The Only Prayer You Need


Beauty & Gratitude 
Day 2: The Only Prayer You Need…
by William Gladstone

It may seem preposterous to those trained in traditional sciences to believe that gratitude can heal the earth but recent scientific studies as well as practices of indigenous peoples provide strong evidence that expressing gratitude on a daily basis can improve individual, community and global health.

Today’s planet is not healthy. It is not just climate change which is a cause for concern. The depletion of natural resources, the degradation of pristine forests, mountains and coastal ecosystems, and the often intolerable pollution of air and water in major urban centers are all signs of the stress human beings have created for ourselves and all living creations on our planet. It  would be wishful thinking to believe that the mere expression of gratitude will magically solve these significant challenges.

But expressing gratitude is a start, perhaps the essential first step towards creating positive resonance among the seven billion plus human beings whose collective behavior can for good or ill determine the future health of the planet. Expressing gratitude puts each of us in the state of awareness of how  much we have to be grateful for and how much our actions can impact not just those we love but all those with whom we interact.

The German Dominican Theologian Meister Eckhart(1260-1328) stated, “the only prayer you ever need is “Thank You.” Indigenous peoples incorporate “thank you” in their spiritual rituals as do all major world religions. There is a reason “thank you” is at the basis of all spiritual practices. That reason is that expressing gratitude aligns your energy with the higher frequency energy which both spiritual as well as scientific experts believe is connected to the source of creation and evolution.

For those less concerned about the philosophy and science of gratitude, it is enough to realize that you just feel better when you say thank you. You feel better and the person you thank feels better. Try it, you’ll like it. You will  be making the first step toward healing the earth.

How better can you celebrate Earth Day?

And why wait for Earth Day? Make  your thank yous and expressions of gratitude part of your own daily rituals. After thirty days or less you will see improvement in many aspects of your life.

Thank you for contributing to the grand adventure of life.
Lovingly offered to you by,
William Gladstone

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