Sometimes it seems as if I am living in a whirlwind. The last two weeks have passed in a blur. I have been in fire_glory_whirlwind_over_lyford3Tucson meeting with Dr. Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona, Dr. and Master Sha and high level members of his team, and with PBS television producer Darla Boone.  A double rainbow appeared during our discussions and our discussions focused on the scientific and economic resources needed to produce experiments that can document and prove the healing miracles that Dr. Sha performs. Along the way we decided we would produce some PBS television specials as well so we can share findings with the broadest possible audience.

From Tucson I headed to Sedona. I always enjoy visiting Sedona, especially my good friends Sarah and Marty. Sarah is expanding her meditation training, and for someone who meditates hours a day she is as busy as any entrepreneur I have ever met.   Marty took me for a spin in Sarah’s Tesla. Quite a car, and very space-age in every detail. Mark my words. Within twenty years everyone will be driving a Tesla or a Tesla wannabe. There is a reason Tesla stock is worth more than General Motors.

From Tucson it was home to Cardiff for a day to catch up on emails, and then on to Los Angeles to participate in Rick Frishman’s Author 101. I enjoy Rick’s events, and every year they get better and better. The secret is that Rick attracts not just great presenters but a great audience of entrepreneurs who want to use books to help fulfill their business and personal goals. The majority of writers in the audience had  worthwhile projects which taken together as group of one hundred or more future titles  will be of benefit to  millions of readers over time . I am always glad to give a little direction to these authors and entrepreneurs.

While in LA I had a chance to meet with my two newest clients. I am not taking on new clients but seem to always be making exceptions. The first meeting was with Paul Williams. Paul is seventy years old and has  lived an amazing life starting with his days at Harvard University working with Erik Erickson and other ground-breaking psychologists and then moving on to Hollywood where he produced major films with such stars as Karen Black and Carrie Snodgrass. Paul was referred to me by Professor Gary Schwartz who had been introduced to Paul through other major scientists. The reason? Paul has a picture taken two hours after his ninety two year old mother died in 2009 that captures on film her soul leaving her body. This seems impossible, but I have seen the photo myself, as have numerous scientists, and the photo has been tested to be authentic and not  altered and the image is incontrovertible. Paul is putting the finishing touches on his book whose working title is PROOF OF SOUL.

Perhaps even more astonishing was meeting a thirteen year old writer whose first novel is a can’t- put-down recreation of Cinderella that has block-buster potential not only as a book but also as a feature film. Time will tell if I am correct, but I have brought onboard my close friend and young adult literary expert Deborah Warren to help me agent this amazing book and amazing young writer.

Back in Cardiff catching up with emails. A whirlwind trip for sure, but a whirlwind that brought creativity and not destruction. Join a whirlwind. Just be sure you don’t spin out of control.

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