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Monday, September 15th, 2014

Most of us pause from time to time to ask ourselves WHAT IS REAL?

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I sometimes pinch myself when I awake just to confirm that I am really here in a human body. I have been with this body for more than sixty years and it hardly seems real that I have been here this long and that everything is still working as well as when I was just a teenager. I also wonder about the information I receive in newspapers and on television. Can it really be true in the 21 century that ISIS is beheading people in what they feel is justifiable retaliation against American airstrikes against them? Can it really be true that more than a billion people on our planet go to bed hungry or not knowing where their next meal will come from while more than one thousand individuals are mega billionaires with more wealth than they could spend in a million lifetimes?

I love sports as much as anyone but is it really true that the world spends more time, energy and money attending, promoting, marketing and discussing sports events in a day than all the time, energy and money devoted to the arts in a year? Can it really be true that millions of people follow the activities of major celebrities ranging from Lady Gaga to Honey Booboo while too many individuals feel so alone, isolated and unimportant that they seek to appease their suffering with random acts of violence directed at the anonymous society that they feel has betrayed them?

And then there is the realm of faith and healing. Is it really true that faith healing can work? Is it true that healers such as Dr. and Master Sha can perform miracles and have for hundreds of thousands of people? We are living in such a strange world and that makes us question our own existence and the evidence of actual miracles. Perhaps more to the point in this day and age of technological miracles: What constitutes a true miracle? What is believable and what is not?

In this weekly blog I will be reporting on events that I have observed with my own eyes. Some of these events have forced me to redefine my own sense of what is real and what is not. I am fascinated by not just major miracles but small everyday miracles as well. In my research for writing Dr. and Master Sha: Miracle Soul Healer I have explored events which would not have seemed real to me even a year ago. Dr. Sha is presenting examples of how his calligraphy can heal. This seems unreal to me but I question my own skepticism after personally reviewing dozens of examples of true healing which have occurred many of which (several thousand at last report) have been posted on

In working with Dr. Sha I have been introduced to Dr. Rulin Xiu, a string theorist who has been working on unified field theory off and on for the past twenty years. I am learning from Dr. Rulin that nothing we take for granted is truly real. Our bodies are actually mostly non-bodies containing 90 percent space. Dr. Rulin has explained that our perception of solid matter, even objects of iron and steel is actually an illusion. These and other themes will be the primary focus of this blog and perhaps with each blog entry we will be better able to determine what is actually real.

And to learn more about what Dr and Master Sha is up to now I encourage everyone to attend the international peace day celebration with Dr and Master Sha on September 21st.  More details here: Shot 2014-09-10 at 4.59.11 AMPeaceDay_MSha_851x315

When is a Book Born?

Monday, September 30th, 2013

This past Saturday I gave a short reading  from my new novel The Power of  Twelve at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in Sandad book singing Diego. I had never been to this independently owned bookstore. It is in the 7000 block of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard in a mall next door to a Starbucks, a McDonald’s, and some interesting ethnic, mostly Asian, restaurants.  I had mistakenly given out the wrong address to many who had intended to be present. Turns out the address I gave was that of an adult bookstore on the same street but with the numbers reversed in the street address five blocks away. Those who found Mysterious Galaxy had had to make a little extra effort because of my error.

From the outside there is nothing special about Mysterious Galaxy and it is not a large bookstore. There was space for about twenty-five seats and a lectern where I could sit and read and talk. About fifty people showed up, so there was standing room only. The bookstore owner told me he sold about thirty books, and I signed perhaps another twenty for additional sales that are anticipated over the next week.

On the surface this hour long event was not all that significant. Selling fifty or so books in an hour is actually excellent for almost any author, but from a purely financial perspective does not justify spending the time and energy to coordinate such an event. So why as an author do I feel this was time well spent and, more importantly, an almost essential event for me as a writer? (more…)