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Coast to Coast

Friday, October 4th, 2013

This coming Monday from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am I will be on the national radio show Coast to Coast with host George 3748933808_59916827f7_oNoory 600 am in San Diego.  Coast to Coast has the largest audience of any late night talk show. Part of the reason for this is that George is not afraid to have controversial guests on the show. George also is an astute interviewer and has a sense of the larger purpose of the show, which is not just to entertain but to take on serious topics and allow his listeners to voice their opinions with call in questions that range from the absurd to the absurdly astute. I am looking forward to our three hours together and hope the late night owls among you will stay up and see what George has in store for us. Those of you on the east coast who are not likely to be up from 2:00 to 5:00 a.m. might think about listening to the broadcast on your own schedule by going to the Coast to Coast web site where all the shows are archived.

With the publication of my novel The Power of Twelve this week I have been doing lots of radio shows. This morning was New Orleans, last night Cleveland, the day before Florida. I am enjoying the radio shows and most of the hosts are asking me to come back. Although the primary topic is The Power of Twelve, the specific topics and questions are far ranging.   A caller from Cleveland wanted to know what I thought about the French structural anthropologist Claude Levi Strauss. The host wanted to know what it was like working with Rod Serling.  Other callers were interested in learning what I knew about George W. Bush and his relationship to Yale’s secret society of Skull and Bones. I have opinions and knowledge on all of these topics and it is fun to have such a diverse range of questions.  Either directly or indirectly, all of these topics are actually related to the novel. (more…)

Vortexes of Energy

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

There is a belief that vortexes of energy exist on planet earth. In these vortexes it is believed that humans can access sedonaenergies not normally visible in areas that are not vortex-like. One of the most popular places in America where vortexes are believed to be abundant is Sedona Arizona. There has never been scientific proof that vortexes really exist. And yet I have met dozens of people who have had unusual experiences at the supposed vortexes of Sedona and an entire industry of vortex tours has mushroomed for vortex seekers.

Like much new age phenomenon I suspect that the belief in vortexes is overstated. And yet I do know a woman who had a true spontaneous healing from ten years of MS at a Sedona vortex. This highly accomplished businesswoman had been confined to a wheel chair for two years before visiting a particular Sedona vortex. While at the vortex, which she had barely been able to ascend crawling on her hands and knees, she had a spontaneous healing and has been able to walk normally ever since. This occurred more than twenty years ago. (more…)