Hollywood Agent Burton Budd Moss Shares his memories of Nancy Reagan

Our very best wishes and regards I first met Nancy when she made her first big movie at MGM, “THE NEXT VOICE YOU HEAR”, a Dore Schary  production in1950, when I was doing extra work. I was her newspaper boy on a bike.  Nancy was very close to my uncle Sam Zimbalist, MGM producer of “Ben Hur” and “Quo Vadis”. I also represented Ronnie’s daughter Maureen, whose mother was Jane Wyman in the late 60’s.

And I knew Ronnie when he was our SAG president (twice). Also, my first wife, actress Ruth Roman and Ronnie dated for a long time when they were under contract at Warner Brothers.  Years later I mentioned that to Ronnie and he smiled big about it.  And my client Gary Coleman was one of Nancy’s favourite spokespeople for the anti-drug JUST SAY NO campaign.

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Even as an agent for over 50 years, I was always overwhelmed to be in the presence of great entertainers. To be in the same room with them at the Kennedy Center and then in the White house at dinner was one of my most memorable evenings I have ever had.  The Honors that evening were: Broadway icon George Abbot, film legend Lillian Gish, Benny Goodman, Gene Kelly and conductor Eugene Ormandy.  To have the opportunity to talk with Gene Kelly, Benny Goodman, and the great Lillian Gish in one evening was stunning I must say.  Carolyn and I spent a few minutes with Nancy and Ronnie, just like we were with them at their Rancho del Cielo in the Santa Ynez mountains near Santa Barbara.

What great memories.

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