As I was thinking of topics for today’s blog I had lots of options. I was tempted to write another blog about my novel, The images-1Power of Twelve, which was officially published yesterday, but doing so seemed too self-promotional – even though I encourage all authors, including myself, to be shamelessly self-promotional. After all if you are not willing to constantly promote your own books, why are you willing to write them?

But I have also been thinking about money lately. In part this may be because our federal government has run out of the stuff and starting Tuesday put itself officially out of business, closed, kaput, gone fishing, not available.  Use your own hopefully increasingly pejorative phrase to get across the point that our brilliant leaders and politicians have not figured out a way to keep our government operating. Ok, there are some contingency plans and not every aspect of government is closed until this budget issue is resolved, but millions of people are out of work, millions more are being inconvenienced, and we look like a third world country unable to manage our affairs.

Of course all of this is pretty much as predicted by the Mayan and other indigenous peoples. The cycle of the last 26,000 years focusing on material gain and accumulation has ended.  A new cycle is beginning. This is the theme of The Power of Twelve, and it is kind of strange, in an eerie Twilight Zone music kind of way, that real life is imitating art so precisely. What are the chances that The Power of Twelve would be published exactly on the day that the government shuts down. Is it an omen? Were unseen forces planning this all along? The original publication date was supposed to be September  24th and then the publisher told me they had decided to push publication date back a week to October 1st to ensure that all bookstores throughout the country would receive books in time for the official launch. This new publication date was chosen about two months ago, well before we were anticipating the financial issues which have led to our government shut down.

But let’s get back to our discussion of money. We all need money. We all want money. Some of us want money so much  we are willing to cheat, steal, lie and even kill for it. Even those of us who have a balanced relationship with money recognize that without sufficient funds we cannot live lives of meaning and purpose. We cannot give our gifts to the world unless the world is recognizing our gifts, and for most of us that recognition must come in the form of a paycheck, royalties or entitlements of one kind or another (I do not consider Social Security and Medicare entitlements. I have personally paid in over two hundred thousand dollars over the last forty years for each and will feel sorely cheated if in the future there are no funds to pay me back on this long-term investment). So there you have it. Money matters. It matters a great deal. Don’t leave home without it.

In The Power of Twelve one of the main characters is Arnold Wheeler, the Grand Light and Keeper of the Code for the Illuminati. Mr. Wheeler is a multi-billionaire and yet never seems to have enough money. He represents the 319 families who control 90 percent of the wealth on planet earth 769. Those families have empowered Mr. Wheeler to act on their behalf. They want to keep their money but not get their hands dirty. The Power of Twelve is a work of fiction. Even fiction can sometimes hit too close to the heart of truth.

I am staying out of politics. I just hope we sell lots of copies of The Power of Twelve and that I make lots of money. In the process we might wake up a few million people and change the nature of money for future generations. I sure hope that happens. If it doesn’t, we might just run out of money.  After all, deep down money is just a useful fiction.


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