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Dr. Sha and the Power of Thanking Others

Monday, August 31st, 2015

This weekend I was able to experience four separate events with Dr. Sha—a preview of the 13 part sign-624x416television series Soul Healing Miracles with Dr.  and Master Sha, a special taping at the home of Adam and Randi Markel, the owners of Peak Potentials, a special healing and calligraphy demonstration at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills,  and a free event held at AGAPE International in Culver City, California. All three events were full of light and   positive energy and all three demonstrated the power of  gratitude.

Recently I have been asked to organize an event  that will take place on April 22,2016.  April 22nd, 2016 is Earth Day and the event  is Earth Gratitude Day.  It  is anticipated that more than five million people will participate online in EARTH GRATITUDE DAY. The inspiration for Earth Gratitude Day comes from the film TAPPING THE SOURCE. In that film more than  120 authors, actors, health experts,  visionary leaders, business leaders , artists and athletes were interviewed and  the majority  when asked the key to happiness responded that  some form of expressing gratitude and being of service to others were the two most important elements in their everyday lives. This  intrigued me at the time of  filming and has continued to intrigue  me.  I have since  read of reports  by scientists at major universities that expressing gratitude has  been  among  the highest correlates with  happy people in their studies and that recent neuroscience  is demonstrating on a biological level  chemical changes within  human beings who  express gratitude on a daily basis.

Observing  Dr. Sha  who performed healings at all three events I was reminded that the expression of gratitude is at the core of Dr. Sha’s healing practice.  At the end of each of his forgiveness practices,Dr. Sha thanks the divine for healing. Dr. Sha also asks everyone to remember to say “ thank you, thank you, thank you” at the end of each healing session. Dr. Sha is not asking people to thank him. Dr. Sha  is asking people to thank their source whether they believe in God or just a scientific principle for all that they receive, not just the healing  experience but  for life itself. Dr. Sha always thanks the divine and the DAO whenever he does a healing. For major healings he  does more than just express gratitude in words, he has members of his family in China burn offerings of thanks to the higher beings that he believes  provides the healings.

Another lesson  related to gratitude that  can be learned from Dr. Sha is his constant expressions of 13941544468_2d210be211_ogratitude to all who serve him. As his literary agent and biographer Dr. Sha is constantly  thanking me and  giving me public appreciation for my small role in helping him with his mission. Dr. Sha thanks everyone who assists him whether their contribution is large or small. At AGAPE Dr. Sha did not just thank  Michael Beckwith the founder of AGAPE  for the opportunity to utilize the AGAPE Sanctuary Hall but all those who worked behind the scenes to assist. Dr. Sha always thanks  his divine channels and those who have volunteered to experience his healings. After every  healing he always  says, “ give  xxx  a big hand” which is just another way of thanking those who are willing to receive the healings.

The depth of Dr. Sha’s gratitude to his own teachers can be  observed  in almost every encounter. Dr. Sha comes from a traditional Chinese background so for him his expression of gratitude is to bow down to his teachers.  The video recorded of Dr. Sha receiving a blessing and knowledge of sacred calligraphy from his 103 year old calligraphy teacher   shows Dr. Sha bowing down to her in deep reverence for several minutes. When Dr. Sha  is successful in healing  someone he immediately smiles and thanks the divine. He often bows down to divine spirit in deep  gratitude and reverence and constantly reminds all who listen that it is the divine who heals and not him.

Whether  you believe in Dr. Sha’s ability to perform healing miracles or not, there is much that can be learned from observing the  role of gratitude in  his life and his healing mission. It has been stated by the German Theologian Meister Eckhart  centuries ago that  the only prayer needed is “thank you”. Observing Dr. Sha is a constant reminder of this truth and for all the joy and blessings he has given me over the last several years representing him I am delighted to offer a formal thank you here. No doubt there are many people in your own life to whom  you can never  adequately express your gratitude. Perhaps it is  a parent,  sibling or  even your  own child.  I strongly suggest that sometime later today or  tomorrow you just  contact one of these angels in  your own life and just  say “thank you” If they ask you why you are thanking them, perhaps you should tell them because you are grateful they are  in your life. Gratitude does not have to be  complicated. Thank you really is enough.thank-you-490607_640

Thank  you for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Friday, March 7th, 2014

My good friend and client, Neale Donald Walsch, has written extensively about what really matters. In his opinion, ninety-nine percent of the time ninety-nine percent of what human beings are thinking and doing does not really matter. Although perhaps overstated, on at least one level I agree with Neale. The majority of people spend the majority of their time on trivia. Much of this time is spent on earning money, raising one’s social profile, and generally surviving psychologically and materially in the twenty-first century. I am as guilty as anyone.

