Friday, February 21st, 2014

In my novels The Twelve and The Power of Twelve, synchronicity and hidden patterns are keys to images-2understanding larger themes.  Synchronicity and hidden patterns are perhaps also the key to understanding our own life purpose.

Nothing in this world happens by chance. Einstein was the first scientific thinker to propose that God does not play dice with the universe. We often believe that our lives are random, without a higher purpose, without guidance or connection to the essence of life itself. Such beliefs are simply incorrect.  I was raised by a father who was a gifted chemist, and he believed only in that which could be measured and calculated. On his death bed he told me that he knew as a chemist that once he died his molecules would decompose and that there would be nothing left of his personality or persona. I could not convince him other wise, and although he was not afraid of death he did not think that there was any future for him  once he died.

Strangely, in working with bestselling author Victor Villasenor I have been told on numerous occasions that my father is guiding Victor and me as well, as Victor’s agent in assisting Victor to bring his messages to the widest possible audience. Victor believes that he communicates with many higher souls ranging from William Shakespeare to Cervantes. He is in constant contact with the soul of his own father, and apparently with my father as well. (more…)


Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Often life is about patterns coming together. We go about our business thinking we are completely independent free thinkers creating our destinies, oblivious to the larger patterns which may be governing our thoughts and actions.

A case in point is how my focus on wellness, authentic feminine power, Mayan prophecies, the behavior of Olympic athletes, and the upcoming World Forum of Cultures on soft power may be reflective of a larger pattern of thought that is emerging through me and not because of me. In thinking about soft power I realized that in essence soft power is feminine power, the ability to seduce and entertain an opponent or adversary into cooperation or even submission rather than through the traditional use of masculine force. The theme of feminine power is at the heart of my novel, The Power of Twelve, and may also be at the heart of this upcoming conference on soft power. (more…)


Monday, February 10th, 2014

…Not the Lonely Hearts Club Band but the actual Beatles for the first time ever on American television via theimages wonderful Ed Sullivan show.

I have often told my children that everything they need to know about life they can learn from listening to Beatles songs. I quote the Beatles in my novel The Power of Twelve. I was in New York the weekend John Lennon was murdered and the skies opened up with gentle snowflakes weeks before it normally snows in New York to bless his passing. For me and countless millions, the Beatles have brought joy, happiness, and wisdom to our lives. May their songs live on forever.

I recently met New Age musician David Young and agented his new book, Channeling Harrison, to be published next month. Below is an article written about David and his unique experiences in being visited by the spirit of George Harrison.  George is even co-writing songs with David. Along the way I had a chance to talk with the spirits of George and John Lennon. There are more mysteries in human life than can be imagined. In the meantime just think of the Beatles and “Good Day Sunshine.” (more…)


Friday, December 20th, 2013

Year-end holidays are a time for reflection. Where have we been? Where are we going?url

We can take this time to reflect on personal achievements and goals or to reflect on universal achievements and goals. I choose to reflect upon both.

2013 has been a very good year for me personally. My book, The Power of Twelve, was published with good reviews. Our literary agency enjoyed many successes, ranging from Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. Sha to What God Said by Neale Donald Walsch, to The Crash of 2016 by Thom Hartmann, and countless other well-received best sellers. Our online course representation grew dramatically, and even our fledging Waterfront Digital Press enjoyed a number of notable successes. My family is intact and healthy. My son’s first year of marriage has created an even greater bond between him and his wife Natasha. My daughter is now engaged to her long term boyfriend, Oia.  And my relationship with Gayle is stronger than ever. Yes, it has been a very good year for me personally. (more…)


Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Because of the Thanksgiving Holiday last week the trash collection day was shifted from Friday to Saturday for our streetimg_Great-Pacific-Garbage-Patch_2 here in Cardiff. Not wanting to be a bad neighbor by  having the trash sit on the street for an extra day,  I waited until Friday to put out the trash. Or, well, at least I intended to put the  trash out  on Friday, but Saturday morning around  7 am I heard the trash  trucks driving  by and realized I had forgotten  to put the trash out. I raced downstairs but was too late.  Oh my,Thanksgiving  day trash and  our bins are  full to the brim. What are we going to do the rest of the week as we create more trash?

