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Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Miracles are in the eyes of the beholders. Last Sunday Gayle and I were driving back from a wonderful event we had co-imageshosted in Santa Barbara at the home of Lalla and Rinaldo Brutoco honoring my wonderful friend and client, Master and Dr. Sha, author of the bestselling Soul Healing Miracles book series. There were many miracles that occurred at the Saturday party, but the miracle that caught my attention was  an amazing synchronicity of bumping into  my other good friend and author, Uwe Albrecht at a gas station in Santa Barbara.

I had invited Uwe and his daughters to the party and had seen him there, but Gayle and I ended up leaving early to accompany Dr. Sha back to his hotel. When we returned Uwe was gone. We had wanted to say goodbye to him, and especially to five year old Shanti and eight year old Gaia. We had bonded with these wonderful young girls and were not sure when would next see them since they live in Germany. We were disappointed not to have been able to have a proper good bye.

Sunday morning we had organized a breakfast to thank Lalla and Rinaldo. At the end of breakfast we went back to theirbeautiful home where Gayle was asked her opinion on the creation of an elegant tented area in their home that was being finalized for their next major party.  Knowing that Sunday traffic back to San Diego could be heavy, I was somewhat impatient.  But I overcame my impatience and gave Gayle the opportunity to finalize her suggestions.  We were now at least half an hour later than I had anticipated leaving, and as we headed out I realized that we would also have to stop for gas. (more…)


Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Gayle and I had the pleasure of taking a walk with Uwe Albrecht’s daughters Shanti and Gaia. As we headed out the girlsdoor towards the beach I asked Shanti, “Have you ever had pizza?”

“Yes, when I was small.” was her answer.

Shanti is a pretty little red-headed girl who cannot be more than four feet tall, so it was amusing to me that she started her response with “When I was small.”  It would hard to be much smaller than Shanti and be walking to the beach on your own. Shanti’s eight year old sister, Gaia, is almost a foot taller so Shanti did, in that moment, seem small to me.  But clearly Shanti does not feel she is small.

“So how old are you Shanti?” I asked.

“I’m five and one-half.” She responded matter-of-factly as if we all knew that every half year deserved to be counted when showing we are not small.

The reality is that time is relative. Shanti is definitely not as small as she must have been when she first tasted pizza, but certainly to any adult she seems small indeed.

As we walked along the beach with Gayle, Shanti and Gaia picking up seashells every three to four feet and so I ended up a hundred yards or so ahead. As I looked back at this scene of natural beauty, innocence and joy I was overcome with a sense of nostalgia not just for myself but for all of humanity. We are all small children racing towards the inevitable growth of our souls. We are here just for a minute, and then we are gone. All of human creation will eventually cease to exist. Whether that takes a billion years or just a  normal human lifespan hardly matters. Impermanence is the true nature of our human existence.

And yet while we are here everything matters. Shanti is not five, she is five and one half. And she is no longer small.


Healing and Giving

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Surrounded by family and friends, and with some time for reflection on all we have to be grateful for, Thanksgiving imagesweekend was a time for healing and giving.

There is a direct link between healing and giving thanks. In studying Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. and Master Sha, we learn that the first step towards any healing is giving thanks to the creator and all beings who share our higher soul purpose. During Thanksgiving we are able to stop our normal flow of activities and focus on resting or undertaking leisure activities that can nurture what ails us or requires attention. We do not need to limit this attention to physical issues only. Often the holidays can be a time to heal emotional wounds and, as I am learning not just from Dr. and Master Sha but also from my other wonderful healing client, Uwe Albrecht, M.D., emotional issues are often at the heart of physical maladies. (more…)

Joy, Innocence and Brilliance

Monday, November 18th, 2013

One of the unexpected pleasures of my recent trip to Berlin was getting an opportunity to spend time with  Innerwise triple-tagfounder Uwe Albrecht’s five, eight, and seventeen year old daughters,  Shanti, Gaia, and Hannah. All three are fluent in both German and English and know a little bit of Spanish as well.  They live about an hour’s drive outside of Berlin and were taking advantage of Uwe speaking at the writer’s workshop to visit the famous German zoo. Growing up in a small town, the girls were full of the innocence and joy that comes from uninhibited country living.

There was a large open area outside of the conference rooms where the girls played tag and leap frog with us and each other. Five year old Shanti perfected the art of shouting out “pause” whenever she was about to be tagged.  She avoided ever being caught. The girls were such fast and clever runners that Gayle and I, dressed in our formal business clothes, never had a real chance of catching them anyway. They seemed always one step ahead. It was joyful seeing them run and jump and laugh and keep us on our toes.  Their ability to strategize among themselves in German and then shout out to us with playful challenges and taunts in English was uniquely intriguing. I doubt I ever enjoyed losing games of tag as much as I did with these bright and lively young girls. (more…)

Are You Wise?

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Innerwise is.  This weekend was the first major workshop to demonstrate the techniques of innerwise Energy Balancing innercont01-flux-04as developed by German medical doctor Uwe Albrecht. About thirty people attended the workshop and ten people were motivated to sign up to become mentors and perfect their use of the system. Even those who attended for only part of the workshop were given the basic instruction necessary to use the system for their own diagnosis and treatment of a variety of health and relationship issues.

One of the beauties of innerwise and the structure that Dr. Albrecht has created is that the system itself can be used by anyone, either directly or with their existing clients. Innerwise,as a company, requires extensive training before  certifying  mentors, but  anyone who is drawn to use the system can start using it immediately. The other rare and wonderful quality of the system is that though developed specifically to deal with health issues, the system can work in a number of fields ranging from business consulting to architecture to education. (more…)


Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Good health is perhaps the single most important component for a happy life. With the cost of health insurance Vitacontinuing to rise and the uncertainty of the effectiveness or fairness of the Obamacare legislation, Americans are more concerned with health issues than ever before. The costs for hospital stays are astronomical and ninety percent of all health dollars are spent on medical interventions which prolong at most the last six months of life of those who receive primary hospitalization for life-threatening illnesses.

Something has gone wrong, seriously wrong with health care in America.  All Americans and all human beings should have access to basic medical care and treatment. The majority of medical care, if provided at early stages of diseases, can be cost effective and focus on preventative rather than late-stage emergency measures. Part of the problem is that our health care system functions as a profit focused business. This is true for all components of the system from individual doctors to the drug companies to hospital management companies and insurance companies. As a profit-focused business, certain health practices are encouraged whether or not they are the best ways of dealing with patients. A recent Sixty Minutes television program revealed that in many hospitals emergency room doctors were given quotas of the percentage of patients who, regardless of actual need, had to be admitted to the hospital to keep the hospital at maximum profitability. This is wrong on so many levels and ultimately unnecessary, but given our present economic system, perhaps impossible to stop or even control. (more…)