, but I do skim them all and am finding that the pace and depth of submissions has increased exponentially in the last several months.

Intriguingly, the basic message of almost all of these submissions is fundamentally the same. Humanity must change its basic belief system about the nature of reality and the tools and information to do so have been revealed and are being revealed by hundreds of authors in unique ways at this time. Some of these authors, even if unknown, have spent decades pursuing spiritual truth. Many of them have been teachers and have had awakenings in which their own individual life purpose was revealed. For most of them their destiny includes writing a book and sharing the specifics of what they have learned with as many people as possible.

I do not doubt the sincerity and importance of these authors and their messages. Not all of them will reach large audiences but it is impossible to know which of the dozen or more that I personally receive will become dominant cultural catalysts. Having represented Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch and other bestselling authors who started with no platform and no formal recognition, I have learned that even with first time authors it is the message and not the messenger which is key to ultimate success. Of course this is contrary to the current practice at major book publishers of caring almost exclusively about the author platform and not so much about the actual book.
Ready or not the change is coming. I can see it and feel it in these authors and their works. When writing my own novel, The Power of Twelve, to be published by BenBella this September,  I posited this  change in our evolutionary cycle as predicted by the end of the Mayan calendar. I did not know at the time of writing my work of fiction that I would witness in reality the essence of this change happening so rapidly in real time.  From the perspective of awakened individuals, this sea change in perception and consciousness is a long-awaited event. For those less attuned, the coming changes may at first  feel disruptive. In the end all of humanity will benefit. Ready or not the change is upon us. I suggest you get ready.In the end it is not so important which individual author reaches the largest readership. From the perspective of the dynamic consciousness which has created the universe and is creating this moment in time, the strategy is to provide thousands of identical messages clothed in different languages and different traditions. Whether the fundamental shift in consciousness comes from a few books which each reach millions or from thousands of books which reach only thousands or some combination of the above, does not matter. The consciousness of ordinary people will be raised and that, in my mind, is a fundamental directive from the  universe itself at this time.

Crashing Wave Better


Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Ashland Oregon is one of the most beautiful towns in America. Gayle Newhouse and I spent Easter weekend with good friends Neale Donald Walsh and Jean Houston while being the guests of Richard and Michelle Cohn, the publishers of The Secret and many inspiring titles from their Beyond Words book and video publishing company.

We started the weekend meeting with three new Waterside authors who now live in Ashland and enjoyed almost perfect weather in this quaint town famous for its theater, film festival and constant support of the arts. I was pleased with the quality of the two bookstores I visited and, for a town of only twenty thousand people, was astounded at the quality and breadth of cultural activities available. Later that evening, I joined Richard in burning the dried debris collected over the winter so that he can explore planting grapes later this year on the twelve acre-home he purchased last October. (more…)

Synchronicity and Forgiveness

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Synchronicity is a term used by Karl Jung to describe events which seem to be coincidences but actually are patterns that are often remarkable and rarely just coincidences. In my experience the universe is constantly trying to tell us where to go, what to do and who we really are. In my novel The Twelve, synchronicities were at the heart of the story and synchronicities are key to events in my own life. Examples can be dramatic or not, but by paying attention we can see and be more than we sometimes perceive. (more…)