For Neale what really matters is connecting with our higher selves in a way that allows all of us to experience the ultimate joy and majesty of being alive. We do not have to create great monuments or works of art to achieve this level of awareness; it is entering into and acting from this state of higher awareness that really matters. No one is exempt from the opportunity to gain and maintain this level of awareness on a daily basis. When we are in this state of awareness it is more likely that what we say and do will really matter.

Do my blogs really matter? Do the books I represent really matter? Do my beach walks, tennis games and golf matches really matter? For me they matter a great deal. I come to work every day with the intent to help others. I know that in helping others I will generate significant revenue for them and for me. I am fortunate that this is the case. I know from the gratitude expressed by many of my clients that at times I have helped them overcome great challenges, even altered the course of their professional and sometimes personal lives with suggestions I have made and behaviors which I have modeled. I think my work matters a great deal.

Although just for fun, my tennis and golf matter as well. The physical relaxation and recharging which I experience from these activities enhances my physical and emotional health. No doubt I will live longer because of these activities. And the camaraderie with my tennis and golf buddies matters as well. I learn from them and them from me. We will not be on this earth indefinitely, and while we are here, these relationships matter.

Each of us must answer for ourselves what in our lives really matters. I applaud Neale Donald Walsch for pushing us to examine what we think matters when most of the time what we think matters does not matter at all.

It really does not matter what clothes we wear, what car we drive, what zip code we live in, what fabulous vacation spot or restaurant we enjoy. As another one of my friends Jack Canfield states so eloquently in our film, Tapping the Source, “It is not the 10,000 square foot house that matters but the relationships within that house.” In my house the most important relationship I have is with Gayle. We laugh and joke, watch silly shows on TV and sometimes argue about the smallest differences of opinion.  Does any of that matter? Not really, except the fact that we love each other and care what the other thinks and always want to share our highs and lows and in-betweens.

Think about what matters most to you and you will discover what really matters.

Never Give Up

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Lots of time lip service is given to the notion of never giving up, but in reality people give up all the time. Often people urlshould give up. They really have no chance. They should not even be attempting to persevere when they are clearly overmatched or have taken on a challenge that is just “a bridge too far”.  But there are other times when never giving up is the only course of action that makes sense.

I am still not one hundred percent recovered from the flu, but I’m close. I do thank Dr. Sha since I stay away from shots and pills and yet seem to be recovering as fast as or faster than most just following his unorthodox approach to healing. I have backed off working, and except for this blog I’m not even doing much writing. With the wonder of being able to tape films and sports events, I have been doing a lot of television watching. The prevailing lesson in my media-of-choice seems to be on never giving up.

First I watched the Attenborough extravaganza of Ghandi. If there was ever a film bio of someone who never gave up, this was it. Ghandi was really a nobody. He had no chance of ever pushing the British to leave India, really no chance at all. He had no wealth, no strong political alleys, no significant experience beyond a minor political victory in South Africa and an unproven strategy that was based on non-cooperation and non-violence. He was constantly jailed and thwarted by his enemies, and even his supporters constantly doubted him. And yet in the end he won. Why? He never gave up and his cause was just.

Just as amazing was Attenborough’s saga of getting the movie made. It took him twenty years. The studios had no belief in the commercial appeal of the story, and Attenborough had to find his film financing from other sources. He was unable to attract a major star for the role of Ghandi and went with the at-that-time unknown actor Ben Kingsley. No doubt winning best picture and seven other Academy Awards made Attenborough glad he never gave up. (more…)


Monday, January 13th, 2014

No topic in literature is more thoroughly explored than  love. We have  puppy love, sexual love, romantic love, parental It's_all_about_lovelove, the list seems endless. The first novel Don Quijote by Miguel Cervantes explored the nature of chivalry and the delusional love Don Quijote imagined he had for Dulcinea. In some way it seems appropriate that the very first major literary work about love explored the delusional nature of romantic love.

