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Friday, February 21st, 2014

In my novels The Twelve and The Power of Twelve, synchronicity and hidden patterns are keys to images-2understanding larger themes.  Synchronicity and hidden patterns are perhaps also the key to understanding our own life purpose.

Nothing in this world happens by chance. Einstein was the first scientific thinker to propose that God does not play dice with the universe. We often believe that our lives are random, without a higher purpose, without guidance or connection to the essence of life itself. Such beliefs are simply incorrect.  I was raised by a father who was a gifted chemist, and he believed only in that which could be measured and calculated. On his death bed he told me that he knew as a chemist that once he died his molecules would decompose and that there would be nothing left of his personality or persona. I could not convince him other wise, and although he was not afraid of death he did not think that there was any future for him  once he died.

Strangely, in working with bestselling author Victor Villasenor I have been told on numerous occasions that my father is guiding Victor and me as well, as Victor’s agent in assisting Victor to bring his messages to the widest possible audience. Victor believes that he communicates with many higher souls ranging from William Shakespeare to Cervantes. He is in constant contact with the soul of his own father, and apparently with my father as well. (more…)


Friday, January 10th, 2014

Many years ago when my literary agency, Waterside Productions Inc., was thriving as the epicenter for all books related tospinnaker_sailing_yachts the computer revolution, I was asked by my clients and  the publishers  to whom I was licensing  books from top-selling computer book  authors and experts why I had not created my own publishing company.  Although I  was generating millions of dollars in agency fees as a literary agent it seemed obvious that I could generate tens of millions of dollars of additional profits by becoming a book publisher and not just an agent. After all, we represented more than 25 percent of all the bestselling computer books over a period of close to ten years and many of the individual titles were selling millions of copies annually. Didn’t we realize how much money we were leaving on the table?

I did realize how much money I was leaving on the table, but I had learned about book publishing from my father who has started ARCO Publishing in 1936. ARCO was successful but never as large as it could have been. My father loved book publishing and especially making deals and finding new ways to market books. However, I saw firsthand the complications of having many employees, dealing with printers and warehouses, and having to accept returns from bookstores.  My father could have had a much bigger company but he turned down opportunities to purchase Kaplan when it was a small company and other companies that would have added revenue but reduced his ability to take time off from work and  focus on the casual atmosphere he had created, a lifestyle which included two hour lunches and the ability to leave the office in the middle of the day if he choose to go to a baseball game or other event.

Like him I have never put money as the only priority in running a business. I believe money was his primary priority, but acquiring it was not out of balance with other goals. In my case making money has always been an important priority but not my primary focus. My primary focus has been on working with people and ideas that excite me and allow me to express my own creativity. I found that being an agent rather than publisher allowed me greater diversity and fulfilled my desire to end each day without myriad details needing my attention on each book agented.  As a publisher you must constantly monitor the production and marketing of each book you publish. As agent it is really just about negotiating the right deal with the right publisher for each author with relatively little follow-up required once the deal is struck. Really an ideal scenario for someone with my desire and ability to balance fifty or more negotiations at one time but little capacity for or interest in the details of marketing each book once published.

But then along came the ebook revolution, and what is an agent to do? Except for our major proven authors, it is increasingly difficult to negotiate or even land book deals with the major New York houses. Everyone wants proven, low-risk publishing opportunities and no major publisher can afford the luxury of developing new authors. Authors whose books I could place easily five or ten years ago now are passed on by the major houses. Rather than force these authors self-publish I decided two years ago to create Waterfront Digital Press. My concept was to publish ebooks only and see which books created enough buzz  so that we might, at a future time, be able to approach large traditional publishers to take over both print and ebook publication.  We might not make much money with our ebooks, but we would allow authors to market themselves in a professional manner by introducing them to top PR and marketing services which they, rather than Waterside as publisher, would have to fund. In exchange, we would  pay out 70 percent or more of all ebook-generated  revenue to our authors. This is the reverse of a standard publishing agreement, but we felt we were really co-publishing with our authors and that they and not us were doing the heavy lifting. The other advantage with ebook publishing is that we would have no inventory and no returns. (more…)


Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

One of the more colorful authors I represent is Victor Villasenor.  You might be able to tell just from his picture that IMG_9595-victor-headshothe is an intense man. Victor is best known for his family saga, Rain of Gold, which has been compared to Alex Haley’s Roots and which was a New York Times bestseller when published more than two decades ago.  Victor has written many books since, including a new book which Waterfront Digital Press will be publishing in April entitled Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy.

In thinking through our strategy for publishing Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy, we realized that Victor is not as well known on the internet as he should be for a digital publication. We thought of various ways of enhancing his website and creating more traffic prior to the release of the new book.  One of the strategies that occurred to me was to have Victor write a short e-book that could be sold for less than two dollars that would provide some background on the concepts which are central to Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy.

Victor obliged and just yesterday delivered the final manuscript for a short 50 page e-book entitled The Key to Living.  This short e-book contains the fundamental concepts which have guided Victor’s writing for the last ten years.  You will learn what Victor means when he talks about  Walking  Stars, The Thirteen Senses, Six Sister Planets and other concepts which he has developed from his Hispanic and indigenous grandmothers to explain what he feels is the true calling of the Catholic Church. I strongly recommend this short e-book for everyone who is interested in learning more about the world of Victor and why he believes that we are all indigenous.

Victor has strong views and a big personality. I go to his home three or four times a year and drink tequila and enjoy some of the best tamales and enchiladas in the world.  Every Sunday before Thanksgiving Victor hosts a huge Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving celebration for hundreds of people to honor his ancestors and acknowledge the importance of the new energy which has been prophesied to bring an era of greater understanding to planet earth at this time.  Victor is sometimes outrageous with his requests to me for seven figure advances from the New York publishers and his assurances that over the next twenty years his books will sell 750 million copies, but I always take Victor’s calls. His generosity of spirit and his courage in not backing down from his dream of creating a better world are inspiring. Best of all, however, Victor is a damn good writer.

You can download a copy of The Key to Living at , from the vook store here:, or later in the week from  the kindle store, iTunes and online e-book vendors everywhere. To learn more about Victor and his other books go to


Monday, February 25th, 2013

Argo won best film at the Oscars. I was pleased with the choice as Argo is a well crafted film with excellent direction, acting, story and cinematography.  Argo is based on a true story of what can only be considered a true American hero who found a way to save the lives of six dedicated Americans who were trapped in Iran during the hostage crisis overseen by the Carter Administration.  The Canadian Ambassador was a hero and also the Iranian housekeeper who did not expose the American diplomats when they were in hiding. We knew from the beginning how the film would play out just as we know in the story of the Titanic that the ship will sink and yet with both films drama, suspense and heightened interest were created by masterful writing and acting. There were other worthy films including The Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, Silver Lining Playbook and Amour to name the ones that  I felt most deserving. (more…)