I was  somewhat disappointed with myself for forgetting about the trash but it got me thinking how important  trash removal is to our entire planet. In my novel The Power of Twelve, Arnold Wheeler Dealer refers to getting rid of undesirables as  “taking out the  trash.”  Throughout the United  States the problem of waste removal is becoming more and more problematic. We are running out of places to dump our trash and in some cities trash is being  floated off to remote locations altogether. And no one wants to store nuclear trash.

With seven billion people on this planet (and growing) the problem of trash removal and disposal is not going to go away. The elimination of what no longer serves our  physical body is essential to  our individual health. Go to any hospital where there are people whose digestion organs are not working properly and you will find patients in great pain and suffering, many even close to death. (more…)

Joy, Innocence and Brilliance

Monday, November 18th, 2013

One of the unexpected pleasures of my recent trip to Berlin was getting an opportunity to spend time with  Innerwise triple-tagfounder Uwe Albrecht’s five, eight, and seventeen year old daughters,  Shanti, Gaia, and Hannah. All three are fluent in both German and English and know a little bit of Spanish as well.  They live about an hour’s drive outside of Berlin and were taking advantage of Uwe speaking at the writer’s workshop to visit the famous German zoo. Growing up in a small town, the girls were full of the innocence and joy that comes from uninhibited country living.

There was a large open area outside of the conference rooms where the girls played tag and leap frog with us and each other. Five year old Shanti perfected the art of shouting out “pause” whenever she was about to be tagged.  She avoided ever being caught. The girls were such fast and clever runners that Gayle and I, dressed in our formal business clothes, never had a real chance of catching them anyway. They seemed always one step ahead. It was joyful seeing them run and jump and laugh and keep us on our toes.  Their ability to strategize among themselves in German and then shout out to us with playful challenges and taunts in English was uniquely intriguing. I doubt I ever enjoyed losing games of tag as much as I did with these bright and lively young girls. (more…)

The Business of Business

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Thirty years ago when I was senior editor for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishing, I acquired and edited a manuscript Osaka_Business_Park_01from a popular business consultant who titled his successful book The Business of Business is Business. At the time Milton Friedman’s book, Free to Choose, was the number one selling title not just for Harcourt but the number one selling title in America.  It was not just number one for business books, but number one for all titles published that year in general non-fiction.

Both Free to Choose and The Business of Business is Business were written by intelligent men who believed that the least amount of government interference was the ideal. Let businesses focus on making the highest possible profits for their shareholders and all will be well. There might be short term inequities with certain segments of any population suffering economically, but in the long run the market will straighten out the inequities and all will return to balance and society will thrive.

I am in favor of neither entitlements nor the welfare state, but over the last thirty years it seems obvious that world economic patterns and priorities have changed. If we continue to subscribe to the belief that the business of business is only business, our world economy is likely to crumble. I do not go into details in my novel, The Power of Twelve, but I do posit in the novel that a small group of mega wealthy individuals and multinational corporations are controlling the majority of wealth and resources on our planet at this time. (more…)

Life in the Fast Lane

Friday, October 25th, 2013

I like to drive fast, very fast. I have driven from Sun Valley, Idaho to San Diego in less than ten hours. That is almost images-2a one-thousand mile trip, meaning I averaged close to one hundred miles per hour for the entire trip.  That includes stopping for gas and even a quick bite. I actually drove closer to 120 miles an hour for most of the trip.

I should probably not blog about this. Clearly I was breaking the law. At the same time, the road was clear, and with the extra focus needed to drive that fast I felt safer than on a normal highway. It was a two lane road and even at that hyper speed I saw only ten to twenty cars in what was a  five hundred mile or longer stretch from the  Idaho / Nevada border to Las Vegas.  I lucked out when stopping for gas and was pointed to a short cut used by race car drivers about two hundred miles outside of Vegas.  I felt right at home in the fast lane.

