Vortexes of Energy

There is a belief that vortexes of energy exist on planet earth. In these vortexes it is believed that humans can access sedonaenergies not normally visible in areas that are not vortex-like. One of the most popular places in America where vortexes are believed to be abundant is Sedona Arizona. There has never been scientific proof that vortexes really exist. And yet I have met dozens of people who have had unusual experiences at the supposed vortexes of Sedona and an entire industry of vortex tours has mushroomed for vortex seekers.

Like much new age phenomenon I suspect that the belief in vortexes is overstated. And yet I do know a woman who had a true spontaneous healing from ten years of MS at a Sedona vortex. This highly accomplished businesswoman had been confined to a wheel chair for two years before visiting a particular Sedona vortex. While at the vortex, which she had barely been able to ascend crawling on her hands and knees, she had a spontaneous healing and has been able to walk normally ever since. This occurred more than twenty years ago.

In my own life nothing quite so dramatic has occurred in terms of vortexes, but in my work for Rod Serling in visiting sacred sites around the world it became apparent to me that ancient sites do in fact retain the energy of those who have worshipped at such sites whether the ancient temples in Peru or the even older caves of first human habitation in France and Spain. Whether it is appropriate to call such sites vortexes I do not know. Whether such sites were chosen because they held sacred energies, or whether they developed these energies because of human activities, or whether their power comes from a combination of the two I do not know.  I do know that such sites are different and that magic can and often does occur at them.

Another form of vortex is much closer to my personal experience. In the 1980s, at the beginning of the computer revolution, I specialized in handling books that enabled people to master Windows, Lotus, Word Perfect, and other programs. There was a rush of energy around these software programs, which were revolutionizing the way humans worked and communicated.  Because of the single-minded focus on my activities a strange phenomenon occurred. A computer expert would contact me and within minutes an editor at a publishing house would call requesting the very expertise that had just entered my office. Or, just as frequently, a publisher would call requesting an author for a specific computer program or language and a computer consultant would contact me that very day asking if there were publishers interested in having him write a book on that very program or language. It happened so many times that I could only call it the result of a vortex of energy that had been created.  This vortex led to the creation of a literary agency that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in author royalties and tens of millions of dollars in agency commissions. And then the Internet made access to this type of information so accessible that the wave of books and energy fell back, not disappearing but removing such frenzied effortless activity.

Almost twenty years have passed since the heyday of the technical vortex that I experienced as the founder of Waterside Productions. But in recent months I have once again begun to experience the uncanny coming together of authors and publishers on the focused topics of awakening human consciousness and conscious evolution.  I doubt that this vortex will be quite as frenzied, but I know that it is real and that it portends the coming of yet another wave of rapid and expanding activity directed towards a higher purpose. Vortex or not, it is time to fasten our seat belts and see where these energies will take us.

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