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Monday, January 6th, 2014

Time is one of the most interesting concepts we can explore. Arriving at a new year always make us think of time. How is it imagespossible that a new year has started? What happened to the past year? For those of my generation we ask what has happened to the last decade? And when we reflect we may look back and wonder what happened to the last fifty years.

Where did the time go? Did we use it wisely? How much time do we have left? Will we accomplish all that we  set out to accomplish in our youth? Will anyone notice if we do or don’t? Will it really matter if we leave this planet with  “things left undone?” (more…)

Blue Skies

Monday, October 21st, 2013

This entire week here in Southern California the sky has been crystal blue with hardly a cloud in it. The depth of blue has 5002133367_a2d489166a_obeen remarkable. I even think I saw some blue streaks in the full moon earlier in the week. Found myself wondering if this is where the expression blue moon comes from. I always enjoyed the song.

Blue skies symbolize abundance and unlimited possibilities. The empty sky is full of possibilities.

Many years ago I attended a workshop with a Rimpoche from Tibet who had specific teachings about the nature of the universe. He asked the class what the shape and color of the universe was. No one else dared to offer a comment, but I raised my hand and suggested that the color of the universe was blue. I was told I was incorrect and that I should leave the classroom and sit under a tree in the forest until I had further insights. While sitting under the tree an acorn feel on me. The shape was that of a double acorn resembling a double helix. I became excited thinking I had been give the answer to the second part of the question, returned to the classroom and offered my suggestion that the shape of the universe was a double helix.

Again I was told that I was incorrect, and again I was requested to sit out in the forest and wait until the real answer came. No answer ever came to me, and eventually I was asked to rejoin the class. I’m not sure why, but the Rimpoche decided that I was the member of the class that he wanted to serve as his assistant when he performed sacred rituals consecrating the stupa the next day. Perhaps he felt that my willingness to offer an answer, even if incorrect, merited some consideration over the more cautious students in the class.

Despite being told I was wrong about the color of the universe not being blue I think it may in fact be blue after all.  I have been told that my aura is blue, and I like the color blue. My girlfriend tells me I look great in blue shirts.

As a writer I see an immediate connection between a blue sky and an empty white page or computer screen. Emptiness and clarity are gifts.  How we fill the sky, the page or the time allotted to us here on earth is all that we really control.

I am between books not sure of my next project. I like to wait until the main promotion for a novel is complete before starting a new book. I have done forty or fifty TV and radio shows for The Power of Twelve including the Thom Hartmann show, Coast to Coast, and have at least a dozen more before heading off to Europe in early November. When I come back it will be time to contemplate my next book. Will it be another novel or a return to non-fiction? I am not sure. I have several manuscripts that could be updated and rereleased.  I have some ideas for new books. Blue skies indeed.

p.s. I will be  on live chat  radio, internet TV  Tuesday, October 22nd at 1 pm eastern time.