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Healing and Giving

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Surrounded by family and friends, and with some time for reflection on all we have to be grateful for, Thanksgiving imagesweekend was a time for healing and giving.

There is a direct link between healing and giving thanks. In studying Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. and Master Sha, we learn that the first step towards any healing is giving thanks to the creator and all beings who share our higher soul purpose. During Thanksgiving we are able to stop our normal flow of activities and focus on resting or undertaking leisure activities that can nurture what ails us or requires attention. We do not need to limit this attention to physical issues only. Often the holidays can be a time to heal emotional wounds and, as I am learning not just from Dr. and Master Sha but also from my other wonderful healing client, Uwe Albrecht, M.D., emotional issues are often at the heart of physical maladies. (more…)


Friday, November 29th, 2013

This most American holiday is perhaps the most important holiday we celebrate. Reputedly a celebration by the original10761336926_f61e7ebc20_o European settlers in New England thanking their creator for providing the abundance to live freely in their new land even the indigenous Americans, who in many instances assisted the early settlers, were invited to attend. At least the official version of this holiday has no violence and no animosity between religious or ethnic groups.  Too many of our religious holidays have become controversial as religions too often exclude rather than include those who do not share similar religious orientations.

Thanksgiving is only about giving thanks.   It has been stated by great religious teachers that the only prayer that one needs to make is Thank You. I believe that this is true. We exist because of the life force of creation itself.  We should express gratitude to this life force no matter what the specific circumstances of our lives may be in any moment. We are blessed to be living on this planet at this time, and we should acknowledge this gratitude every day, not just on Thanksgiving.

But it is good to have a holiday that directly focuses on giving thanks. For most people in America the holiday becomes focused on eating a large turkey dinner with their immediate or extended families, remembering Thanksgivings past, and perhaps acknowledging past family members who may no longer be alive. Increasingly, watching football on TV is part of the family ritual, or engaging in other leisure activities. Based on what I am reading in the newspapers Thanksgiving is now becoming a day for shopping as well. Forget Black Friday. You can now start shopping on Thursday. Oh well, I guess we should be thankful people are working and the economy is making a “come back”.

In our film Tapping the Source we interviewed more than 122 people asking them the source of their happiness. The primary response was ‘feeling gratitude’ and being of service to others. Since the film was released, I have done additional research and discovered that scientific studies confirm that a sense of gratitude is the most important single quality for being happy.

My advice for you is to bring Thanksgiving into your heart every day of the year. I hope you had a wonderful dinner yesterday with family and friends, and I hope you are dodging the Black Friday shopping mania. Just think, you now have 364 days before your next Thanksgiving dinner. But you can have thanks in your heart now and remain in the flow of that feeling of gratitude all year whether traffic is fast or slow.




Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

One of the more colorful authors I represent is Victor Villasenor.  You might be able to tell just from his picture that IMG_9595-victor-headshothe is an intense man. Victor is best known for his family saga, Rain of Gold, which has been compared to Alex Haley’s Roots and which was a New York Times bestseller when published more than two decades ago.  Victor has written many books since, including a new book which Waterfront Digital Press will be publishing in April entitled Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy.

In thinking through our strategy for publishing Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy, we realized that Victor is not as well known on the internet as he should be for a digital publication. We thought of various ways of enhancing his website and creating more traffic prior to the release of the new book.  One of the strategies that occurred to me was to have Victor write a short e-book that could be sold for less than two dollars that would provide some background on the concepts which are central to Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy.

Victor obliged and just yesterday delivered the final manuscript for a short 50 page e-book entitled The Key to Living.  This short e-book contains the fundamental concepts which have guided Victor’s writing for the last ten years.  You will learn what Victor means when he talks about  Walking  Stars, The Thirteen Senses, Six Sister Planets and other concepts which he has developed from his Hispanic and indigenous grandmothers to explain what he feels is the true calling of the Catholic Church. I strongly recommend this short e-book for everyone who is interested in learning more about the world of Victor and why he believes that we are all indigenous.

Victor has strong views and a big personality. I go to his home three or four times a year and drink tequila and enjoy some of the best tamales and enchiladas in the world.  Every Sunday before Thanksgiving Victor hosts a huge Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving celebration for hundreds of people to honor his ancestors and acknowledge the importance of the new energy which has been prophesied to bring an era of greater understanding to planet earth at this time.  Victor is sometimes outrageous with his requests to me for seven figure advances from the New York publishers and his assurances that over the next twenty years his books will sell 750 million copies, but I always take Victor’s calls. His generosity of spirit and his courage in not backing down from his dream of creating a better world are inspiring. Best of all, however, Victor is a damn good writer.

You can download a copy of The Key to Living at , from the vook store here:, or later in the week from  the kindle store, iTunes and online e-book vendors everywhere. To learn more about Victor and his other books go to


Friday, September 27th, 2013

This Saturday is the official launch of my new novel The Power of Twelve at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore.

San_Onofre_State_Beach  I had not until now made the connection between the themes of The Power of Twelve and the idea of a mysterious galaxy. With participation from the Council of Twelve from the planet Naranjada, the storyline definitely fits the concept of a mysterious galaxy.  I am grateful to Mysterious Galaxy for setting up this event, and I am grateful to my entire team which allows me to lead the fabulous life I lead.

I was just down at the beach thinking about how grateful I am for my children, my health, my ability to do what I please when I please, the wonderful joy and happiness that Gayle Newhouse brings to my life every day, and so many countless blessings in my life that my walk ended and I still had not counted all my blessings. When we start to list things and people, events and experiences for which we are truly grateful we realize what a miracle it is to be alive and that all gratitude must start just from giving thanks for life itself.

We are just entering   the fall season. This is a season for gratitude. Thanksgiving is the holiday for giving thanks for the fall harvest. In my case, having my book published is a kind of harvest, and for that completion I am truly grateful. Gratitude and time teach us the fundamental principles which govern the universe. Indigenous cultures had a much closer connection to the seasons and the cycles which determine the ebb and flow of life. Time itself presents us with reasons and seasons to be grateful. There are times to embrace and times to refrain from embracing.  As the lyrics from the Byrd’s song (and of course the Bible from whence these lyrics come) go….. There is a time for every season, a time to reap and a time to sow….. a time under heaven……

That song always  touched me with both joy and sorrow, and even today the nostalgia that I feel remembering that period of  my life,  so full of  joy and  also major  disappointments, reminds me that  there are different types of gratitude . Some moments of gratitude are purely joyful but others may be tinged with the wisdom that comes from acknowledging mistakes we make as we pursue our lives. We do not need to have regrets, but we can acknowledge those moments of opportunities lost and love misplaced and still be grateful for those sometimes painful experiences from which we grow and evolve as wiser and perhaps more loving human beings.

This may be the most balanced and complete   decade of my life. In The Power of Twelve I follow the guidance of indigenous shaman with whom I have met to focus on the importance of the arrival of feminine energies on our planet at this time. This is the beginning of a new cycle for all of earth. We see the beginning and end of cycles in our calendar year and the seasons, but the shaman with whom I have met measure not just annual seasons but in some cases vast cycles which complete only every twenty-six thousand years. I explore these themes in the novel and am grateful to be living at such an extraordinary moment in the history of the world and perhaps our galaxy. Mysterious? Yes, mysterious indeed.

See you at the book signing and know I am grateful to those of you who attend and those of you unable to attend who purchase, read, and promote to others my novel The Power of Twelve.  or