I met with a new client this week, Susie Anthony. Susie is an amazing woman. She was highly successful in her early1154746963_e0eb5e94a6_o thirties, her success culminating with her working for the fifth wealthiest man in the world, a Japanese businessman who was also a Samurai. Working with him, Susie learned a great deal about business, the super wealthy and the ancient wisdom of Japan.  But what she primarily learned was that wealth and power, as attractive as they were, were not ultimately satisfying her soul or her sense of purpose. After a few years Susie  became  addicted not just to the glamour and wealth and power, but also to cocaine.

Susie’s first book, Map to God, explores her journey and explains what she calls “the code”. She approached me with the idea of writing The Super Hero Code which would include stories from fifty or more of the famous business people, actors and visionaries with whom she has worked in the last two decades, sharing their stories as examples of how each individual is, in essence, a hero with their own code which they have followed to reach success in their chosen field and in their life.

I have suggested that Susie call her new book just The Code, reduce the number of stories to twelve, and focus more on her own story and practical advice that everyday people can follow to discover their own inner hero. Susie is receptive to these suggestions and we will see how her new book turns out. For Susie, both in her own life and for others, being a hero is  the ability to get in touch with one’s higher purpose and follow that sense of higher calling no matter the obstacles and no matter the suffering that such pure dedication may create.

For Susie the Hero’s Journey is not meant for the chosen or the few but for everyone. Each and every one of us is a hero waiting to evolve. We know at a deep level why we are here and what we are intended to achieve. The true heroes among us are not always those most visible or acknowledged by society. The true heroes are those who are unafraid to explore the deeper purpose of their lives and who do so with a commitment to discovering the truth about who they truly are and what they are here to accomplish.

As we enter a new year I applaud Susie’s dedication to absolute truth and her courage to pursue the hero’s journey. If ever there was a time for all heroes to emerge on planet earth, now is that time.  Find the hero within yourself and pursue your journey with joy and dedication to the collective well-being of our planet. May 2014 be in “deed” the time for heroes.


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