Put the Caring Back into Health Care: Medicine in America

Last week I blogged about Dr. and Master Sha and his Soul Healing Miracles. It got me thinking about medicine in 2123984831_b421632b55America. In a nutshell, our system is a mess.

At the same time that American medicine is rightfully viewed as the  top medical system in the world in terms of technology, research, and innovation with the best trained doctors in the world, American medicine is also the most expensive, the least personal, and perhaps the most corrupt system in the world as well.  The corruption starts with Medicare and the temptation that large hospitals and medical groups have to encourage unnecessary medical tests and operations purely for financial gain. The corruption extends to drug companies, insurance companies and other components of both private and government health care providers and regulators whose goals and motives are profit and power and not the care of human beings.

Health care first and foremost should be about alleviating pain and suffering. This is no longer the case. The first question that any hospital asks is about insurance. Not sure how Obamacare is going to change that, but not optimistic that it will make things any better. As a small business owner I am spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on medical insurance just for five or six employees. Why is this necessary? They are healthy and rarely miss a day of work. Some have prescriptions that they take for minor ailments, but surely five thousand dollars or more per person should more than cover those needs.

We need to pay those premiums in case anyone should suffer a major illness. After all a single day of hospitalization could cost more than a year’s premium. In fact, in the last six months of life the average hospital stay with even a minor operation will run twenty thousand dollars or more per day. It’s funny how 90 percent of all medical expenses are spent in the last year of a person’s life.

I am not against saving lives, and who knows how I will respond if I should be unfortunate enough to be told that operation x or y must be performed or my life will end. But extending life no matter what the cost is not necessarily noble. We live on a finite planet with finite resources. I strongly encourage each and every person to explore how they can take advantage of techniques such as those taught by Dr. Uwe Albrecht of innerwise and Dr. Sha to reduce the need for extraordinary medical intervention. I also think each and every one of us should rethink what “staying alive” really means. It should be about quality of life, not quantity.

Recently my older brother was told he should have a heart operation or he would have just a few months to live. He decided he was not interested in having that operation. He was told that Medicare would pay for the operation. He still refused. That was four months ago. He may drop dead any minute, but in the meantime he continues to enjoy life on his terms. Who knows? He may still be refusing to cooperate with the medical establishment years from now.

I wish all my readers long and healthy lives. I commend all medical doctors and health care practitioners who are dedicated to the wellbeing of their patients. I commend all individuals who take responsibility for their health, making healthy choices about the way they live. May we all find ways to put the caring back into health care and to work together to reform the mess that American medicine has become.

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