Often life is about patterns coming together. We go about our business thinking we are completely independent free thinkers creating our destinies, oblivious to the larger patterns which may be governing our thoughts and actions.

A case in point is how my focus on wellness, authentic feminine power, Mayan prophecies, the behavior of Olympic athletes, and the upcoming World Forum of Cultures on soft power may be reflective of a larger pattern of thought that is emerging through me and not because of me. In thinking about soft power I realized that in essence soft power is feminine power, the ability to seduce and entertain an opponent or adversary into cooperation or even submission rather than through the traditional use of masculine force. The theme of feminine power is at the heart of my novel, The Power of Twelve, and may also be at the heart of this upcoming conference on soft power.

When looking at the new modes of healing, including the respect for ancient traditions of healing and the work of Dr. Biava which encourages the inducement of cancer cells to evolve into healthy cells rather than destroying them, are we not also witnessing the  use of feminine power and soft power rather than the present aggressive approach towards killing cancer cells and performing radical surgeries?

And what about Olympic gold and the ability of friendly, respectful competition to create bridges and understanding among peoples of different races and nationalities? Is this not another example of feminine rather than masculine power?

The Mayans have told us  that we must embrace the new feminine energy that our planet is now resonating with since December 21, 2012.Most of us are oblivious to this sense of new feminine energy which is emerging. Most of us may doubt the accuracy of the Mayan prophecy. And yet, perhaps there is a pattern in our individual and collective behaviors which is actively expressing this very reality. Stop, look, listen. Examine your own thoughts and actions. Ideas and actions are coming together throughout the globe.  Patterns are emerging. You have a role to play, and perhaps even outside of your own knowingness, you are integral to creating and evolving these hidden patterns which now more than ever are truly coming together.


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