In the English language there is only one word for love but in other languages  there are sometimes as many as twenty different words to describe  different  types of love. In Spanish there is a clear  demarcation between carnal love—te quiero—and  platonic love—te amo. Of course the two can overlap.

In today’s world love is misunderstood more than ever. We have  shows on television such as The Matchmaker and The Bachelor which propose to help people  fall in love and form permanent relationships. In many  indigenous civilizations the idea of romantic love did not exist at all. Marriages were  primarily arranged  for the economic benefit of the  tribe  or the family and in many cases cross cousin marriage was almost obligatory to ensure long term alliances  among  families. (more…)


Friday, November 29th, 2013

This most American holiday is perhaps the most important holiday we celebrate. Reputedly a celebration by the original10761336926_f61e7ebc20_o European settlers in New England thanking their creator for providing the abundance to live freely in their new land even the indigenous Americans, who in many instances assisted the early settlers, were invited to attend. At least the official version of this holiday has no violence and no animosity between religious or ethnic groups.  Too many of our religious holidays have become controversial as religions too often exclude rather than include those who do not share similar religious orientations.

Thanksgiving is only about giving thanks.   It has been stated by great religious teachers that the only prayer that one needs to make is Thank You. I believe that this is true. We exist because of the life force of creation itself.  We should express gratitude to this life force no matter what the specific circumstances of our lives may be in any moment. We are blessed to be living on this planet at this time, and we should acknowledge this gratitude every day, not just on Thanksgiving.

But it is good to have a holiday that directly focuses on giving thanks. For most people in America the holiday becomes focused on eating a large turkey dinner with their immediate or extended families, remembering Thanksgivings past, and perhaps acknowledging past family members who may no longer be alive. Increasingly, watching football on TV is part of the family ritual, or engaging in other leisure activities. Based on what I am reading in the newspapers Thanksgiving is now becoming a day for shopping as well. Forget Black Friday. You can now start shopping on Thursday. Oh well, I guess we should be thankful people are working and the economy is making a “come back”.

In our film Tapping the Source we interviewed more than 122 people asking them the source of their happiness. The primary response was ‘feeling gratitude’ and being of service to others. Since the film was released, I have done additional research and discovered that scientific studies confirm that a sense of gratitude is the most important single quality for being happy.

My advice for you is to bring Thanksgiving into your heart every day of the year. I hope you had a wonderful dinner yesterday with family and friends, and I hope you are dodging the Black Friday shopping mania. Just think, you now have 364 days before your next Thanksgiving dinner. But you can have thanks in your heart now and remain in the flow of that feeling of gratitude all year whether traffic is fast or slow.



What God Said

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Neale Donald Walsch speaks directly to God.  His phenomenal bestselling trilogy, Conversations with God, has been 9781101630983.225x225-75translated into more than forty languages and sold more than ten million copies worldwide. His newest book, just released a few  weeks ago, is What God Said: The  25 Core Messages With God That Will Change Your Life And The World.  In What God Said Neale returns to what he feels were the twenty-five most important topics addressed in the original trilogy and revisits those topics in light of what has occurred on our planet in the twenty years since Neale wrote the original dialogues with God. Neale’s goal is to draw attention to the ways in which each of us can improve not just our own lives but the lives of everyone on planet earth.

I have been Neale’s literary agent for the last five years or so, but I was not the agent for the original Conversations with God trilogy.  Like so many others, I was handed a copy of the original book by a friend and told, “This is the most important book I have ever read.  You need to read this book.”  In my case I was on the beautiful island of Kauai and the friend was Ikika Pratt, a Hawaiian Kahuna and close friend. It was interesting that Ikika was so moved by Conversations With God.  As a Kahuna, Ikika is an expert on his native Hawaiian traditions and a healer focused on the healing qualities of plants and using his direct relationship with nature to heal. Thus my surprise at his interest in Neale’s book. Rarely do I read books I do not represent. I am just too busy. But I was on vacation and I had plenty of time for beach reading, and I value Ikika’s opinion, so I read the original Conversations With God – slowly and with pleasure. While I did not agree with everything Neale said, I did agree with more than ninety five percent of what I read. That’s a lot for me as I have my own opinions about practically every topic Neale addressed. (more…)

Nothing is impossible

Monday, October 28th, 2013

That happens to be the name of  Waterside client Tom Oliver’s new book just released today by McGraw-Hill. Tom has had 51iKWrJ9B1L._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_an amazing life and  has worked with some of the top business leaders and visionaries on the planet. Tom surfs, teachs, consults, keynotes and performs music at  concerts. Tom lives in France with his super model Brazilian wife. Clearly for Tom nothing is impossible.

