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Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Time, space and money. I was going to follow up my discussion of time with a discussion of space, and I still may write urlabout space in a future blog.  But I thought money, especially at this time of year, was a better topic. Space is a strange topic and not easy to write about, especially from the perspective of deep reality in which there is the high probability that space, like time, is actually an illusion. Money, although also an illusion, is easier to understand.

I recently met with Gary Renard the author of the Disappearance of the Universe and other bestselling titles that challenge our concept of time and space. In addition to being a wonderful author, workshop leader, and speaker, Gary is also a stock market day trader. He has done extremely well day trading lately, as have others with stock investments over the last year. 2013 in fact was the year in which the stock market reached new highs on almost a daily basis.  Gary seems to have the money issue figured out, at least for the present. (more…)


Monday, January 6th, 2014

Time is one of the most interesting concepts we can explore. Arriving at a new year always make us think of time. How is it imagespossible that a new year has started? What happened to the past year? For those of my generation we ask what has happened to the last decade? And when we reflect we may look back and wonder what happened to the last fifty years.

Where did the time go? Did we use it wisely? How much time do we have left? Will we accomplish all that we  set out to accomplish in our youth? Will anyone notice if we do or don’t? Will it really matter if we leave this planet with  “things left undone?” (more…)


Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Time is the only element of which there seems never to be enough. And yet when engaged in tasks that are unpleasant time seems to go so slowly. Of course, if you are being tortured time seems endless. One of the themes in both of my novels is time. Almost all indigenous cultures created calendars to mark time. Most of these calendars were based on movements of the sun, the moon and in some cases planets. Of all the known calendars, the Mayan calendar was the most exact, exact to a degree that seems beyond any possible necessity. Only the Mayans intuited the wobble in the rotation of the earth on its axis and created a series of calendars which approximate the 26,000 year cycle of this wobble. (more…)