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Have you been seeking to better understand the interactions and interrelationships between soul, spirit and mind? Let the first book in the Skeptic’s Guide series show you the way. In The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, you will learn the four basic levels at which human beings exist and the further transcendence to one source of knowledge that always was and always is. Whether you are a skeptic, a scientist or someone open to discovering the miracles of the universe in everyday life, this book will intrigue and inspire you. Spiritual seekers will resonate with the profound wisdom of this book and discover the essential joy that is inherent to all human beings.

William Gladstone is an internationally acclaimed bestselling novelist (The Twelve) as well as the founder of Waterside Productions Inc., one of the world’s pre-eminent literary agencies. He is the father of actress Tara Rose Gladstone, film producer Cyrus Jay Gladstone and grandfather to his amazingly playful grandson Titus Jay Gladstone.

Marisa Moris has been called the clairvoyant medium next door. When not caring for her infant daughter Madison, Marisa teaches classes on intuitive healing, mediumship and how to develop your intuition. Marisa has an uncanny ability to differentiate tricksters from true sources of non-local and unconventional wisdom. As a former highly successful mortgage broker and real estate professional, Marisa understands the stresses of everyday life and the obstacles facing those who seek spiritual enlightenment.

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