But what about  the rest of us?  Can we really achieve whatever we set our minds to? Is it really possible that we can generate unlimited abundance in every aspect of our lives? Not just material abundance but wealth as measured by good friends, good health and creative pursuits of meaning and purpose? It is not just Tom Oliver who believes we can. When I researched the work of Charles Haanel whose  master key system was the  foundation for Napoleon Hill’s work as well as the film we produced Tapping the Source it was clear that Charles Haanel also believed that nothing  is impossible. For Charles Haanel the secret was the ability of each and everyone of us to tap into the universal laws of the universe and to perceive the larger purpose for which we are here. Charles Haanel coined the original formation of the law of attraction which he also called the law of love. For  Charles haanel the law of attraction is not about thinking about what you want to attract and then attracting it, but the  idea of emanating love and goodness and then attracting those vibrations into your life as expressed by others and the universe itself.

In Tom Oliver’s book Nothing  Is Impossible (,  you will read how this basic philosophy and concept has worked for hundreds of extraordinary and ordinary business  leaders and managers and how  focusing  on goodness is the real key to success. Tom presents specific techniques and simplifies the process for you. Read his book and let me know if  nothing is impossible for you.

Real Feminine Energy

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

In my novel, The Power of Twelve, I feature a female character, Gayle Newhouse, who champions the concept of Full 268450_105060856256112_211698_nFeminine Power Now. The fictional character even writes a book with that title and starts giving talks all over the world promoting the concept.  There is, of course, a real Gayle Newhouse with whom I have lived with for the last nine years and who is the model and inspiration for the fictional character.

From Gayle I have learned a lot about real feminine energy. Gayle has run a multi- million dollar real estate company, designed celebrity custom homes, managed the career of musician and actor Hoyt Axton, produced a weekly television show on Kauai, managed an organic farm which she developed from four acres of raw land, raised six children (two biological and four adopted) and produced the film Tapping the Source. Along the way Gayle has focused on nurturing her grandchildren, my two children from a previous marriage, and of course, the biggest job of all, nurturing me. In short, Gayle is a good model for embodying real feminine energy. I should probably add that Gayle is also an intuitive healer, former remote viewer employed by the United States Government, and retains the ability to intuit messages from what she calls “the other side of the veil”. (more…)

When I Woke Up This Morning

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

I have always enjoyed a song  made popular by the WE FIVE whose opening  line — When I woke up this morning, you wefivewere on my mind— has often characterized my world. Of course in the song the You is a woman and the theme is the relationship between the singer and the woman. Other lines include—we got trouble, ooh, ooh, we got wounds to bind,  I got to walk away my blues — and in the end the vocalist (could be a man or woman actually though, as a man,  I always look at it from  the perspective of a man) concludes it is time to walk away from  YOU.

In my case I woke up this morning with a tooth ache. I am actually in the best place I have ever been in terms of a relationship with a woman. Gayle and I have been together for nine years and every day I enjoy being with her more and more.  Anyway, back to the toothache.  I definitely have a wound to bind and want to walk away from it. I used some peroxide in the morning and the toothache seems to be abating. Good thing. (more…)

Secret Knock—Who’s There? Napoleon Hill Calling.

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Last week I attended the Secret Knock party/conference, which about 300 others attended with me, an event that Greg Secret knock photoReid hosts a couple of times a year. The concept is unique. Create an exclusive invitation-only event to which you do not send out invitations. Make sure some incredible speakers show up, and make it super expensive to attend, and see what happens. For Greg the result is overflow attendance during a time when motivational and networking conferences are, for the most part, declining rather than increasing in popularity. So why is Secret Knock successful?

The psychology of making an event super exclusive, not advertising when or where the event is going to take place, and making it difficult for potential attendees to participate seems to have created   an environment of expectation that is working. Greg is one of the most positive, upbeat presenters I have ever heard, and he attracts some of the best speakers, motivational leaders, scientists and bestselling authors in the world.  I was only able to attend a few hours of one day of the three-day event and was treated to presentations from Bernie Dorhman, Bob Proctor, Sharon Lector, Dave Blanchard, and Don Green.  (more…)