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Friday, January 3rd, 2014

I met with a new client this week, Susie Anthony. Susie is an amazing woman. She was highly successful in her early1154746963_e0eb5e94a6_o thirties, her success culminating with her working for the fifth wealthiest man in the world, a Japanese businessman who was also a Samurai. Working with him, Susie learned a great deal about business, the super wealthy and the ancient wisdom of Japan.  But what she primarily learned was that wealth and power, as attractive as they were, were not ultimately satisfying her soul or her sense of purpose. After a few years Susie  became  addicted not just to the glamour and wealth and power, but also to cocaine.

Susie’s first book, Map to God, explores her journey and explains what she calls “the code”. She approached me with the idea of writing The Super Hero Code which would include stories from fifty or more of the famous business people, actors and visionaries with whom she has worked in the last two decades, sharing their stories as examples of how each individual is, in essence, a hero with their own code which they have followed to reach success in their chosen field and in their life. (more…)

The Radicalization of William Gladstone

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Most of my life I have avoided anything to do with politics. Other than being elected president of my junior high school 7595929414_0ec9f4bbe4_oand captain of my football, baseball and wrestling teams in high school, I have had little interest in being president of anything other than my literary agency, Waterside Productions.  For the most part I enjoy keeping a low profile and enjoy my life without too much public scrutiny. I have always felt that privacy, next to freedom, was perhaps the greatest right and quality we can enjoy.

This aversion to politics has extended far beyond my own personal desire to not be in the political limelight. Until the last presidential election I had gone more than thirty years without voting.  Most people would be ashamed to admit such poor civic participation, but many years ago I just gave up on politics. The two parties seemed to stand for little more than their own power bases. From what I see, that is only more so at the present time. (more…)

Radio and TV—No writer should leave home without them

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

I’ve been doing lots of radio and film interviews. I enjoy doing them and have been nicknamed “Bill one take” since, with Wejit_logo_with_sloganrare exceptions, one take is all the filmmakers ever seem to need. The film producers and radio hosts are generally pleased, and although I do sometimes feel the need for an energy boost after an hour or longer interview, for the most part being interviewed or interviewing others is a seamless process for me. I just talk as I normally would with a friend or colleague and that seems to work just fine. One of the reasons these interviews are fun is that I am asked about a variety of topics that somehow intertwine in unexpected but insightful ways.

One of my more recent interviews was on a Chicago radio show that wanted information about the Jodie Arias trial. I happen to be the accidental publisher of the book Killer Girlfriend: The Jodie Arias Story. Originally we were only planning on doing an ebook, but media response has been significant and we decided to partner with Beaufort books and released the print book to bookstores last week. The Chicago radio host was interested not just in the book but also in the use of WeJITs in the ebook, a device that allows readers to communicate directly with other readers and with the authors. The WeJIT in the Jodie Arias book actually allows readers to vote on whether they think the death penalty is the appropriate punishment. The obvious topic after discussing the case itself and the WeJITs was to discuss the appropriateness and efficiency of the death penalty itself. The radio host and I agreed on more than we disagreed on regarding the use of the death penalty, and after the break he decided to ask me what else was happening in my world as an agent and author. (more…)