‘A Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe’ Attendee Testimonial

“I attended an event with Marisa and Bill Gladstone where they talked about their book ‘A Skeptic’s Guide img_1663-1 img_1662-1 img_1676-1to the Universe’. I’ve attended some of Marisa’s other classes, but this one was more in depth. She did a few guided meditations to help us learn how to connect with our higher selves, learn how to see the path ahead and discover any blockages we have, how to clear these unwanted energies, and several other beneficial tid bits about the dimensions of reality we live in. At the end of the class I felt empowered, inspired, even pain free! I want to tell everyone I know about everything I learned!! You don’t have to be a spiritual guru for this stuff to work for you. Marisa simplifies everything in ways you can understand, with humor, and in a way that makes it attainable without a lot of spiritual experience. Her intentions are pure and she takes the utmost care to connect with energies that are of the highest vibrations, ensuring that her messages are full of TRUTH and of love. She is a wealth of knowledge and truly passionate about sharing everything she knows with anyone who is interested. I highly recommend her teachings to anyone who is searching for answers, seeking guidance in what to do with their lives, or just wants to find out how to let go of negativity and live a more fulfilling life!”

–Testimonial from an attendee at our latest event

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