The Science behind Healing

I am writing this blog in advance of a meeting that I have organized at the University of Arizona in Tucson in the lab of my friend and client, Dr. Gary Schwartz. In attendance will be the renowned healer, Dr. and Master Sha, and two of his associates who have been studying the science behind his healing techniques. In addition I have invited a producer for Public Broadcasting Television who specializes in programs about health and wellness. The goal of the meeting is to develop a protocol to scientifically measure and test Dr. Sha’s therapeutic practices. We know he achieves amazing results, but modern doctors and scientists want proof. Otherwise they dismiss his results as “anecdotal, unscientific, the  result of the power of suggestion, the placebo effect” and other derogatory slights which do not honor  not only the results but the science behind the method Dr. Sha has developed over a period of more than twenty years of effective practice.

I do not discount the skeptics. There is such a thing as healthy skepticism and I encourage scientists and conventional western medical doctors to challenge Dr. Sha’s methods and results. It is only by pushing for ever greater clarity that we can make progress on both a scientific and practical level. I am not confident that we will be able to create a controlled scientific double blind experiment that “proves” Dr. Sha’s effectiveness. After all we are dealing with human beings and we cannot put human beings at risk. I am not even confident that we can create a scientifically valid measure of the effectiveness of Dr. Sha’s methodology. I am hopeful that we will provide, at a minimum, some additional evidence and data that other scientists will not be able to ignore and that will encourage additional studies not just of Dr. Sha’s effectiveness but the effectiveness of other unconventional and traditional and non-traditional healers and healing modalities.

I know that we are living in a universe that is full of energy and that ultimately energy is both the cause and the healer of illness. We have been able to measure energies that are visible, but with the advancement of string theory and quantum physics we are beginning to understand that non-visible and non-local energy may be accessible in the healing process as well. Dr. Schwartz calls this new horizon of medicine Post-Materialist Science. I am hopeful that our meeting will help establish some of the boundaries for this new field.

I am not entering this experiment without bias. I have an inner knowing that it is possible to call upon invisible energies to assist human endeavors. I want to know more about how this works, but from personal experience I do not doubt the existence of other dimensions and other beings with  the ability to impact our lives.  The more we learn about this process the more we will progress as scientists, doctors and human beings able to heal ourselves and others.

There is a science behind healing. Let’s not only rejoice from “spontaneous remissions” but learn to create such miracles on a daily basis, whatever our primary belief system or medical modality might be.


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