Everyone has a different rhythm. My rhythm goes best with speed. I talk fast, I think fast, I deal fast, and I even play golf fast.  Lately I have been busier than usual. Today I participated in three radio shows. The first was with the Global Oneness International event that was live in fifty or more countries around the world. At least 35,000 people tuned in to our session on the Vision for New Global Leaders. Dr. Jean Huston and Dr. Ervin Laszlo were my co-panelists and Steve Farrell emceed the hour. It was a blast. I learned as much from listening to my co-panelists as I ever learned from my top professors at Harvard and Yale. (more…)

Can You Hear Me?

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

You can if you purchase the audio version of The Power of Twelve. Just released and available on audible at and soon available from all online audio sites  I recorded the audio myself just a few feet away from where I wrote The Power of Twelve in my home here in Cardiff by the Sea, California. The audio for The Twelve was recorded by an actor and came out great, but with all the changes in marketing audios over the last five years it seemed wiser to just record the audio myself and publish directly through audible. One of my clients and friends David Wilson is a sound engineer who has created an incredible microphone and recording process that made it fun and easy. Although David had to go to a studio for final modifications, the actual recording was done in my home and only took about ten hours, not much longer than the final audio itself. I enjoyed the process of recording and think there is something special in having the author of a book do his or her own recording. Hope you get a chance to listen and share with friends and family.

Yesterday I did a livechat that was lots of fun. You can listen to that recording of questions from readers through this link . Livechat uses the internet to allow listeners to post questions in real time and records me giving the answers. Was special in some way since the camera caught me live and in this case displayed the desk behind me where I had manuscripts of recently-agented books about which viewers also asked questions.

With dozens of additional radio shows coming up or archived and linked through my web site you really can hear me quite easily and I hope you will. I am enjoying the increased interaction with readers of my novels and the opportunity to expand on the themes of The Power of Twelve and share my insights on book publishing with increasingly larger groups.

While most writers are generous with support of other authors, many writers are introverts. They write their books and find making themselves available to the public a bit difficult.  Not me.  Perhaps it is because I am also an agent, or perhaps it is because I just enjoy interacting with people, but I like being out there in support of my own works and the works of other authors.

This week I was out in support of author Greg Reid.  If you want to see me as well as hear me, you might purchase a copy of Stickablity the Movie by Greg. I attended the premier of the film on Monday night and it was a typical high-end Greg Reid event with plenty of media coverage, red carpet, cocktail party etc. etc. held at the Arclight theater in La Jolla, California. There were several hundred people in attendance and I did three additional  interviews to help promote the film as did many of the film’s stars ranging from Sharon Lector,  bestselling author of  Three Feet from  Gold and other  titles; Gary Goldstein, producer of  the  hit film Pretty Woman; the founder of  the Make a Wish Foundation, Frank Shankwitz;  to John Assaraf  and other bestselling authors. We were all there to support Greg who is evolving as a major voice for persistence and the ability to succeed and make a difference no matter what the odds. Greg’s book, Stickability, is just out from Tarcher/Penguin and is off to a great start. The movie complements the inspiring messages in the book and works as a wonderful forty-minute stand-alone film.  I have a cameo role, along with my good friend and publisher of The Secret, Richard Cohn. Was fun being in the film and it’s a fun film to watch. Watch and you will both see and hear me. Enjoy.

Real Feminine Energy

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

In my novel, The Power of Twelve, I feature a female character, Gayle Newhouse, who champions the concept of Full 268450_105060856256112_211698_nFeminine Power Now. The fictional character even writes a book with that title and starts giving talks all over the world promoting the concept.  There is, of course, a real Gayle Newhouse with whom I have lived with for the last nine years and who is the model and inspiration for the fictional character.

From Gayle I have learned a lot about real feminine energy. Gayle has run a multi- million dollar real estate company, designed celebrity custom homes, managed the career of musician and actor Hoyt Axton, produced a weekly television show on Kauai, managed an organic farm which she developed from four acres of raw land, raised six children (two biological and four adopted) and produced the film Tapping the Source. Along the way Gayle has focused on nurturing her grandchildren, my two children from a previous marriage, and of course, the biggest job of all, nurturing me. In short, Gayle is a good model for embodying real feminine energy. I should probably add that Gayle is also an intuitive healer, former remote viewer employed by the United States Government, and retains the ability to intuit messages from what she calls “the other side of the veil”. (more…)