No topic in literature is more thoroughly explored than  love. We have  puppy love, sexual love, romantic love, parental It's_all_about_lovelove, the list seems endless. The first novel Don Quijote by Miguel Cervantes explored the nature of chivalry and the delusional love Don Quijote imagined he had for Dulcinea. In some way it seems appropriate that the very first major literary work about love explored the delusional nature of romantic love.

In the English language there is only one word for love but in other languages  there are sometimes as many as twenty different words to describe  different  types of love. In Spanish there is a clear  demarcation between carnal love—te quiero—and  platonic love—te amo. Of course the two can overlap.

In today’s world love is misunderstood more than ever. We have  shows on television such as The Matchmaker and The Bachelor which propose to help people  fall in love and form permanent relationships. In many  indigenous civilizations the idea of romantic love did not exist at all. Marriages were  primarily arranged  for the economic benefit of the  tribe  or the family and in many cases cross cousin marriage was almost obligatory to ensure long term alliances  among  families.

The concept of Romantic love  in today’s culture can trace its roots to the  concept of chivalry  as presented in the  tales of King Arthur, Lady Guinevere and Sir Lancelot.  Ordinary people could not afford the luxury of romantic love. Any yet  there has always  been love and not just for procreation and the survival of our species on a biological level. Pure sex does not have to include love though of course is greatly enhanced when it does.

Long term relationships when they are successful evolve into a love based on mutual appreciation and respect. Much like the song in Fiddler on the Roof which asks “Do I love you?” and responds “I darn your socks” caring for another becomes an automatic response and one that is on multiple levels satisfying and fulfilling.

When  creating  the film Tapping the Source, Gayle and I explored in  depth  the  concept of the law of  attraction. We were able to trace the first formulation of this law back to the work of Charles Haanel. Haanel formulated  the law of attraction as the law of love. For him this meant that if you  emitted positive  high frequency love energy you would attract similar energy back to you.  Many years later The Beatles said it well in their song that observed,”the love you give is equal to the love you get.”

Love is perhaps the only energy that expands infinitely when given. The more you give the more you get. There is no limit.   I have recently  begun to explore the nature of information medicine and  non local healing techniques. I am learning that at the base of healing including the  Soul Healing Miracle techniques of Master and Dr. Sha and the energy balancing techniques of Innerwise creator Dr. Uwe Albrecht  is love. Love does in fact have curative value for those who are ill.

As the song goes, “Love makes the world go round”. This is true on even more levels than we realize. Love. Find it, create it,  share it.

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