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Why Share This eBook
Sharing this ebook is in and of itself an act of gratitude and commitment to
creating a healthier, happier world. You are more important than you
can possibly imagine. Every human being on this planet has a
purpose. Every human being on this planet is interconnected
energetically with every other human being, with every
living creature and with every inanimate object on the
planet as well. This is scientific fact, not just spiritual
These insights and this level of awareness are
essential if humanity is to move to the level
of being true stewards of planet earth.
Sharing this ebook can make a huge
difference in determining the future
outcome. There is no ”they” who can
correct the problems we face. The
they is us. You matter. Your actions
It has been said that when the anthropologist
Margaret Mead was asked,
”Can a small group of individuals
actually change the earth?”, she
replied, “Why of course. In fact that is
the only way change has been made at
It is up to each and every one of us to take
action and to demonstrate our higher awareness
on a daily basis. This ebook gives some of the simple
steps that you can take. Share it. Use it. The results
may be even greater than we can imagine. Thank you.
William Gladstone
Author and Filmmaker


Earth Day 2016: Here’s What You Can Do…
The Earth Day Gratitude Project has a great way to spend Earth Day this year. First, they are offering a beautiful mini-ebook, called Future Earth, with inspiring contributions from Deepak Chopra, The Price of Wales, Ocean Robbins, Dr. Sha ad many others. You can grab a copy of this ebook for free with no sign-up required…
download your copy here
You’ll also find some fun things to do on the Earth Day Gratitude website, including a mini-film-festival and two 5-Day email journeys called 5 Days of Beauty and Gratitude and 5 Prayers for Planet Earth. These are two ways to spend this year’s Earth Day. Plus, you can give away the ebook to your family and friends as an Earth Day gift.
Check it all out —> here





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